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  1. Thanks so much for this great explanation. Back in the old days of COH, after 5 years of playing, I probably advanced all the way up to a mediocre player, but I had fun. In this version, most teaming experiences have not been much fun. Could be missing my husband or my sg team mates. Could be I just really don't understand the game as well as I did previously. So your explanation is really helpful for me to keep in mind, people are not necessarily trying to ruin game play for others.
  2. Just offering my opinion. I played the subscriber COH from 1 week after start to the sad bitter end. I just returned to this version a week ago. Many, many things have changed and are very confusing. I am old and you know, old people do NOT do well with changes. lol AND to be honest, I almost always played with my husband/or SG mates and rarely, rarely PUGs. Some of the changes I like...early travel, guides for easy pick up influence and so forth. But when, for goodness sake, did SPEED become the entire focus of the game? And WHY?? I just don't get it. I've been on a few early TFs, with P
  3. OMG, on Weds, I could have written this very same post, but really about teams in general. My scrapper was on a Posi 1 and a teammate kept transporting my scrapper into mobs to grab the aggro. After dying 2 xs, I politely kept saying, not a tank. So you bet I quit that team as soon as we finished. But yesterday, had a pug, that made up for it. So all's good now. lol
  4. I miss my VidiotMap. My in house computer tech died a few years ago. Then my computer died and had to buy a replacement. My computer skills could use some improvement. I was excited I got Homecoming installed. Yes I read the articles, no I have absolutely no clue what any of them meant. The step by step is not basic enough. My daughter or son in law will eventually install it. But I miss it
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