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  1. I found for a few enemies with sappers, it was nice to have an attack that costs no endurance when used given the Theft of Essence proc. Specifically, the Vanguard Sword with that 50% end reduction debuff. But I agree that this can change. In my next build with purples (see below), I am looking at using both knockdown procs for more damage mitigation in my Aura toggles. Which proc gives more floppage, Overwhelming or Avalanche, in Irradiated Ground? I am convinced and will try out Degenerative. Thanks for the clarification on the 'higher % fail' bug getting fixed.
  2. I have updated my initial post with some of my thoughts on Incarnate powers. I have been playing this character as my main for awhile now and my current choices have not changed from my initial picks: Alpha - Agility Core Paragon since my build has no purples, I needed a little bit more of a boost in my Defense values and the End Modification helps as well. Judgement - I went with Ion Core Final since it is so easy to use, I do not like cones, and I prefer the extra damage over the secondary effects. Interface - Reactive Core Flawless is what I choose for the nice
  3. Whew, took me this long to read the all 23 pages. Here is my input to the conversation. An example that can be viewed as procs are too good but also showcases how you get to make many good build choices is Radiation Melee's Irradiated Ground. This is fantastic power for using procs since the procs fire off of the Pseudo Pet that is created. This means that you can have two Pets overlapping at one location and get almost twice the percent of proc hits at that location. Is this too good? I don't know because since the Pet is at a fixed location and only 10' radius it often means that
  4. I noticed in the build you posted earlier in this tread you only got Melt Armor and not Fireball. I ran into the same dilemma and decided that I liked the ranged AoE more and that is what led me to look at the Mu pool. How to you get the mobs into your cones if using Leviathan? Range is 60' but the arc is only 30' which feels small to me and I am lucky to get more than a few in the cone. Hrmmm ... you make a good point about chance to hit. This made me change my build to move a slot around to get that Kismet +Acc slotted.
  5. Well, I went and played with the Epic Pools a bit on the Beta server and ended up liking the Mu Epic pool. It saves me a power pick so that I can get taunt and feels more fun to play even if the numbers are similar to less than Pyre. I make a few tweaks to push my res closer to the cap and no longer play in defensive adaptation mode as the default. It feels like a brand new build even though the powers are mostly the same. I have teamed up for so low level content and had an enjoyable time with no difficulties. Once you slot the Alpha to T3 things really pick up. All said it was ab
  6. What are good Epic Pool picks for a Brute? I like fire for Melt, but Fireball feels lackluster probably because of the low damage modifier that Brutes start out with for ranged attacks. Is Mu a good pick for the earlier pick to get Ball Lightning and for Fences even though the radius of Fences seems small and Ball Lightning will feel lackluster as well damage wise or am I not slotting the ranged AoE correctly or being patient enough for Fury to boost the damage? I do not have a lot of experience with Epic Pools.
  7. I have to agree even though I prefer to keep both -res procs in my Irradiated Ground since I like to see big numbers with my attacks and this helps in the low levels before you get DNA Siphon. But I did test it out and the defense gained from the flopping enemies is worth more than the loss of some -res per minute. I have a Fire/Kin so when I think flopping enemies I expect a bonfire reaction and this is not that but that is just my bias. I have changed my mind and will now agree that Taunt is a good pick to have. The radius of Irradiated Ground is small enough that some
  8. I am loving running with a Brute. The leveling is soo much better since Fury makes going from 1-50 quite a joy. There is some debate right now about end-game difference between Brutes and Tanks with tanks getting an edge with AoE and large mobs, but Brutes still edge them out by a little bit 10%ish or more when Bosses are added into the mixture since it still feels like days to whittle down a boss with a tanker's damage. If you like damage, then I would try a Brute since it feels like it is pushing out more damage even if tanks are close by numerically. My opinion, and there is quite the debat
  9. Honestly, playing this Brute feels like being the Hulk chasing Black Widow on the flying fortress. Having taunt would just slow me down at this point. It gives me a bad case of short attention span, as look more mobs over there ... 🙂
  10. This is my first Brute and the first time starting Redside, so I wondered why it seemed fairly easy when many say that Redside is harder content. I am up to level 20 and cruising at +1 so far with few difficulties. Only a few un-expected ambushes have stressed my defenses. I love this, since it is a 3.5 PPM that means that roughly every 3rd hit with this attack will give you back 10% so it cuts the end cost of this attach by 1/3rd-ish. This explains the slots you saved in health and stamina. However, is it worth it in DNA Siphon? I mean this power will give you end
  11. Thanks for the input, it is very helpful. I definitely added more procs to the toggles that you all recommended and found that I had Evolving Armor set to just one target so I changed that to 3 which for most content is achievable and that opened up more bonuses since in Defensive Adaptation it will cap S/L at a much lower value. I found that many builds use Unbreakable Guards to boost the Defense aspects of the armors so I now have much better defense values. I also franken-slotted Parasitic Aura to move slots elsewhere and still have the enhancement of the values I wanted in that power. I w
  12. I have decided to build my first brute and I am looking to play sets that I have never played before, so I have chosen Rad melee and Bio armor. I know very little about these sets and come from playing a main of Inv / Fire tank for a very long time. I want to know if anyone has a breakdown of the powers and their best slotting individually? I cannot afford anything above 10mil per IO so my builds tend to be tier 2 non-purple builds. I am looking for a brute that plays well when exemplared but also can farm for some cash as I am often quite poor. Here is what I understand about each power, plea
  13. I saw the above post and thought my build was taken, but Ninja Training is just a place holder. This is my second entry: a more consistent blaster build in performance and more comfortable sitting in melee. Backstory Liam Smith was just an ordinary guy that was jealous of all the media and social attention that heroes get in Paragon City. He thought that he might be able to fake being a hero if he bought a gun and a sword. He spent most of his early career trying to do more with absolutely no real powers of his own. Finally sick and tired of never getting any attention and cra
  14. I have played a tanker for years, so trying to play a blaster always had me ending up in melee with mixed results. I tried a different concept with this blaster build and tried to embrace the ranged damage idea fully. This build is roughly 250 mil to make since I do not have much more than that to spend on a toon, and ends up with 45% ranged damage defense. The play style is to keep the mobs running and at range. I will approach a group with two tactics: 1) If nuke is up, I will click Rune of Protection then hover in with partial stealth running in sprint and then let them hav
  15. Thank you HC devs for I was expecting a more significant change to this power. I put RoP in all my characters that can fit it in. Most of my characters this breaks the theme of the character but I am willing to do that and pay the three powers needed to get it for it is just that good of a power. On Beta it gives me more options in leveling from 1-50 as to if I will use it reactively or proactively. In most cases it has not changed the basic way that I play, and feels more like a buff with the resistance now active when using it when mezzed. Only when running farms do I notice a ch
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