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  1. That makes sense to me, but as someone who plays a lot of characters who don't get that benefit from their snipes anyway, and also who has blasters without snipes, that seems like a-nice-to-have rather than something I would unequivocally refuse to lose. But I admit it does sound useful, and slotting this enhancement on a Blaster does make it much harder to leverage effectively.
  2. I don't remember the exact details, but I know for sure that threads use a relatively complicated modification of your chance to get one based on how recently you got one before. I think I recall that shards have something similar, but it's different and not as aggressive. This is something shared on forums that are no longer around, so I don't know if I have access to the specific details anymore without a code (data) dive.
  3. There's no drop suppression. Not for invention stuff. There's drop suppression for a few things: Threads, Shards, Catalysts and one other thing - maybe converters? - have suppression mechanics. (All of the suppression mechanics for each of the things that have them are different.) Stuff like recipes, IO salvage, and SOs are all fixed probabilities checked on every defeat of a standard rank critter. The specific odds vary by critter rank and only by rank. However, your personal odds of receiving a given drop, once one is determined to happen, vary with team size, and, in multi-team contexts, wh
  4. Just a status update, I'm working on building the code to perform dedicated data exports that will facilitate a set bonus search/lookup interface. However, I'm pretty tied up with work for the next few weeks, and then I go on vacation, so I probably won't get a lot of new feature work done for the next month or maybe two. Obviously, updates will appear here when I have them. 🙂
  5. Personally, it wouldn't really bother me - I certainly don't consider it trash. But I also don't tend to rely heavily on snipes as an opener. If one's primary goal is to use your snipe as a high DPA booster to your regular attack chain, it's not especially valuable that it have long range, since you can't use your other powers at the snipe's regular range. Remember - snipes exist on ATs other than Blasters, and not all of those ATs have the damage scales (or an Aim/BU to use with it) to reliably one-shot snipe even just minions (at least at high notoriety). So having it as a hard-h
  6. Fast mode turns any snipe into a high DPA attack that you can consistently use in your attack chain (assuming you can absorb the cost of doing so), which for a lot of sets can significantly improve their DPS. I don't think it would fail to improve DPS on any set, but some sets get more mileage out of it than others. The original behavior for fast snipe was dependent on your toHit bonus. If you could get to a consistent +22% or more toHit (from Tactics, Kismet, etc.), you simply always had fast snipe all the time. While the new, combat-dependent version of fast snipe is lower damage
  7. Yep. That's the point of that enhancement. It keeps you in "in-combat mode" so the behavior of the snipe is consistently the fast version.
  8. Yep, was just looking at this due to another report of the same. It grants temp powers, and those temp powers are flagged with "disable_temp" as a disable mode. I think they should probably have that removed. Admittedly, that means you could rez and then zone into a context where temps are disallowed, but I really don't think that would be an issue, since most of the effects last 60s and the mez protection lasts 90. An alternative might be to change the base power to use ExecPower instead of GrantPower. I think if it did that it could point to the regular inspiration p
  9. Are you on teams or at large raids? If so, low drop rates are typical. If you are soloing, especially at high notoriety, then I'd personally want to see some evidence, like a video, and confirmation you don't have any drops disabled. Because the claim flies in the face of other evidence.
  10. @altenate, in the video, what is the "deaths head" icon I see in your status tray? Is that the countdown to the vigilante alignment power? Just trying to make sure that EB isn't affecting you with something that could cancel the placate. I made an ElM/SD Stalker on Cryptic and couldn't seem to replicate this, but I didn't slot everything you mention above.
  11. I think if that was it, it would break Placate on every Electric Melee Stalker. I know a lot of us skip Placate these days, but surely someone would have noticed / reported that before now. I hope.
  12. There doesn't seem to be anything amiss with the actual definition of the Placate power for Electric Melee. It's not missing anything that it should have set up in order to function properly. So whatever is going on, it's not that the power itself is misconfigured.
