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  1. Ahhh I see. This is good to know. Thanks! Heavily considering taking Fireball.
  2. I have Provoke and Taunt on my INV/DM Tank. They work great because you always have a taunt ready to fire in case some enemies try to take out your team members. I've saved many squishies this way.
  3. Nice and thanks! Will check DA out. Also, I do understand that tanks can't solo everything since their purpose is taking damage, not dishing it out. I guess I just don't get a tank that can't withstand a certain type of damage.
  4. When I play a Tank, I actually want to be able to tank any type of damage. My idea of tanking is to have ALL aggro on me, so my attack chain consist of only Taunt and Provoke---yes, that's right, I have two AOE taunt powers. Once I taunt a group, I spend the rest of my time taunting runners that may try to get my teammates---there are always runners. I have enough recharge to where there is always Taunt or Provoke available. That being said I felt useless and very squishy on my INV tank when my team had a mission where there was PSI dmg involved. Since I have not played all tanker primaries, my question is: Is/Are there any tanker primaries that can actually TANK? An INV tank is just a squishy with no dmg output when up against PSI dmg. I am of the opinion that a tank should have high resist across the board---after all, he can't do decent DPS. On a different note, I have also noticed that even with two AOE taunt powers, I have been unable to steal aggro from my teammates multiple times. I have to say that I am quiet disappointed in the tanker AT. Must I make multiple tanks just so I can tank various dmg types?
  5. Modest, love your guide! Any chance for tips on soloing AVs and GMs? Things such as power chain to cycle and such?
  6. I'm running a very similar build to this. I have enough recharge for perma-PA as well. The issue is that I can't seem to kill GMs. I'm not sure if debuffs aren't working or perhaps a bug? Has anyone used their ill/rad to solo a GM recently? If so, can you post build? Thanks.
  7. Anyone played both builds strictly for farming? If so, can you list pros and cons of both and which might be better for farming? I do have both and both are built similar. For me Rad/Fire feels more tanky. Though this could be in my head only. Thanks!
  8. Hello, Could anyone suggest a Invul/DM build. Fully focused on tanking and aggro control with capped resists.
  9. I am definitely worried about everything getting shut down again. I would not want to go through losing CoH again. CoH is the one and only game I love to play. I'm wondering why negotiate with NCSoft? Does this not pose a risk of everything being shut down again? Why not keep it as it is?
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