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  1. Or, a new alt every 5-10 days and a bevy of half slotted, half built, half leveled variations on that constantly sucking money 😛 It is easier to just play 1 alt, but so many new toys makes it hard to do that!
  2. You mean, you werent ahead of combat on your brute, hit fs before the team got there, and got max targets on your soul drain? Just trying to follow here.
  3. Yeah, nothing in TA can actually be colored. Its very... not colorful. Drab? Boring? It has to be the only set that has pretty much zero flash. The flatten of the only real visual in TA (other than flash, which is flashy, but of only 1 color!) got squished. 😕 This is useful, but I just tend to macro it to powexec target. I have never seen a bind like that before!
  4. Ufh. With all the glitz and glam from everything else, I have zero chance of seeing where it is or if its even working. A teammate pointed out just spam the power since the rech is so low, so thats my goto now. 😄
  5. I don't recall disruption arrow being completely flat against the ground, after the fx update. There are two problems with this: If the texture level is above "ground" level, its 100% invisible, so you cant even tell where it is, with the second being if you have no sound turned on (I am sure many of us have it off), you can't even tell if its running, or where! I havent checked my troller ta, but I don't think I saw this issue there last night?!
  6. Filthy casuals everywhere! Go purple your warshade. Casual is THE lifestyle!
  7. Announce ahead of time that is what will happen. Whenever I run uncommon content (6's arc, the now not so uncommon SSAs) that people have not seen before, I ask who wants to read before starting and run with that. Not all content can be run solo, esp if its got EBs in it, so its fairly reasonable to at least broach the question before starting, or at least announcing in lfg.
  8. So, I have found that if you can get someone sitting still for a while, enflame stacks like crazy. When you marry it to something like caltrops, it goes insane. I am wondering if I should drop damage procs into it!
  9. This is intriguing to me. I had thought about minion to lt bump in the past; previously it seemed untenable due to the number of SO only builds out there. But today? Even with half the team unslotted or on generics, I think this might be doable... I certainly would play at that difficulty, as its not so brain-meltingly difficult as to stomp generic or SO only peeps...
  10. This is quoted out separately, since everyone and their brother, sister, robot cousin, and alien overlord seems to have scrapperlock nowadays and can cause mass chaos all by their self. Modern play (and even at the tail Live) has trollers, doms, 'fenders, coors(light), pretty much everything except masterminds kitted out to such extremes that soloing at 2/8 or better (or slightly less but not much) is totally common; people kitted out in that way horribly skew team mechanics. Noobs get slaughtered, not-so-noobs early in their build slotting may or may not get slaughtered, and the r
  11. Heres the thing, and was pointed out in the previous post: The tank (assuming it is a tank) needs to be aware of the team. If the team is performing at X level of function, and then decides to get stupid with the AOE damage @Leo_G, you can't fault the tank. The tank was operating under X circumstances, adjusting the level constantly, keeping an eye on how the team operates, and the team (possibly just one or maybe 2 people) decides to alter that by feeling "frisky" and runs ahead or branches off or gets scrapperlock and splits the team or generally gets people killed. At some point earlier, th
  12. For the less tech-savvy, this can also be accomplished by placing Combat Teleport in Slot 1-2 and using your pinkie to activate. This is the solution to pretty much every "tanks" position that aoe immob sucks and nobody waits for them. Nobody SHOULD wait for the tank. The tank should be up front and center before anyone even shows up. If you are moving at the pace of the team, one of two things is true: You are in over your head, the difficulty isnt set appropriately, or you are unfamiliar with how your _tank_ plays. CT and/or FS eliminate any pr
  13. There is a small, but persistent and vocal minority that proclaim Its Too Easy, and The Game Sucks Now. Just have to tune out that when you see it and carry on. 🙂
  14. Same! Its my dom though. OMG useful.
  15. I buy attuneds on the ah to convert and sometimes sell, but mostly because something popped up worth a lot of money and lets me buy another attuned to convert to what i want
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