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  1. Awesome job Heraclea! I was surprised when I saw your post as I was just in HI recently and saw the actual location.
  2. I've been working on this for a few days but I think I'm happy with it now. I present - Q-Storm! Mind/Storm Controller!
  3. That's freakin' awesome!! Thanks for posting this! Definitley look us up!
  4. WOW! Greetings Mystic!!! Can't believe you still have cards! How awesome is that!! 🙂 Yes - we are still rockin' the Impossibles on Torchbearer and Discord! Definitely look us up!!
  5. Many thanks! I found it on another thread!. Should have looked around first 🙂
  6. Has there been an update someplace reflecting the winners from all the servers?
  7. Nice job overall. The most important aspect on the symbol is that YOU'RE reading it to YOUR satisfaction. You can ask 50 people and they may all read it differently. I think its a creative attempt to craft a logo that doesn't exist.
  8. A long time main of mine way back from live and back again on Homecoming - American Shaman - Empathy / Dark Blast Defender!
  9. I present Blood Oath - My Titan Weapons / Regeneration Brute.
  10. Just a recommendation - swap the yellow in her leg with the pink in her hair & make the head piece green for a more natural color transition.
  11. This is done inside the costume creator
  12. I present Queen of Aces - my Mind Control / Psionic Assault Dominator. She's hovering at level 48, needing only the Numina TF to secure Task Force Commander.
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