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  1. That's why I always choose Male Face 2.
  2. I couldn't get into the other Superhero games. I gave CO a chance both before and after CoH shutdown. I just didn't like it. Once I found out CoH was back, it was like a dream come true! Long live City of Heroes! πŸ˜„
  3. Six Slotting Kinetic Crash gives that bonus. All hail our KB Overlords! πŸ˜„
  4. Everyday when I login, I’m just so thankful to be able to play this game. When it shut down, it was like there was something missing for me, and never did get replaced. It’s just such a joy to be able to play CoH again. On Live, the monthly subscription was a bill I had to pay, but on Homecoming - donating to keep the servers up feels like a blessing.
  5. When fighting Skyraiders, and the Raider Engineer manages to summon the Forcefield generator before you kill him...
  6. Anyone else put crazy limitations on themselves while playing? A few I've done since returning back to CoH... 1)Wouldn't allow myself to make a single Alt, until my old Main from Live was level 50 on Homecoming. 2)Current character (31 dark/dark defender) is not using anything from P2W vendor, no double xp, no farms, no AE. Just story Arcs, and the occasional Event Team like Nemesis Invasions, Winter Lord, etc. Pretty much Story Arcs only for her. 3)Not allow myself to play after midnight, cuz I know that is just gonna end up in the "Just one more mission syndrome" and next thing you know its 6am. πŸ˜„ Anyone else do anything similar?
  7. Ya, I never noticed it being OP. But I'm only level 30 now, and my main enemies lately are Sky Raiders, Tsoo, Freakshow, Warriors etc...and against normal mobs, Lt's etc...I havent noticed anything crazy about it.
  8. Well a lot of your empathy powers work only on others, so arent so great for you solo. You will get 30% dmg boost as a Defender while soloing, however. I notice you havent taken Explosive Blast. That will help you. Explosive Blast is HIGH damage power that is TAoE, and will be readily available, as it's base recharge is 16 seconds. The Fighting Pool, with Tough and Weave will help you a lot, as smash/lethal is pretty common among enemy groups. You'll have to use your energy powers to best effect to keep enemies flying around with the Knockback. You can change this to Knockdown with the Overwhelming Force or Sudden Acceleration knockback to knockdown IO. For more Oomph, try slotting some of your offensive or area attacks with Procs that have a chance of doing additional damage. Power burst isnt slotted for damage at all. Neither is sniper blast. If you want to kill things...you'll have to move some slots from your Empathy powers etc to your offensive powers. The higher you can get your defence, the less enemies will hit you, which will keep you alive. Slot your damaging attacks with whatever you can that allows you to kill enemies quickly. Your offensive attacks are currently slotted with 3x dmg, or 1 acc, 2dmg etc. Throw some procs in there, amd maybe even some recharge reductions on some of your longer recharging powers to get them up more often. You shouldnt have too much issue with Endurance thanks to Recovery Aura, etc. Don't forget about Inspirations. They drop frequently, and are meant to be used. Just about to fight a boss- pop a purple, red, yellow, orange etc...to give you an edge. Even outright buy the medium and large ones from the auction house etc to give you the most bang for your inspiration slots. Leadership powers are a good choice for a defender. Anything that increases your damage, defence, etc is going to increase your chances of survival.
  9. Sometimes I duo with another Defender. We call ourselves the Dynamic Defender DPS Duo! πŸ˜„
  10. Yes, I had one on Live, but now with the Defender damage boost while solo, it's even better. I remember it being strong at high levels, but this is the first time I am finding it so easy at lower levels, also.
  11. Defender DPS is best DPS! My level 29 dark/dark defender is currently soloing at +0x5, and having a blast. I actually do feel like a blaster sometimes. Well, maybe more like a controller. Actually I feel like every archetype rolled into one! After I lock down everyone with fearsome stare, tar patch, tenebrous tentacles, and start hitting them with Night Fall etc, enemies just melt. Solo, ya the 30% damage boost does help a lot, but this is the most fun I've had with a character for awhile. The Defender DPS is real, yo! πŸ˜„
  12. Sometimes it's simply a matter of time. Pick some arbitrary numbers....If I can do 500 dps, and the AV regen's 400/s....it's going to take a lot longer to defeat them. It's possible to do it without the Daggers usually. As long as you can survive, and can out dps their regen...eventually you should defeat them. but whether that takes ten minutes or 100 minutes...is the question. lol.
  13. I generally use the Envenomned Dagger for the regen debuff. On characters who have some type of regen debuff in their powers already, I don't use any temp powers on AVs.
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