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  1. I had a run of them the other night. And random tells asking to group. While I was tied up in some SG RP. And they didn't want to take no for an answer. I hate ignoring, but I had to drop some people down the oubliette.
  2. I never hated it, though I can see why people did. I do think if it had been that way from the start, nobody would have thought anything of it. Too many people had the mindset, though, that "playing a superhero" should mean they're untouchable and the game should pose no challenge. 🙄 While I do sometimes miss the ridiculous power of no-ED, I do think the game's longevity benefited greatly from it. Besides, 1acc, 3dam, 2rech makes for better DPS than 1acc 5dam. 😉
  3. It wouldn't have gotten off the ground if he hadn't had people reigning him in during development, though. Even then, after he left, the game made vast improvements specifically through discarding some of his early design philosophies.
  4. Healers being prized didn't last long on Live either. Among those who knew what they were doing, at least. They were useful, but buffs and debuffs and control that could avoid the damage in the first place were more prized.
  5. Lived and died on Virtue. list of characters longer than my arm. XD Started in the New Porter Institute for Psychical Research ( Something like that. Sorry, my memories rusty ), which became Templars of the Abbey. Later, after that SG drifted apart, I started a reboot roster and hooked up with Codex.
  6. This response from him sounded like a rejection of the idea to me and apparently to most other people who read it:
  7. Give me an example of a challenge in an action-oriented game that doesn't boil down to exactly that.
  8. Here's the run down: OP is apparently so min-maxxed, the content isn't challenging to him. He flat out rejects suggestions such as soloing the hardest TFs on max notoriety settings, playing through tough content with a weaker build, and other such self imposed challenges as he refuses to "gimp" himself to find challenge. In fact, his reaction to such suggestions is snide condescension. Like doing so would be beneath him. ( Which is where I got irked at him, not the fact he was looking for challenge as was his grossly misrepresented strawman of my responses ) Thus, the only logical conclusion is his ideal would be content geared toward players like him, with bleeding edge min/maxxed builds. ie, "the best of the best". That is only a tiny minority of the players. So, kindly show me where the hyperbole is when I'm drawing logical conclusions from his own statements and reactions.
  9. ....that has nothing to do with hyperbole.
  10. If you want content that provides a challenge to the best of the best players? It absolutely is not hyperbole to say that it would exclude the vast majority of the player base.
  11. "I'm upset" wasn't the strawman. Your fabricated reason why I was upset was. No I didn't. And you've been arrogant and condescending toward people suggesting how to challenge yourself from the outset.
  12. Those who want it to the point that it excludes the vast majority of the player base, yes. I'm not, and you can put that strawman back up your #$% where you got it. I'm upset at your reaction to people's suggestions on how to challenge yourself.
  13. No, I said difficulty so steep that it challenges the best of the best players locks out the majority of the player base and, thus, only serves to make the number crunchers feel special. Not just higher difficulty in general. You want "git gud" content, go play effing Dark Souls.
  14. If its content that provides a challenge to the best of the best players, there's no other way to do it. It's not about your preference for difficult content. It's about your absolute refusal to accept the suggestions on how to find challenges because they involve you not having the best of the best build.
  15. Well, actually, I did. And I stand by it.
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