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  1. Can't say I've ever had anyone assume I'm going to tank. Or tell me that I should be the tank. And I play several brutes.
  2. Never found Purples worth using, really. They do have better bonuses, sure, but it's too slight to be worth more than the 20mil each you can get for them.
  3. In all honestly, being a current WoW player, I don't see the ratio of "toxic" players in WoW being any higher these days than anywhere else on the net on average. The raw numbers are higher because its population is so high, but proportionally about on par with the general populace.
  4. Pool customization came much later than primary/secondary customization.
  5. I've never noticed this. And still don't trying it out. You sure it's not in your imagination?
  6. Is the concept of supply and demand really that hard for you to understand?
  7. *Looks at the notes* *Sighs* Yes, there are going to be hundreds of new canon story arcs added. They just wanted to surprise us. /sarcasm
  8. The chalet is open year round....?
  9. What version of Live were you playing? Knockback has been frowned upon since day 1 of Live... This is nothing new.
  10. So, Virtue player back on Live. In the early days, I was in this SG ( NPI broke up and reformed as ToA at one point ). Led by Freelance Wizard. I'm wording if anyone here is from that crowd. I think the SG fell apart before even Going Rogue...
  11. It's an unnecessary annoyance even if it is only a minor one. I don't mind having a timer, it's the fact ANY keypress cancels it that annoys me. Having to take longer than the timer to move to a special place to logout with no timer is absolutely not a solution.
  12. I'm not exactly young and never heard it. Though I never paid much mind to drug culture... Might be regional, too?
  13. I...guess? Is there supposed to be some joke to that that I'm missing?
  14. No reason not to have a character with the IC theme of being focused on opposing them.
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