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  1. If I play converter roulette with crafting enhancements and then converting, I’ll typically make about 100 million/hour. My one toon though has made a billion inf in the last month just logging in about 5 minutes a day. She typically buys more expensive things in lower volume for just over half the going price, and resells for the full price. Some days she might buy and resell 8 or more things, other days none. She gets more bites on weekends. But it’s literally log in, collect inf, relist anything she has bought, and logout.
  2. I always considered the basic scrapper to be a MA/SR. Just using above average training and speed to punch and kick enemies, while avoiding their counter attacks. My main, and first 50 on Live, and HC was using those power sets for that reason.
  3. I can’t say much about your post other than the ideas expressed make it sound like a game I would never play.
  4. My dark/dark/dark defender did. Even with my to hit debuffs, more defence never hurts. And I will never say no to more S/L resistance. With all my controls, decent base defence and resistances etc I often tank entire spawns just because I have very high survivability doing so. It’s not so noticeable at 0x8, but the extra defence and resistance means a lot more to me when the enemies are +4s.
  5. My response... Fully slotted with FO’s. Im sure you can all guess what F and O stand for Lol
  6. I’m 46. Not the oldest. But some days I feel like 100. Lol
  7. My latest 50, Dark Ascentia, dark/dark/dark defender, leveled what I consider the old school way. She used no P2W powers, no double xp, no DFB, etc. She didnt even use the base tp macro. She went 1-50 entirely through story arcs. Her play time at the time she got to 50 was 140 hours over about five weeks of play time. Now I am sure you could probably knock 20 off for me being afk at times etc. But still, I’ve no doubt it was a good 120 hours to get to 50, as I mainly solo’d story arcs, or occasionally duo’d them with a friend. I had a complete blast with her. She really came into her own in the 30s and it was so much fun. I personally find I have a much keener insight into the power sets when I take a slower route to 50. Like you really find out what works and what doesn’t. And when to use what power to best effect, and against which enemies are most affected by them. Anyway, I do recommend the old school way of levelling. If nothing more for the experience of doing it. Yes, it’s slower, but some things are meant to be savoured...
  8. I thought I was having a good week cuz someone paid 10 million for one of my stupefy enhancements...😎
  9. I even tried spawning the window with some commands I found online. I dont remember the syntax but it was like show active pet window or something. And it didnt work. I don't know how I missed that lil Pets thing. Well, I mainly solo...so it's not like I have the team window up a lot or anything. Still....*facepalm*
  11. Is now I finally can see the status of my Dark Servant! Man, that was so annoying before. I'd forget to resummon him, or wouldnt notice his hp was low, and he would die etc. Now I always have an Active Pet Window to view, even when I login, and haven't summoned anything yet. 😄
  12. I aim for about 2.0/s. at a minimum. Right now my recovery is 3.33end/s and my consumption is 1.06end/s with 5 toggles running. I can generally not worry about endurance at all with these numbers. Even if things go wrong, and a battle ends up 6 mins or so, my endurance is still 50% full. I do have all the recovery procs, and the performance shifter and panacea procs however, which make a huge difference.
  13. My dark/dark has been soloing 0x6 to 0x8 ever since around level 30 or so(she is 49 now). Twilight's Grasp is a decent heal. You have a hold, tar patch. The heal debuffs regen, and tar patch debuffs damage resistance, so it's a nice combo on harder enemies. Bunch of cones...but I love them. Fearsome Stare, drop tar patch, Tenebrous tentacles to immobilize everyone. Then spam your aoe cones while using your single target hold and attacks on the bosses. Everything is dead by the time tar patch expires. The -tohit that pretty much all the dark blast has, is basically like +def for you, so you rarely get hit. The dark pet procs a hold, and heal every onec in awhile to supplement your own. The cones do usually require some running around to position yourself, but I kind of like that its an active movement set. Anyways, just my input on the topic
  14. That's why I always choose Male Face 2.
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