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  1. Hmm, this is a difficult question to answer. It could be the fact I discovered the exceptionally complex ability of Time Travel and put together a group of like-minded individuals. Guiding and leading them in exactly which points of the timeline to intervene in. All to preserve the stability of the timeline and to prevent the cold, dark place where all that is livings is too quickly burnt out, like where I come from. It could also possibly be my work as an elite strategist; developing plots within plots in an attempt at world domination. One that you fools will never se
  2. I really enjoy playing support! As can be seen by my supporting of Derek cleaning up this mess of his.
  3. Thank you Sijin for all of your hard work assisting the heroes (and villains) of Paragon! I wish I had 10 of you on my Mender Team! ....instead, I got @Mender Derek.
  4. Hey, @Mender Derek it looks like it wasn't your fault, after all! What a surprise.
  5. In a world where you can be anything, always play the archetype that you enjoy! Unless you can be a Mender. Then be a Mender.
  6. Oh boy, @Mender Derek look what you've done!
  7. Greetings everyone, My Menders and I are preparing for today's Time Anomalies; I hope you will join us in fighting off these waves of enemies breaking through the timeline. Here are some details you'll need to know for today's event. Time: Friday, July 10th 6PM EST (10PM UTC) Location: Kallisti Wharf on Excelsior (Check above for dates/times of other shards) - *To get there, you can take the monorail from most zones in Paragon City or the Smuggler’s Submarine from Sharkhead Isle, Grandville or The Abyss.* Details:
  8. This look was inspired by a very fashion forward tailor. They won't be born for another 100 years or so, but you'll all be grateful when they are. ...that is, of course, if you manage to live through Derek's Disaster!
  9. Ahh, this is excellent information. If only @Mender Derek had been this clever before causing an apocalyptic event by merging the timelines. Oh well, enjoy your merits!
  10. Ahh, yes. There's no possible way Nemesis could be THAT clever...
  11. Those dates and times are the predictions of my Menders of when the converging timelines will be at their weakest - causing a tear that will require a large group of Heroes and Villains working together to fend them off! (a.k.a. A Monster Mash!) Hopefully with this foresight you'll be able to find an event you can attend and transfer yourself to the corresponding shard! No. Adding to @Mender Derek's blustering mistakes, he left the timeline including discounted pack prices in the past.
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