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  1. The Unrelenting power from the Presence Pool says 'if you are defeated when you use this power, you will be revived with 50% health.' Does that mean if the power is active at the moment you get defeated you will be auto-rezzed, or that you can activate this power after you have been defeated in order to rez?
  2. I continue to be impressed with this team's professionalism.
  3. Actually, it's entirely a matter of preference. Some like to travel across zones to mishs and some don't. Claiming that your personal preference is empirically correct doesn't make it so. I blame myself for thinking that an internet conversation could end with each participant respecting the other's opinion. Silly me!
  4. Thanks, folks. Reinstalling Windows is something I usually dread, but maybe that's what I need to do. Ugh.
  5. Thanks -- I guess that will be the only way to go if all the on-board USB ports stop working.
  6. This isn't really a CoH issue, but I thought I'd see if anyone here has any advice, as searching on the web hasn't provided a solution for me yet. I have an Alienware Aurora R5 system that I've been using for a few years with the standard Dell 5-button USB corded mouse that came with it. Over the past several months, often when I reboot the machine it no longer sees the mouse, and when I try disconnecting and reconnecting it the system says 'USB device not recognised.' Shutting down the PC including a power cord disconnect doesn't help. I've turned off the option in device manager that allows the system to power down the relevant USB devices. If I let Windows search for new drivers or look on the Dell website there isn't any update to download. The only thing that seems to work is to try plugging the mouse into port after port until one finally recognises it. Sometimes it's actually the same port it was originally plugged into. Today it wouldn't work in any of the 6 available rear USB ports, but it worked when I plugged it into any of the front ports. I get the same behaviour if I try any of my spare mice, so it seems to be more of a system or port issue than a problem with the mouse itself. Interestingly, the USB keyboard never has a problem. It's working again now, but I live in fear that after the next reboot all the USB ports may decide they don't see mice anymore. Does anyone have any ideas?
  7. OK, fair enough. I guess we just have differing preferences on this. I find it odd when everything a contact wants done is close by, so I have no problem doing a bit of travel to get to a mission. Along the way I might bump into friends or come across a zone event I might not have noticed otherwise. But none of that makes your personal preference any less valid.
  8. I agree about the quality of content, though some of the more recent arcs on blueside are pretty outstanding as well (with the notable exception of the abysmal Twinshot content). I especially like the mediporter story, not to mention the SSAs. It seems clear that as time went on the devs really developed their writing and mission design skills. What's the problem with contacts giving mishs in different zones, though? To me, CoX more than any other MMO makes travel not only simple but enjoyable. I especially like when they send higher level characters back to a starter zone -- gives a real sense of 'look how far you've come.'
  9. I'd like to see more new content and power sets and less tinkering with the existing ATs.
  10. For heroes, defeating 25 signature villains gets you a similar contact on blueside that lets you run any Safeguard mish.
  11. It would be really nice if we could get the normal 'successful attack' sounds when attacking objects. Recently did the spires mish from Vernon von Grun. It takes a while to destroy 14 spires -- all in an eerie silence.
  12. Thanks, I'll have him look into that!
  13. Quick follow-up: my buddy bought this laptop and can play, but it's a bit choppy. Any suggestions as to which graphic options are the biggest processor hogs and best to turn down?
  14. Anyone else complete the BNY mish with a villain and then have Father Time try to introduce that villain to a new contact...on blueside? He's trying to give my villain Percy Winkley or Janet Kellum at the moment. This is a villain who has never changed alignment.
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