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  1. If you have a lot of aoe, I generally increase number of enemies first. If I have more single target damage, I increase the enemy level first. Once I find content while levelling a bit easy, I might start at 0x3, and go from there. My stalker was pretty good Single target damage, so he generally went up to +4x1, and then increased the number of enemies until his issue was endurance in longer fights. You just have to figure out which is the most efficient for your AT. Sometimes +2x2 is better than +0x4. IT all depends how your Character performs.
  2. It will go over 45%, but that only helps you if you get debuffed. The softcap is still 45%, whether you have 45% or 60%. But if you take a hit for -10% def at 60%...you will still be at 50%. The hard cap for defence is 95% I believe...which the game will not allow you to exceed.
  3. Can you have more than one active at the same time???? It never occurred to me you could have more than one out
  4. I agree. I usually start using it around 45 depending how many charges I have. It makes a big difference. I've never considered using it for veteran levels, although I can see the appeal. I still will probably save the charges for characters not yet 50 though.
  5. Defenders are a bit tricky here, as with the changes to Vigilance, the damage boost while solo is hard to ignore if trying to experience the game in it's original fashion.
  6. Can't speak for everyone, but I wont be slotting the SO's early. I'll keep buying IOs and attuned sets. Its just easier for me to slot things once, and forget about them til 50. Chasing 3% bonus increase or something at level 15 is not my style.
  7. @Spectre7878 Pretty sure you need to use Alt+1 instead of Alt1 for any command involving two key presses like you described.
  8. I'm guilty of using uppercase "i" in place of lowercase "L". >.> Hey...Pineapple Pizza was taken...So I had to use Pineappie Pizza. Its not noticeable much in game, and I really just like Pineapple Pizza...so had to have it.
  9. I suppose if you have tons of alts, on many shards...keeping track might be a bit hard. This would make it easier I suppose. Rad Sword would certainly be easier to identify than Captain Kablooey.
  10. NPC asked me this when I clicked on him in game. I felt like "arresting" him. 🤷‍♂️
  11. You cant see the other laptop, as its on my desk(in the same room)...but I call the room CoH Central. lol
  12. I just bought a third laptop the other day so my niece and nephew can play CoH with me at the same time. 😃
  13. Not sure if it's been mentioned...as I am not gonna scroll through 7 pages...but the Villain Arc...The Freakish Lab of Dr Vahzilok is not under Captain in Oroborous mission list as mentioned, it's under Criminal...since its a 35-39 arc. Captain is the 40-49 arcs.
  14. I've got three ROG gaming laptops, and all run CoH great. My oldest(bought in 2015) is an ROG 750, with i7 core 4700, 16 Gig RAM, 4Gig video card. I bought a ROG Strix in the summer, i7 core, 16 gig Ram, 4 Gig video card, and just recently bought another Strix so my nephew can play CoH with me too. I went with downgrade over the other strix, its an i5 core, with 8 Gig of ram, but everything else the same. I havent noticed any performance issues with the downgraded one over the higher end one for CoH. The specs for CoH are pretty light for new computers. But, in saying that, I bought my m
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