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  1. Hi everyone! I played CoH off-and-on over a decade ago, and came back recently, so you can consider me a complete newbie! I am looking for some thoughts on this character that I have just gotten to level 8. I assume my next power is to pick Build Up, but I'm not sure. Also looking for any gotchas or further levelling tips. I know with DA, I need to be mindful of endurance usage, but anything else? (Note, the enhancement slots are empty because I was lazy and didn't bother to enter my training enhancements 🙂 ) Thanks for whatever advice you can give!
  2. Fair enough. Still might be worth letting people know in the guide.
  3. Should there be a disclaimer on the Intel HD line of integrated graphics? I am getting 1 fps(!!) with a ThinkPad X1 Carbon 4th Gen (2016) with i7 cpu, 16GB RAM, and an Intel HD 520 integrated graphics card. I have seen threads relating to issues with windows 10 and OpenGL and these cards, without any real solution. (on recommended settings in atlas park, and vsync off, I can get to 100 FPS as long as the camera is looking straight down... until some mobs or wandering cars show up, and then it drops to 1fps. Looking out at the horizon gives me fractional FPS, and the UI button response is laaaaaaaaggy.)
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