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  1. I'm partial to my own Fire Farms #34134 and #34266. Heh.
  2. Start with the Scrapper/Tanker/Brute Fire Melee set. Move the slider to lvl 50 xp. Pick the powers that only do fire damage, like scorch, fire blast, incinerate (or combustion? one of those has some smash dmg IIRC), breath of fire, etc. Once you have 100% XP at 50, move to the secondary set. For bosses, you might not cap XP with just the primary. In the secondary, I like to use super reflexes and take Enhanced senses to give mobs extra PER so they herd easily. You should be able to get to 100% XP for minions, lts, and bosses with only fire damage and enhanced senses. I don't bo
  3. On a related item, why must the graphics display missed shots so dramatically? I understand my blaster may not hit with every attack, but does the game really need to make him look completely foolish with the shot going so wildly off target (like 60° off)?
  4. Why 6-slot Frozen Blast in Ball Lightning? Usually, Ball is best for pullinging nearby groups into the meat grinder. But the immob proc works against that. I prefer putting the winter set into electric fence, since the immob is redundant, but the 6-set defense bonus still comes in. That way fences serves to pile on dmg for the meat grinder, and ball lightning can still drag over more mobs.
  5. Mind/Electric Dominator - Anya Rism Rad/Fire Brute - Cheryl Nobel Electric/Dark Brute - ForceMajuere Electric/Electric Tank - Circuits Maximus Irish Bruiser Invuln/EM Tanker - Big Paddy Kane Fire/Kin Corruptor - Friction Dancer Dark/Electric Controller - D'Arc Guardian Electric/Dark Dominator - Madame D'Arc Illusion/Poison Controller - Psycho Delica
  6. I'd love it if Archery got an ammo swap power like dual pistols.
  7. I'm set at +4/8. After some trial and error, I think the best spawns come from using 3/2/1 minions, lts, bosses. Perhaps keeping those constant (e.g., 6/4/2, 9/6/3, etc.) is the answer.
  8. What power sets work best for a smash lethal farm? Tried dual pistols, claws and dual blades, but can't find a good mix that avoids kb and/or -Def added effects. Any ideas?
  9. I've searched for the answer to this fairly basic question to no avail. When building a custom enemy faction, what determines the ultimate mob density/numbers? I understand that setting object and captive spawns to hard helps, but is there any particular ratio of Minion/Lt/Boss needed to optimize the spawns? Some of my farms seem to generate only thin packs of mobs. When I do get better spawns, I can't decipher what makes spawn density improve. TIA.
  10. Thanks for your response and input. I generally avoid SS. Just dislike that power. Considered CJ/SJ which I like on melee types, but I don't need the CJ defense, and the QoL of flight/hover with speed on demand binds, and the added LotG and QoL from Afterburner always catch my fancy. Proton sweep also feels kinda meh to me. A lot of animation lag for what seems to be a short and meager cone. I will consider the potential of proc slotting ball lightning though. Thanks again
  11. I was pinnacle from 2004-2006. Vectorr and Sahara King were my mains. My SG was the Adeptus Arbites. Any Arbites that return can find me on Excelsior as @Behemoph or @Anti-Biotic
  12. I like the other powers in Spines, it's just Spine Burst that fall flat IMO. My rotation for big mobs is a mix of Burn, Throw Spines, Ball Lightning and Elec Cages. Throw in an ion judgment from time to time, and Spine Burst never fits in. It's basically a parking spot for 5 Scirocco slots.
  13. Exactly, other than a vessel for another 5-set Scirocco bonus, I struggle to see its worth.
  14. I've been playing two different Spines brutes as baby farmers, one /Bio and one /Fire. They both work pretty well, even though I haven't geared up with purples etc. In my travels, I have become very underwhelmed with Spine Burst. The animation is glacial for nominal payoff. I'm very tempted to respec out of it and rely on Throw Spines, Ball Lightning, etc. for AoE damage. Is that nuts? I see various high-end builds include it, but can't see how it ever fits into a rotation. What am I missing here?
  15. Is there any way to see how many and/or who is queued in the LFG system? Seems like it would save time and reduce chat spam if someone with a team of 7 could see if they'll "pick up the spare" by launching the queue instead of spamming the LFG channel for the last member. It would also cut the constant "any TFs starting" spam as well. Don't want to organize a TF? Jump in the queue and you can get scooped up.
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