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  1. I specifically made my (what ended up being my first 50) fire/axe tank to herd all of creys folley into dumpsters for buuuuuuurn to "farm" warwolves. Dumpster diving is a long lost art.
  2. (deleted personal comment, AG's comment has point enough on its own)
  3. But that is kind of the point of the other 900million posts here, which is that a "healing maximized defender" is a really poor definition of what a defender is, if at all, since even empathy has a huge number of not-heal pieces that _actually_ make it work. Like fortitude, recovery aura, healing aura, clear mind (oh how the blasters love clear mind) for example.
  4. I did something I felt was interesting, at least to the person I did it for. They were struggling with builds, dont use MRB, and prefer to play over spreadsheet games. My solution was to put something into MRB that was absolute minimum to meet the requested survival characteristics (50+2, general play, shield armor tank), and export it into a long forum post. This gave them free ability to slot whatever/however in 80% of the build (tons of open slots, random assortment of unused secondary attacks for free pickins), and still maintain the requested level of general tough
  5. DA mishs are some of the few that allow the not-leader to complete objectives. Almost all the rest of the content requires the mish leader to perform. This can lead to some silly hijinks like dragging a dead-ish Sorcerer around behind you because the leader cant/wont/doesnt understand to click the dead guy to complete it.
  6. completed mmm, 50%? of the content. Huge numbers of blue contacts for instance, but maybe 60-70% of redside contacts. Also, I haven't pvp'd since early in live when pvp just came out, right around the introduction of set ios; mostly i played in the one spot to get points or whatever to buy the awesome insps, or in rv because taking points and getting big mechs was/is fun, especially if you exclude the pvp.
  7. I think you have this backwards: "Trick arrow who just makes everyone else cry in the corner"
  8. (not Ukase's post) I have a fender that supports just herself, but primarily, she is set for self support (near perma- max damage, perma max resist). The rest of the team getting near perma overgrowth and perma +res is just an added bonus, but definitely not her target. Those bonuses are nothing to sneeze at though.
  9. Just to make a point, I ran with two teams this morning doing Apex/TM. One team was 1 sent, 1 blaster, the rest trollers and fenders. One team was 2 blasters, the rest cors and trollers. We steamrolled the hell out of those 4 mishs. There was no melee whatsoever. People were all over the board for powerpicks and power sets, yet the slowest we ran of the 4 mishs was 19 minutes, the rest 17 or under. If you would like to see how a carefree, no tank, no melee team works, message my global. I am on excelsior. I will take any s
  10. My first ice/ice dom (first dom period) was a massive fail. This was before perma anything, and the fact that my soft controls just werent as good as say, earth, was saddening. 😕 I went back every few years but it just never got better!
  11. It would be nice if the devs could give us a _real_ challenge that isnt hackage at +4 max.
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