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  1. Pretty sure innocuous strikes is a perfect example... better have some special energy gloves owwwwww
  2. there were some "good guys" that used the staff sabers as well. At least in some of the old games I played like Jedi Academy...
  3. How would I handle it? I would leave it the way it is and not worry about it. Personally, I laugh when I hit Aim, Build Up with tactics running on one of my blasters and miss a snipe on a -1 foe. I would miss missing like that. I was merely attempting to suggest something less than a 100% auto hit type resolution. Consider this reply as me editing my first post to say.... Hi! hope you're all having a great day! Also I forgot to mention... You made some very good points in your reply. Have a good one!
  4. Is it not possible to make reduced damage "partial hits"? And isn't say 95.1%-99.9% also an option? Great example with the level 50 in Atlas.
  5. I'd also like to see more epic options. The thing that seems the strangest to me is Electrical Mastery for example. The first two options for a primarily ranged AT being a cone and a ranged hold - 2 common powers already in many blaster sets. Leviathan Mastery is similar with another cone option. Electric Mastery seems to insist you go over to Mu Mastery with it's taoe immobile option but it also has a skippable cone. Body Armor seems like a huge increase in lethal damage and a small bump to smashing resist would make more sense. As the purpose for epic/patron pools is to fill gaps, Ice Mastery and Power Mastery seem to be two of the most well done to suit the intended purpose. Just my 2inf for the moment.
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows enough about this kind of thing... how much would it cost to hire someone to port over (and maintain) MIDS to Apple/android or just website based... and would there be enough interest from folks to chip in?
  7. Frustration seems like a strong word in this context. Currently I skip frost breath, breath of fire and cutting beam in all my builds. Fireball for example is great. Maybe one day we can have mechanical power customization and simply select taoe/cone type options on certain powers. I’m sure I’d do the same thing with quite a few others, especially on dark blast set.
  8. I didn’t explain very well what I meant. It’s a short cone and often does not hit what looks like a target that should hit. It’s not all or nothing but I’ve often experienced this. Basically I just greatly prefer an 80’ range taoe over a 40’ cone and think it fits the set much better. Just opinion. I haven’t spent a great deal of time trying out the mods but I followed the steps and tried using several of them - most didn’t seem to work as described, or I simply expected different results than I got. Sorry I can’t be of much help trouble shooting, I do think it’s a great idea and will revisit the program and try some things out again. Thanks for your efforts!
  9. Sound effect mod? I've had trouble getting most of those mods to work right but I can't see how that would effect the power missing (without even saying "miss")
  10. Surprised to hear a vote for that. Fair enough. I was thinking a lesser version of the overcharge would be a better fit for both mechanical and style reasons.
  11. Replace Cutting Beam with Explosive Beam or some such? A decent target aoe would round out this set much better than with the currently - very skippable - cone. Probably been suggested before but I didn't find it in the suggestions.
  12. Only just started playing this to lvl 14 so, haven't tried out final build yet.
  13. I was looking for an account wide nerf, not a powerset nerf! You're just too OP. ;D
  14. @Captain Powerhouse , I would like to formerly request that you nerf Myrmidon.
  15. I see yes and I hear you, though, extra defense actually does come in handy in certain situations. No matter. I did reference your build and used repel with +recharge proc. Currently getting PLENTY of recharge, especially running ageless it's nearly capped most of the time. I've never been one to go all out on the min/maxing thing... A good build is well, good! I still have my preferences for getting around and play feel. Thanks for your shares!
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