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  1. Nice find and glad it's gotten a little pin now (not my doing - thanks GM Tahquitz). As someone with a 6 year old myself I've pondered whether to let him get stuck into CoH, it's certainly very tempting.
  2. Hi all, just a gentle reminder, please keep posts civil and in line with the Code of Conduct at all times - Thank you!
  3. Hey, glad to hear it's behaving this morning. Must have been the flux capacitor, I presume once you inverted the polarity and subjected it to a tachyon burst that did the trick? 🙂 As for the resolution issue with the editor, I found the same thing on my iMac when I cranked the res up to 4096 by 2304. I had to zoom in to read the text (face about an inch from monitor) but yes, I could only place things on the left hand side. So that one I think is a glitch. Probably worth raising as a separate and appropriately named bug report now you've managed to fix the portal though!
  4. Hi there, I've picked up your ticket. You may well have sorted this yourself but I found when I created one of these portals in my base and hooked up beacons it seemed to work OK. If it's still an issue for it please either re-open the ticket, or try pinging @On-Duty in the #in-game-help channel of the Discord and hopefully someone will be able to assist.
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