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  1. I thought most people were familiar with the Socratic method of initiating a discussion and instead I apparently hurt your feelings. That was not my intent. I apologize.
  2. Even more odd, your offer of advice is form my own team. Really??? lol
  3. How odd you associate annoying with hate. But then over exaggeration of interpreting someone else's emotions is the standard these days. Gosh I didn't notice there is no complaining done on the forums, very sorry to have missed that fact. Here is another very sad fact, you are not able to control any other person's emotions. They may very well be cursing you out for any number of reasons, you'll have to live with it.
  4. lol In the old days most of my 50s were support, various trollers, a defender, and blasters (yes fire/rad was the 1st 50). Didn't start with scrappers until the husband changed over to WoW. Interesting, although I remember what all the support heroes were, when I went to create the scrappers here, I honestly couldn't remember what powers the scrappers had. I do remember my husband literally sat down with his spreadsheets to help me with the incarnate stuff.
  5. Thanks, I will try to reinstall the game, as these events happened yesterday.
  6. In this reincarnation of COH, I tend to play scrappers, generally so I can solo relatively painlessly. However, for TF, and occas mission teams, I come across pets. As a scrapper, pets knock me off bridges (I am thinking/cursing of Posi II), block doorways, block enemies and generally just run amuck. What's the big love affair with pets? I just don't get it. Yes I've run those same missions a million times. In the old days, I had like 20 different 50s ( 3 incarnates, as I recall) and multiple different levels of different builds on various servers at the end. I found pets annoying then and s
  7. I have looked and cannot find the answer to my problem. My computer skills are mediocre at best, so I tend to skip over solutions that go over my head. When accessing Tray #2 with control 1, 2 and so on, all the trays collapse, so I am left with only Tray 1. Very annoying when in a fight. Is there any way to stop the collapse. I tried looking in options and don't see any solutions. When I replaced my PC, I didn't think COH would ever be back, so I went with a average laptop, so perhaps it's just something I will have to live with. Thanks.
  8. I don't think I was clear enough that I am laughing at me, not at the original poster. Just so I understand, on this forum, once a topic is hijacked, no return to original topic?
  9. I must say this entire discussion made me laugh. I have only been back a few weeks, so I actually have a limited knowledge of game functions. But most people seem to use a computer program to create a super toon maxed out by the numbers. Park said toon in a farm to get to 50 and collect influence. Load in those incarnate powers, then Team up for lower level TFs they skipped earlier, that turn into a demonstration of how super their toon can perform, while the rest of the team dies repeatedly. AND THEN complain the game is too easy. lolololol Just makes me think that so many people are loo
  10. 1. SB is now an AoE for the team? Can I turn it off? (If possible, I will need the idiot's guide) 2. Who is the contact for Hollows missions? Thanks in advance for your help and patience.
  11. Thanks so much for this great explanation. Back in the old days of COH, after 5 years of playing, I probably advanced all the way up to a mediocre player, but I had fun. In this version, most teaming experiences have not been much fun. Could be missing my husband or my sg team mates. Could be I just really don't understand the game as well as I did previously. So your explanation is really helpful for me to keep in mind, people are not necessarily trying to ruin game play for others.
  12. Just offering my opinion. I played the subscriber COH from 1 week after start to the sad bitter end. I just returned to this version a week ago. Many, many things have changed and are very confusing. I am old and you know, old people do NOT do well with changes. lol AND to be honest, I almost always played with my husband/or SG mates and rarely, rarely PUGs. Some of the changes I like...early travel, guides for easy pick up influence and so forth. But when, for goodness sake, did SPEED become the entire focus of the game? And WHY?? I just don't get it. I've been on a few early TFs, with P
  13. OMG, on Weds, I could have written this very same post, but really about teams in general. My scrapper was on a Posi 1 and a teammate kept transporting my scrapper into mobs to grab the aggro. After dying 2 xs, I politely kept saying, not a tank. So you bet I quit that team as soon as we finished. But yesterday, had a pug, that made up for it. So all's good now. lol
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