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  1. What non-MM critters have Full Auto? Stuff in the AE didn't get it.
  2. Devs on the discord report the issue was identified and a fix is in progress.
  3. It's not quite ready for prime time yet, but here's a little preview of something I've been working on. Before people ask ... , no, you won't be able to search for sets based on the bonuses they grant. Not for a while anyway. To offer that, I need to build a searchable index of bonuses on the back-end, and to create that, I need to parse the attribmods in the enhancements. But there's currently no attribmod parsing code in the back-end that creates the data files. It just dumps out raw data and the parsing is currently all done in bro
  4. None. That's native browser functionality. I simply display the JSON string inside <pre><code>...</code></pre> tags.
  5. Generally speaking, no, changes like these have not been back-ported to critters. That doesn't mean they never will be, however.
  6. There was a player in the testing Discord that specifically talked about the original visual effects causing disorientation and discomfort, and the latest new effects got a thumbs-up from them. Since the sounds didn't change, it seems that it really was the visuals.
  7. So I think I stumbled across the root cause, and if I'm right, it's suuuuper annoying, but still easy for the devs to fix. Why is it annoying? Well, I went looking for other powers that work like Shinobi does - powers that grant you a Global Boost that's a PPM damage proc. Two powers I found were Bio Armor's Offensive Adaptation and Plant Manipulation's Toxins. (Hybrid Assault does this too, but it can't be used when exemplared down low the way all these others can.) The obnoxious thing was that nothing in these other proc-granting powers looks meaningfully different fr
  8. @ViciousCabaret, can you try detoggling Shinobi, logging out while still while on an arc that exmplars you, and seeing if it is still broken when you toggle it on after login? I see that the power is flagged ignore_level_gained: false. I am wondering if it's possible that the granted power is not replaced if you already have it. Exemplaring below level 45 would cause you to lose a power you gained at level 50, and if you turned Shinobi on while level 50, that would mean you "earned" Shinobi Skills at level 50. The attribmod itself is set to "replace" stacking, but I hav
  9. There seems to be a widespread issue with fast snipes not working correctly, both in blast sets and in melee epic pools. Devs are investigating. Early indications is that the problem is specific to Brainstorm. (Testing by devs on internal environments don't show the issue.)
  10. OOC, is it affecting any other "in combat" type things? Stalker AS? Switching iPowers?
  11. I don't think it has anything to do with the Recharge Power, as that's present on Cryptic and the powers work fine there. I tested Moonbeam on a Stalker and a Scrapper on Cryptic. So it has to be something that's new to Brainstorm that's not on Cryptic.
  12. Taunt and damage massively outweigh every other factor. Taunt doesn't act like more damage, taunt massively multiplies other factors in your threat calculation, including damage. You could be on a Tanker running Super Speed full time, and as long as you sustain your taunts, the only thing that will peel aggro off of you is someone with comparable taunt * damage scales. Yes, if two Brutes or two Tankers are both taunting and smacking the same foe for about the same damage levels, the one with a threat penalty will probably lose aggro to the other one.
  13. That you were perhaps not happy with it does not make it true that it did not get enough testing or feedback to say it was good enough to go forward.
  14. Interesting. I may have to go digging to see if I can find why that is. Because that seems weird enough to (probably?) not be intentional.
  15. Your testing shows it being used on really low-level foes, who will be massively knocked back by the KB effect . Using it on severely low-level foes means the effect scales way up and sprays them away from the power. This apparently creates a timing issue where they are out of range of the teleport effect before it goes off. While the latter may be an actual flaw in the power, I have to ask, what happens if you do this to level-appropriate foes? Edit: Yeah, the teleport happens after 2.6s but the stun is immediate, and KB proc will land when the stun activates on the fo
  16. It also means this is more of a feature request than a bug report. The fact that everyone sees a different item is working as intended. That it's not necessarily working as players probably expect is notable, but not always an indication of a bug. A similar but probably less applicable example is the persistent debris created by certain powers / animations is also different for every client. You may be running around bumping a pool table on your screen, but someone else may see it as a roll of insulation. I believe that some more particulate debris, like leaves or small rocks, is a
  17. I don't think that's a thing they can do. Your pose or costume can't control things powers can check.
  18. No, and this is normal for all powers. You can still slot sets that have +recharge in them. Various powers that don't take Accuracy, for example, will still take Hold or Slow or Damage sets, that include accuracy boosts, where the sets are otherwise appropriate to the main effect(s) of the power. In brief, what enhancement types a power takes is actually completely independent of what sets it takes. It'd be dumb, but a pure hold power could be configured to accept heal sets.
  19. Personally, I think Amplifiers are a mess. They were pure P2W Paragon Market fare. Letting people pay real money to get long-term mez protection smacks of really egregious P2W prioritization. They exist here because all the P2W stuff was caried over from the i24 codebase, but my opinion is that they were a bad idea. But I also agree that taking them away now would cause a great wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  20. The iPowers bug has been identified as being related to some of the timer changes, and fixes are in the pipeline according to chatter in the testing Discord
  21. Everyone is free to volunteer to join the testing Discord. It's not some exclusive club.
  22. Confirmed that it's a bug with the timers, and a fix is in the pipeline. Mentioned in the testing Discord.
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