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  1. Thx again underfyre, appreciate the help
  2. thx for the resply, so i guess i was looking for a lower cost build (org recipies) and i really was wanting to use all the kb to kd ,even in single attacks , so the 6 main attaacks to be used should have them. I see only 3 pwer with kb -kd, and was psi mastery a personal pick or is it significant ( nvr used that one) so just curious. And how much would i depowerd if i do put the sudd impct in more of the pwers.
  3. ok this is a concept build request not a min/max . Gona be energy/ energy , and must use the sudden impact kb to kd in 5 pwrs ( not whole set unless uesfull) and the other kb to kd set ( slips my mind at moment). So with 6 of the pwrs kb to kd. not worried about it being min/max , would also like flight, hasten, probly tough/weave. Help is appreciated
  4. so i dont have a lot of influ maybe 30 mil right now and im lv 40 at moment, but am gona work on sets as i can aford them. will be useing yellow and orange recipes as i get them. want atuned but might be out of my price range. not worried about purple recipes or hami. I like the idea of farsite boosting team. there is an aoe att string i have been using and really like...torrent ,ten tent, dark pit ,night fall,,distortion field. with a kb to kd in torrent and all them to- hit debuffing yes mystic flight is for theme so keep and fit in recall friend if possable
  5. So I play solo and with pickups, I enjoy doing content and not pwrlv. can anyone do a lv by lv build for Dark/Time/?? build. Mostly looking for wht sets to put in wht pwrs.
  6. I'm lv 20 and he seems very sub par in the damg area plus I seem to miss alot ( hence low damg I assume). Why is this? I have the first 4 attacks and all are sloted 1 acc, 2 damg. Missions are set on normal. But I am always missing and when I do hit damg seems low. Any thoughts??
  7. Nyght

    lv 35 epic pick

    How good are the lv 35 epic pools and which one should you take and which should you avoid??
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