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  1. So I'm running CoH on my Mac, Island Rum, Wine etc. I finally figure out how to get onto the game, create a character, picked an available name, everything is fine. I get to the the 'REGISTER' tab & hit the 'NEXT' button in the bottom right corner to start playing the game, but nothing happens. The 'NEXT' button isn't working for me. It just does nothing. Has anyone else experienced this & can guide me through the problem?! I saved my character & loaded it to each server to make sure it wasn't just Everlasting (which I originally made it on), but none of them work. I've s
  2. Created a character on the Everlasting server, clicked the next button on the 'Register' tab & nothing hgappens. Can anyone help?!
  3. Considering CoH isn't working on my Mac, is there a way to download the PC version & open it on my Mac? Like, if I downloaded some kind of software to override my Mac knowing that its not the correct format? Thanks
  4. Hey I’m still so confused. I tried downloading a new Island Rum file, & it’s literally doing the same thing as before. im not really familiar with some of the things you talk about. I have to download a new game client? i also don’t know what bindloadfiles are. I'm not really an expert when it comes to editing files & things like that. I’m used to just installing the game & it playing. so, I downloaded a zip file for Island Rum. The Island Rum app went into my applications folder on my Mac. I opened that file, clicked play, nothing happen
  5. Hey guys. Im basically having trouble just starting the game. I most likely haven’t installed Island Rum correctly on my Mac, it says “Ready To Play”, but when I click the play button nothing happens further than that except it attempting to load the game I’m assuming. Then, nothing... Can someone help me? I’m not very tech savvy, lol. Thanks!
  6. I'm not pretty tech savvy when it comes to downloading things like this, but I've tried my best so far & would appreciate a little assistance. I tried following the steps to downloading the game on Mac, I have Island Rum installed. The file is located in my 'Applications' folder, still named 'Island Rum'. I have clicked the play button once it says 'Ready To Play', it will then say 'Launching Homecoming 64 Bit' or 'Launching Homecoming', as i have tried both, but then nothing happens. Can someone explain to me as simply as possible (lol) what I might have done wrong i
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