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  1. I don't like playing as a villain sorry.
  2. Yay! Hi twitless the cover looks great! Thanks CR for pointing it out!
  3. You make the most beautiful costumes @Christopher Robin and your artwork is great too!
  4. YES! and I won the first week! This was my character Shock A. Zulu! This was my prize and I love it! 😂
  5. Hope it's not cuz I skipped the last couple? It was to let others to have a chance after I won once honest.
  6. Christopher Robin has a contest going where he picks a theme and colors and you make a hero using that stuff. It was shock value and my dad helped me come up with a costume and OMG WE WON! This is my guy Shock A Zulu! and this is the prize drawing CR made! Shock off! Shock on! 💛💗💖💕
  7. Thanks so much I love it! Can I go show it off? I promise I will say you did it.
  8. That might be even better without the white background! Can you turn on the electricity again if that's not too hard?
  9. congarats Icanav! I can't wait to see your prize. I was told to wait a while before I can play again so I will just cheer for other people!
  10. wow he is really really really great! THANKYOU! 💗💖❤️
  11. Oh good. Few! Thanks! Yeah Dad came up with the name for him, how did you know?
  12. My friend got me started but my Dad plays with me. He helped with the costume too that's not cheating is it?
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