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  1. I mostly played Taxibot Medley, and my first 50 was Mouse of War with the Angry Angels. I miss the Taxibots, but they just are not needed with addition of the base passcode. Miss the days of Recalling heroes from the far corners of the Hollows. I am on Torch now. Spicy Jalapeno and Cinnamon Spike, though you can catch Essential Services zooming around Atlas or Hollows buffing lowbies with Fort.
  2. Instead of multiple pools, lets just have 1 huge Pool. Some powers duplicated to give themes like a Magic Aid Other. Level limits for some of the overpowered ones. OR Personally, I think that the pools need to be redone from the ground up. They should have at least 2 group friendly powers, 2 self boosts, and a situational power. There should be a defensive power, offensive power, and a utility. I think that Experimentation is fairly balanced and useful. Boost a teammate, poison enemy, fast travel, AOE Attack, and a Self Boost. Shame it doesnt get used more. Medicine should have a Team Heal Field, a short range Stun, a Heal, a Self Heal, and Rez. Willpower should have a Self and Group Resist Fear/Confuse, a taunt, a Fear, and passive Team To Hit bonus. I know that I would not look forward to trying to balance it...
  3. I have met some really nice people, been lucky on drops, but I am Inf poor and those must have IO sets are out of reach. So, I would like to ask a few questions and maybe get a few build suggestions. Because of all of these nice people, I want to make a XP farmer to help others out. I don't ever expect to be super awesome farmer as the ones I have met (Hi Burnt MnM and Fah-Q and Fyenna) I do have a mid 30's Fire/Spines tank which I just outfitted with basic lvl 35 IOs and a couple of Knockback Protects. I am using Mids character designer, and at lvl 50 it seems that we can get 90% fire resist fairly easily. Lethal and Smash stops about 67%, Energy and Negative about 45%, but I get 15% Defense to everything. Is it really necessary to take Temperature Protection since that Fire and Plasma shield gets you to 89%? I figure that Fire needs Tough, Weave, and Maneuvers. Is there another power pool I need to grab for survivability? Any build suggestions, or example builds that you can share?
  4. From the P2W vendor, you can pay to turn off Small / Medium / Large Inspirations. If you turn off Smalls, do you get Mediums in their place, or just completely miss out on getting the Inspiration?
  5. I am asking about the basic items to be considered a functioning base. Teleporters Personal Vault Workshop table Salvage Storage racks (max limit 6?) Enhancement Storage table (max limit 12?) Med Bay Nurse (optional), Quartermaster (optional?), Icon, Trainer, and the one that lets you adjust hero level Buff table (trade salvage for buffs, can't remember the name of it)(optional) I know there are a lot of decorations, but functional items that good thriving SG/VG should have available to their members is what I am asking about. Is there anything I am missing?
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