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  1. On the bright side, you will find they are a SUPER EASY route to 20 merits once a week......... (at least who will die mishs are). And the maps at the end of it are amazing. The "super boss" at the end of pandora's box is ALSO super awesome.
  2. Hmm, interesting. I want to like sentinels, but struggle to do so. I was not aware of the passive; does it scale? Or do fast cast + fast recharge powers allow you to stack it quickly?
  3. I have played a rad scrapper with broad, incidental defenses, and not softcap anything. @Metatheoryreinforces my comments on opportunity costs. I am curious if you read their post or just wanted to respond in defense of your desire to softcap s/l, because @Metatheoryposted along the same lines of thought I had presented.
  4. I wouldnt mind getting a signature summon out of a TF. THat would get the heros in better circulation.
  5. I think you missed their comment, specifically that inf is not the _only_ cost. You also suffer opportunity cost (as was pointed out) due to poorly, or substandard slotting of meat and potatoes powers. You cant max out actual power slotting capability, AND max out s/l defense, AND max out your resists, AND have enough recharge to crank out the high recharge rad powers. If you are so hell bent on maxing defense at the cost of what the set is built to do, why not just play something like EnA?
  6. Anything that strips the ability to have perma mez protect would instantly tank any desire i would have in playing the AT.
  7. yeah that might be it. not sure. been comparing powers i can get at low levels with similar cast times.
  8. Update on noob (nascar/wp): T2 and T3, despite supposedly having fast casts, feel slow as dirt. I know that my fast cast ranged and melee attacks (~1, 1.2 secs) on other sets are FAST. This is like, when will I get there. I don't understand why that is, but the numbers dont represent the feel of other powers that have "the same" cast time. How is that even possible? It feels like 2 second cast time powers. Also, my damage seems pretty beat, comparatively speaking. edit: Compare body blow and smashing blow with tranq dart, and the pain is obvious. 😞
  9. Remove the 5 target bigboost cap, and just let it run out to max targets for the power?
  10. I am going to spin up a scrapper KM and see how it performs again out of curiousity. It has been a long while, and maybe my memory is a bit rusty. What do you guys recommend I use for a secondary?
  11. So, prior to the cheat, this (sg portal) wasn't how people generally got around. The cheat shifted people to using sg bases more than previously, so no, I would not expect a returning or new player to even think that is a "viable" option. It is totally unfair to suggest that newly returning players roll with sg base mentality. I, for one, never ever ever had a sg, let alone used a sg base for portals, until I got here a few months ago. I had a million ways to get around, all of which were pretty easy but needed a little bit of planning for fastest travel possible. But with the advent of Tunnel portals, that was a moot point anyway! Moving away from sg portal back to "the old ways" was trivial for me. 😛 I agree with Rish; let's give some slack! 🙂
  12. Three words: DE AT (since AT is DEFINITELY 3 words) Why cant a new praetorian AT not support something like this, with totally unique powersets?
  13. I actually like the artistic flair of KM. But. It just kinda, sucks. Maybe cut animation costs in half?! Let me rephrase a bit I guess. I think it could be fine if it was dead last in the pool (SOMETHING has to be), but at least give it the opportunity to crank up to at least 8.215 on a scale of 10 +1 if it is heavily io'd out. Some sets excel on heavy io slotting, some it doesn't make too much of a difference. What kind of unique things could be applied to the set (with some animation time cuts!!!) that would kick it up a big notch, like the energy melee mods did? I think the tools are already in the set, but definitely some sort of crazy synergy (set based? power set based? something) should exist to lessen the suck burden.
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