  13. I don't spot any obvious issue with the power itself.
  14. Punchvoke and the auras can miss their taunts against AVs. Also, punchvoke has a target cap of 5. If they were over-level, there's also a chance that any misses or critters out of range causing any taunts more distant AVs did get to wear off. Edit: But yeah, them just wandering away does seem odd.
  15. Actually, I was misremembering that Taunt proper only had a chance to miss against players. So I guess we'd need to know what Bill was up to in terms of taunting to know if the punchvoke behavior could explain it.
  16. Taunts can miss AVs and GMs. Even though they're auto-hit, they have a condition expression on them that still checks the toHit roll outcome, and if it was not sufficient to hit, the taunt doesn't happen. My guess is that this was what was up, especially if you were counting on any taunt auras you wouldn't normally slot for accuracy.
  17. In no way to diminish the efforts made to protect our characters and other server-side data, it makes sense that there was zero data loss with this issue. By all reports, this is a networking issue only, along with an unplanned reboot of the auth server. Basically everyone who was connected timed out or was booted, much like for the regular server restarts. It stands to reason that everyone would reappear in the same places (at least in the open world zones) that we were when things went south. Backups (off-site ones in particular) would really only come into relevance if our serve
  18. Teensy tweak - the far end of the search input boxes now show how many entries are matched by your current input. Usually what you type in the box is way shorter than the input box itself gives room for, since its width is set to display your final selection, so I don't expect this number display to get in the way visually. (Plus, the number should get smaller the more you type.) Let me know if you run into places where it does interfere. There were some more small fixes. Mainly, using a link to a search selection on the main page (or navigating back /
  19. I pushed a few small changes over the last few days. Most were tweaks to search to improve performance and reliability of some of its behavior. I also went through and made sure all the pages that work off of URL query parameters show useful messages if you give them bad (or no) parameters instead of just giving you a mostly-blank page and a spam of errors in the browser console. This also cleaned out a legacy input box on the power page that would appear if the requested data couldn't be found - that's super redundant and inferior to the search interface that's now on the power pages.
  20. From old discussions, I think Sentinels were supposed to be around Scrapper levels of DPS, but with more of a (limited range) AoE focus. They're not as durable as other melees, because they do get to hang back. They're definitely not at those target DPS levels, and and I am sure CPH knows it. But no idea when they'll get attention again.
  21. It is. CoD's display data is extracted directly from game files. We have all that powers-related data on the clients for Real Numbers in-game display purposes - they publish the client with the same raw power data used by the servers to actually manage and execute our powers. The site is currently up-to-date with the live Homecoming release version of that data.
  22. That was all before any kind of real numbers, so all we had were dev comments and the published guide. And the latter was really innacurate. (I forget who the published that - I'm sure someone remembers - but they were well known for publishing inaccurate stuff in their guides.) But as far as I know, Stalkers have always had the same base scales as Scrappers on all armor-related modifiers.
  23. The settings page now has a help section.
  24. Some updates today. Some minor fixes to the search boxes to help them behave more like they did on the previous (scrolling without a scrollbar) version. There's a lot of variables and state management to keep track of, so bugs are kind of easy to cause. So if you see anything wonky, let me know. The help pages have been updated to cover the recent search updates. Search has its own dedicated section in the help. I cleaned up the styling on the help pages so they only show one scroll bar, and are hopefully more mobile friendly. I still need to add a help pag
  25. UberGuy

    Regen 3.0?

    Seriously, just play Willpower. I don't mean that to be a dismissive response - I'm saying it because Willpower is functionally very similar to Regen with toggle IH. Yes, I know, the fact that it scales with foes means its basically not as strong at +regen on its own, but it's close in a pile of foes (and why aren't we always in a pile of foes?) and it gets +defense and +resist to boot. Willpower is very nearly the ultimate "toggle up and go" powerset, with a single toggle and just one click you can't even make recharge faster. This was, basically, how old toggle Regen played. It
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