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  1. So I've had a lot of characters I wanted to make with say... Electricity wings or gas wings or burning wings that actually flap like wings. We have the Phoenix wings but those look... eh... and they're not animated. I was thinking if they took the animation from other wings (Ones that flap) and just made them the same as the aura textures you could blend them with costumes better and make more toons that look cool using the new fly upgrades. 😛 An option to have them leave a trail would be even cooler if possible.
  2. The idea is to discuss the idea here, and thank you for actually trying to provide constructive criticism and ideas instead of just a "It no do big damage, me like big damage so me no like" kind of responses. I was under the impression these forums were to bring up ideas and discuss them with the community to see how it would be done, rather than trying to sh*t on the posters idea because you personally wouldn't use it. lol Of course this would need a lot of work but merging the different AT's I feel in general would add more variety to the game. It seems that since live nobody wants to
  3. They have done that before with other AT's, it's literally just reducing certain values to balance out the AT, The same thing that had to be done for ALL AT's multiple times from live to now. lol
  4. I highly suggest you work on the toon. It's the most fun I've ever had on a toon and the animations aren't that slow imo. Plus between them you can use the melee attacks that are quite fast. With AOE being the focus the animations doesn't matter as much as you or your team will wipe out a lot of enemies in that time. Plus if you're tanky enough then you can afford to be in animation for longer.
  5. Also I think people are forgetting the negatives from certain powersets. The energy drain of toggles mixed with control powers that can sometimes be a huge end drain per activation. Certain defensive sets don't have much MEZ defense and can easily get held and detoggled. Or confused and suddenly the buffs and debuffs are switched making the team vulnerable. There's also certain enemies that drain your end on their own that can detoggle you and turn off buffs or debuffs and put you and your team in vulnerable situations too. It seem pretty fair and playable to me...
  6. I feel like you're assuming the defensive/control powers will just be copy/pastes of their origin AT's which isn't at all what they do for new AT's. Values would of course be altered and the effectiveness of the defensive and control powers would have to be altered to make it fair. idk why you'd assume they'd do it like that. It's entirely possible to make this into an AT that is playable and fun and a new playstyle dynamic.
  7. Ok let me elaborate. The defense powers of say a defender vs a tanker is completely different. The value of the powers, and the powers that are available to take/if they are prema toggle or temp toggle can be different etc. Same with the power from the control tree. Their power, recharge rate, effectiveness, or availability could be altered for the set or even replaced entirely for some powers. They could throw in some damage in a few control powers that might not have damage previously but reduced damage. I think everyone keeps imagining tanker defenses as in ON A TANKER just copy
  8. idk why people assume you'd never die. Defense sets other than Tanker defense sets aren't too hard to defeat. I also stated it should be soloable but like most controllers, soloing would be a slower and more grueling process than some other AT's. I'm also suggesting a new hybrid type power that is more designed for a cleric style AT. They would be vulnerable to being debuffed, and depending on their armor choice will have various weaknesses. A lot of the new classes seem to be much the same these days. With the power creep we've received even the weakest of classes become pretty OP. I'
  9. As is, sure. But as they've done with other new archetypes, they cane modify the powers within that type. Personally I think it'd be a lot of fun to try and level depending on teams, but also boosting those teams so you can get more XP by clearing missions faster. It's SUPER easy to make a toon capable of clearing maps solo with the archetypes we have, so I'd actually enjoy something different like this. I also had an idea I stated before this of having two variants. One for Defense primary and control secondary, and another with control primary and defense secondary. They could also mod
  10. Or... Why not both? 😛 I'd personally find making a proper Debuffing tanker that herds and makes the enemies weaker would be fun and add a different dynamic to some teams or leagues.
  11. Secondary and primary could be switched for sure, and some damage would be present but not much. You'd still be able to slowly kill your enemies in smaller mobs but without a team you'd just be spending an hour on one mission. I already said the control powers being reserved to buff/debuff/heals for opponents/team mates. It'd essentially be a sorta hard to kill true support toon that can actually utilize any of their AOE abilities without dying right away, or gather enemies and buff their team to do more damage... Or debuff the enemies so the team can fight safely... Or just healing as ne
  12. So I had an idea of a new archetype that has defensive powers like a defender (not as OP at Tanker or brutes) and secondary as controller primary powers. It's like a cleric almost, but very little damage dealing if any and very dependent on a team like a controller. They might not die as much as a controller, but they'd be at a stand still if they did missions solo due to little to no damage. I'm thinking more buff/debuff/healing powers only. Basically only things that target your opponents or teammates and no holds and stuff really.
