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  1. this build works great for fire farm. enjoy water kin- Corruptor (Water Blast).mxd
  2. all the villain statues seemed a very good fit for chess board... white or heroes had to make do with generics
  3. I would think sentinels would more closely compare to defenders as far as overall damage output. Do you have access to those numbers?
  4. slightly less durability than scrapper/stalker and dmg is on par with... defender I'm guessing? I wouldn't blame anyone for wanting some kind of overhaul but nothing to get inflamed about... first world problems sheesh!
  5. Very minor inconveniences and I was able to complete the test build anyway. I can work much quicker on the older menu in part simply because that is what I'm used to. No complaints here! Thanks again.
  6. thank you. One thing I've run into is selecting each incarnate one by one where there used to be a selection to simply "unlock incarnate slots" I appreciate what you're trying to do
  7. is there a way I can get this menu back to the way it was about a week or so ago? some things are almost completely inaccessible as I run out of screen trying to nav through the options and cannot find the "misc" options with the freebies macro tray button etc...
  8. So there’s some posts basically saying the whole AT is up for an overhaul at some point? ”Oldskool Beatdown” is the name of a brute I’ve teamed with recently. Thought maybe that was you.
  9. It’s all very much appreciated. I realize there’s debates but I’m more curious to learn what was intended by the developers than to make up my own mind what it’s supposed to be - which of course would be tanker durability with blaster damage 😉 I made a build on beta that has fire cages and whirlpool in place of KO and Crosspunch - I’ll test it more later. I’m curious. Do you play oldskool beatdown?
  10. Playing with the idea of swapping KO Blow and Crosspunch for whirlpool and fire cages... might make for better tank magery?
  11. First thing I would say is - you really seem to know your stuff 🙂 This isn’t the order that I would take a lot of these selections. yes whirlpool isn’t something I want to use without something to keep the mobs in it. I haven’t started leveling this build yet so things like cross punch might well show up much sooner than is shown in the mids build. if you have a build worked up I’d love to see it. thanks for the replies - I like this as a concept but no doubt I could easily have my mind changed on some things. If I wanted Uber damage I’d probably just roll an
  12. was playing an elec/bio and enjoying around lvl 34 currently. Just from appearances though, I kept thinking water blast might look and feel more like the right choice for me. quickly worked up a build. Have plenty to work with but thought I'd post what I have here and see if there's anymore interesting thoughts to be had on it. waterbio - Sentinel (Water Blast).mxd
  13. here's something decent for s/l/f plenty of room for tweaking and improvements but should function enough to help get you started. rad fire budget farmer (Radiation Melee).mxd
  14. Share a mids build with the class? sounds like some of us could learn a thing or 12 from it...
  15. It does and works out great on AVs and such. Beam however, only has overcharge for a good aoe. Cutting beam just doesn't cut it for me so rolled as rad/fire and enjoy it much more.
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