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  1. As a min/maxer the current system basically always "forces" me to go for the usual speed/leaping/fighting/leadership pools (with a few exceptions) which basically means all my chars essentially becomes the same. I would LOVE to be able to fit some flavour powers in there... This thread quickly devolved into believing @Nightmarer just want inherent Hasten, which is really not what he's saying... Personally feel something like all travelpowers should be inherent. (perhaps not at lvl 1 but at a later lvl) and really wouldn't break the game. I agree that opening up for all Pools will br
  2. Still no word on this? Got a couple of chars below the nrg softcap because of this, and it really bugs me πŸ˜„
  3. So, nobody’s talking about the whirling hands change in energy assault? I personally hate the change. Know I can technically do the same damage now but it’ll be slooooow 😞 seems like a unnecessary nerf, no?
  4. Oh? Did I miss something about assault? πŸ˜„
  5. Not much interest here? Ah well πŸ™‚ I realised I made a mistake and took out the unslotted mind probe and repleaced it with sj and built the char. And I'm loving it πŸ™‚ Arch Hippie says hello πŸ™‚
  6. Hi there, Not played a dom since live so I'm pretty damn rusty πŸ™‚ Below is my idea for a plant/psi and I was hoping you guys would take a look and see if I missed anything "must have" or the like for a dom, be it power wise or slotting. Looking forward to your responses πŸ™‚ http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1460&c=676&a=1352&f=HEX&dc=78DA65945B4F134114C767BB5BA0A5A594525A6E965610E8BD02FAA212028A176A0AD537B56E4A039BD4B6E92E893EFAE067F0413F834F5E20821F40BF826FBE78E3226AA2F1524FF77F0AC46EBAF975FE73FE3367CECC4EFAEE9CE3C9FCFD6921B9668BAAAEE7E6CA77B4926A
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