  13. I also made other suggestion for solutions, not just the part you quoted. 😉
  14. So I was reading the patch notes for the latest Beta update and saw that they will be having travel power activated stances that only apply when that power is activate. I absolutely love this idea but I noticed there's nothing for flight powers... We already have fly pose emotes, so why not incorporate them into stances for flight powers including the new standing flight pose so every travel type has some new stances for how they travel?
  15. But that happens with invis power toons anyways. It's something you'd have to work around for your toons design. I mean you wouldn't be forced to use it but I'm sure many others would want to use it themselves. lol
  16. I mean sure but that already happens for stealth powers and stuff anyways. Plus I'm sure the auras and powers making the body outline would be used a lot for costume ideas. PvP is the only issue I see but I'm sure they could have invis costumes pieces refer to default in PvP, or just give an outline in PvP areas. But really invis costume or not, your targeting would still pick them up if they're not using an invis power. The new shoulders update is cool but it only really opens up a few more costume ideas. Things like this or gender neutral costume pieces for huge models would open up
  17. So I was thinking... If they could make an invisible costume option for every slot, with just a color tintable flat detail against the end of the body part so you don't see into the hollow model (if it is hollow). I'd love to be able to have a toon without a bottom half, or with just floating gloves and a hooded cloak. Or an invis head with a mask floating there. Or even just a toon with a missing arm. I could go on but my point being there'd be a lot of cool costume and character ideas if this were an option. Absolutely no idea how difficult this would be, but I know GM's were able to
  18. Awe poo that sucks, but totally understand. But female faces and hairstyles for huge models could work enough for a huge muscular female that's just not big chested. lol
  19. I've always felt like the PvP zones that are supposed to be big battle between heroes and villains was a little.. too tamed and simple? I had an idea... If there was a larger map like Steel canyon (but maybe more smoky/fiery and damaged if possible), and other objectives to give your side (Hero or villain) buffs or debuffs would be cool. Like putting out burning buildings/setting them on fire, Robbing the bank/stopping the robbery, Defusing bombs around the city/setting the explosives, Arrest X number of criminals/Kill X number of civilians etc... You could have players who plan to s
  20. To elaborate on my point and how what I'm looking for is different than AE. Imagine my idea working out like this. You have a team of 8, the level of the team members are 50/49 and everyones meeting in Atlas Park. Team leader goes to "contacts" and then the "Custom Mission" tab. The click it and it opens a window with 3 columbs. Left side is a list of enemy type and you pick one (Or multiple would be cool). Middle is Map type "Warehouse, Sewer, Office, etc.). Last columb is Objective with a list of options like "Defeat leader, Rescue hostage(s), retrieve object(s), etc" and maybe a "Numb
  21. That's a good point, but even just buffing their current powers could be interesting. The energy drain of freakshow buffed to a lvl 50's hit chance and drain percentage would be a challenge in and of itself as most enemies present their own strengths... unless it's Council. Exemplaring sorta defeats the purpose and well, you can already do that just by finding a mission team at that level... These added powers and costume pieces and stuff are awesome but I feel some actual game play development would help. More missions and things to do would help a lot and something like this could k
  22. Yeah but AE is a whole process... Someone has to take time to make an AE mission and then someone has to find it in the list and play it and then..... what? Back to square one. lol AE is wonderful but most players don't want to bother going through all the steps.
  23. One thing that's always seemed a bit of a letdown is if you want to simply run some radios as say a lvl 50, you're both limited to a set handful of enemy types, but also a very annoying and long process if you get a full list of all carnies or Arachnos or something people might want to avoid, OR it's cave maps that people tend to find annoying because (Insert long list of reasons here). Maybe it could be a sorta "build your own mission" window where you pick the enemy type (Form ANY enemy type in the game), Map type (Sewer, warehouse, office, cave, etc..) and objective (Rescue, defeat leade
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