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  1. If you like illusions, might I recommend Rad as a secondary? It's a really, really good combo.
  2. Psi is a solid choice. But like all Psi the things that are resistant to it, are REALLY resistant to it. WP is also a solid choice. Conceptually it offers good resistance to Psi if that's important to you.
  3. My Grav/Kin is one of my favorite characters (and I have a lot!). He looks good, he sounds good, he controls good, and kins good. He really does everything and throws out respectable damage all by himself. I like Time but I don't think it synergizes as well as Kin does. Gravity can pull a group right on top of you and your group, Fulcrum shift and all the other debuffs/buffs and then your group chews them to pieces. Rinse, repeat, enjoy.
  4. Hey all, I have a concept for a Gorilla character but I can't seem to make a convincing looking Ape. Anyone have any recommendations?
  5. I read that this is a good combo with excellent AOE potential for a Stalker. I'm playing one now in the mid 20s and boy is he End thirsty! Does anyone with some experience have a good build I could steal....err look at?
  6. I tend to pick the travel power "Speed of Sound/Jaunt" on my Stalkers for that quick combat teleport. Recently I picked it for my /Shield Defense Stalker and I found that when I have Hide toggled and use Jaunt, it locks my character in the Teleport animation instead and not the usual, quick Jaunt animation. When I untoggle the power it works as normal.
  7. No one said DM/DA so I will. He's a weird little puff of smoke that can lay waste to a room. Proc our dark Regen for a little AoE and touch of fear can drop a hard target's to-hit into the basement. My favorite bit, I'll probably recycle on all my stalkers (and probably scrappers) is the Experimentation power pool. The travel power gives you and instant teleport (not at all like the teleport pool) and I have it keybound to do all sorts of teleport blinks around. Blink-kill-blink-kill-blink-kill. It's great fun.
  8. Welcome back, it's really good to be back! Remember you have 1000 character slots, so you can make a lot of different characters and you have free costume changes until level 10, so take advantage of that. A couple of things: Download Mids, so you can view and plan out your character. Download Vidiots maps. It'll mark badges and other pieces of interest on your in-game maps. Look through guides section. A lot of helpful things there that will change your life! Find your server's public base teleport so you have easy access to zone teleports.
  9. I just made a hero where every costume was male face 1. I feel like a monster.
  10. Ok here is what I came up with. I opted to take the T1 attack since I can use it while incaped and I don't like the breath attacks. Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Level 50 Mutation Blaster Primary Power Set: Ice Blast Secondary Power Set: Temporal Manipulation Power Pool: Force of Will Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Leadership Power Pool: Speed Ancillary Pool: Mace Mastery Hero Profile: Level 1: Ice Bolt -- OvrFrc-Acc/Dmg(A), OvrFrc-End/Rech(3)
  11. Would you forgo slotting procs in attacks when I can put them in Time's Hold ability? Would you skip the tier 1 attack and Bitter Freeze Ray?
  12. Working on a concept for a Ice/Time build and I'm wondering if there's an efficient way to slot Ice. There's a lot of single target attacks, and a lot of holds that can hold some juicy procs. Any experts want to weigh in and give some advice on best practices?
  13. So this is my effort to make a functional endurance sapper build. It's kind of a one trick pony and by the time targets are fully drained, they are usually dead (especially in groups) but it's an effort that I stuck to. Solo, it does very well. If I can survive the initial alpha then most targets are left drained after Thunderous-Short Circuit-Energy Drain. Most targets just sort of run around and take a beating from ball lightning and my single target damage. This build really took off (as most do) once I got into incarnates. It's probably the only build that takes Preemptiv
  14. Hey all, I'm looking for help with my Mind/Psi dom. There doesn't seem to be a lot of solid builds on this forum as I think other power sets get more attention. My Dom is starting to build steam and I'm really enjoying him so I'm looking for a build as a near 50. I'm mainly looking at solid solo and TF builds with soft cap defenses. Thanks to anyone for the help.
  15. I love my Cross Punch. I didn't take Hurl out of SS (I don't like the animation, doesn't fit my theme) and it fits in the rotation nicely. It especially shines in large groups where the cone is going to hit multiple enemies. I'd say take it if you have the room and have kick and/or boxing.
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