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  1. Just because it helps you doesn't mean it doesn't harm someone else. Per Laxx, _always report_.
  2. Elec affin trollers are a whole new thing. With tesla cage, you have portable mez and damage resist. Once you get accustomed to using it, you just go from mob to mob to mob doing your thing. I don't understand this procmonster thing, having only just made my first attempt at a proc'd power, but I found dark/elec trollers to be totally amazing!
  3. Ok, so. I kept up with this guy. I ended up t3/t4 incarnate across the board, but with all generic IOs. I finally respec'd, and OMG so fun! Sometimes, just got to stick with it!
  4. People don't need each other to complete mishs necessarily. However, people do need each other for social bits. Set IOs just let loners do their things, noobs do their things, social people do their things, at no real cost to anyone. You don't have to play with set ios if on you dont want to. I went from 50 to 50+3 on GENERIC IOs through LOTS of Apex/Tm runs. I run them every morning, like clockwork. I grab noobs, experts, people in the middle, doesn't matter. I play, with my GENERIC IOs, to have fun and socialize. I have since moved on to some set ios to get by, but all my vet levels largely have been from team runs of ApexTM combos with complete random PUGs. Don't let the game make you, you make the game!
  5. I am mixed on this. Nightward was the singular best thing that ever happened to ITF. Gating things is just something I am strongly against in this game. If it is gated, unless I have a cheese way in (group member of, but not leading the witch tf for instance), I just won't ever ever ever do it. If the gate is easily achieved by standard, arbitrary play, then I am good with it. Your examples here seem a nice balance. Maybe could make them a bit like an arc of badges or so ((vg merits + 1 lgtf) or (completion of a ship raid) etc etc), and that would be interesting. THe more work that is involved, the less likely it would be to get done. A Portal Power group would be nice: completion of tinamac + jenkins arcs! But then, you cant really give above average power to one pool over another with difficulty to obtain because "balance all the things" 😐
  6. I am so sad. That thing is the best thing since sliced bread! Are there any bribes that would work to keep it available?
  7. Yeah, but you have to roll 1 in 20 twice consecutively. Thats a 1 in 20 chance!
  8. Hew

    tw/wp help!

    So, trying this new fangled wp set out. Never used it, zero clues how it works, noticed i have virtually no defense at all other than healz via regen. How does this thing work?? Should I _really_ be a tank instead of a scrappydo? I want to hurt things with my railroad crossing sign. Please don't say bio. Thanks! 😄
  9. Sometimes just get the urge to fire it off auto! I don't like being stuck having to be in combat to activate the instant piece. edit for clarity: This is for a scrappydo, which doesnt get double damage crits from hide on this. 😄 Sorry!
  10. Zapp/moonbeam +ball lightning I have slotted like this: Zapp has the insta-cast proc from experienced marksman, so I can lead or do whatever and don't have to worry about circumstances of insta-cast. I have +tohit elsewhere in the build(s), which ups damage on the snipe as well, free of charge. The other 3 ios are all damage procs. Ball lightning is 3 procs and acc/dam/end 50+5 from annihilation, the only one I could find that did NOT have a rech component and was a triple. Mids spits out a value of 288/257.5 for ball lightning slotted this way, and 407.5/324.5. Not entirely sure how those numbers work, but all 3 procs in zapp are 90% chance. The three procs in ball lighting (slotted this way) have a 71.8% chance each to fire. My goal with both of these was max damage on min slots, as I burnt through slots elsewhere. 🙂
  11. We have reverse padding now too, where you enter a mish with no-bosses set, paint the map, then invite team! I've done it a few times, so I am sure someone else has too!
  12. Well, maybe? But I see people interviewing people wanting to join teams (what level, what at? r u dps? r u healz? (100% serious)), and I just don't run that way, no matter what. We actually dragged an alpha-unlocked but not alpha-slotted through an apex two mornings ago so she could get bits to slot; the same happened this morning, but the guy got enough bits midway through the apex to slot his first alpha. 🙂 That is not generally how I run tm/apex combos, but with a full team of incarnates, a straggler is no big deal. 😄 Low level mishs can be tough if you are doing an arc with EBs though, that can trounce a team under 20 sometimes. Think KR skulls arc EBs. Otherwise, I agree with this observation. 🙂
  13. Warmace is amazing. Everyone should play wm at LEAST once. That is all.
  14. OH OH! I want a Penny Pool! (Yes, you could throw pennies in a pool, but thats not the same) I would fully expect to have her fluffy ball of doom as a pet! Thats all I got. "I took the Penny Pool" sounds too awesome to forego.
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