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  1. Thanks for the great work. I do have a small request for you to consider. Can we allow the UI to scale as you extend the window as some of the text are a bit hard to read on a 32" 4K monitor and the current font size increase only affect the info box.
  2. After the recent Stealth power patch, The toon can be a bit hard to see unless you have other power effects going on. Is there a way to cut back a bit on the transparency?
  3. Is there a list of which mob tend to drop salvage and enhancements of which origin? I know that Tsoo and COT is probably magic and the Lost is probably Mutations but can use some help of some of the mobs.
  4. Damn you all! I didn't see the announcement last night and just saw it this morning and now I can't donate :-(. It's amazing how much support the community is giving. Good jobs guys. I'll try to get my donation in next month.
  5. All I can say is thanks for the effort and the time you guys are putting in. I know that you guys have stated that you're not taking donations at the moment but the current running cost is not actually cheap. If there're anyways for the community to help lessen the burden. Please let us know.
  6. Although I already found out about the revived server but I also got a text from my Niece telling me about it. it's her first PC game that I let her play when she come over to visit when she was about 8. She will be graduating with a computer graphics degree from NYU next month and planning to work in the game industry.
  7. I wonder how hard it will be to increase the XP and inf gain by a little bit to lesson the grind at higher level. It used to be that you'll be done with the missions from contact before you gain enough to move up. A little help there would be really nice.
  8. Just ot clarify, I have no plans to run a server. I'm asking just to see if it's possible for me to get access to something that would be useful if and when they are going live and willing to take donated equipments.
  9. Wiz33


    Did you do a re-validate files on Tequila?
  10. Tequila/options/re-validate is your friend. No problem logging onto server. Be sure to do it after any server reboot too.
  11. I know no one is taking donation now but I want to know what kind of server they're using and what would be ideal if we have more co-current user? I have many contact in Silicon Valley. Cisco, HP, SuperMicro, Acer, etc. I can always check to see if slightly outdated (which should still be more than powerful enough to run something from 2012) can be had for cheap.
  12. Finally managed to create the game account. But now when I launch the game client, I keep getting the connection error message. is it just a sign that server is overloaded? I don't think my AV or window firewall is blocking anything as I'm not seeing any warning message
  13. I can log into this forum but when I went to the game account page, it said I need to be logged in to create game account.
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