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  1. A fantastic guide! I've been waiting forever to make a general play build from my firekin farmer, I used your first build and am thrilled! 😊 Thank you for sharing the build and your knowledge. The macros are a real help, thank you. I am seeing an issue with the selection of teammates for buffs where the pets are being selected. It appears to always choose the nearest team member. I'll give it another try. I love placing bonfire with a single key, "b" doesn't work for me as it is the reset camera key, but was easily changed. Great S
  2. Also great advice, thank you. I certainly will. I do also enjoy learning about some of the high finer points discussed.
  3. Excellent advice! I know I will have a blast playing it, I just have no idea how Permadom works. 😊
  4. Read everything in this thread, now I have no idea what to do with my Dom. It is ice ice ice and I am slotting for high recharge and defense. I would love to experience the wonders of Permadom.
  5. Got it. I did misunderstand and now it makes sense. I also see you gave some great pointers on the style. Not sure I’ll roll it right now, and made an ice ice dominator I am enjoying. Thanks tons
  6. Since this is my first Plant/Thorns dom, I may want to save this for an offensive build. I imagine your softcapped version is still quite fun and a damage machine also, I'd love to try that one. I'll look more around for it, or if you could provide here. Thanks tons, Tech
  7. Thanks for the input. My 50 pl/th has been sitting around unbuilt, can’t wait to plug this in and see how he flies. 😎 I say go ahead with the build with Temp Powers, many of my favorites use them. How about some info on play style or powers sequencing.
  8. Hey bud, small world. Very cool of you! If I know your builds, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Thank tons
  9. That sounds awesome, thank you so much.
  10. In case anyone in this thread missed it, help is here!! Thank you Manga, Number Six and the team. #2 worked for me. Method 2 1. Download the Mac Installer from https://islandrum.eekstudio.com/mac-installer.zip 2. Extract the Mac Installer and launch it. It might require an administrator password. Wait for it to complete. 3. Launch the Homecoming Launcher by double-clicking the new "Launch CoH" icon inside the Applications folder.
  11. Very much so here. I've been helping with testing on my 5 Macs over the Homecoming run, two are El Cap. Thanks so much for jumping in on this. With various CoH and Mac OS versions, CoH itself has appeared as both a directory or an application. With no Island rum, I've just been launching the application directly to run. I knew this would be fine until an update. I brought an updated CoH directory from a newer Mac to the El Cap Mac to see if the package contents matched up with the dir. They do, somewhat. Guidance here would be great and I am happy to help.
  12. I would love to try Savage for the first time, and the only brute I have is a farmer (Rad/Fire). A rad/savage brute sounds killer. I’ve always wondered if with an alt build the rad/fire would also be good for general play since he’s been so great as a farmer. Or this would be a good opportunity to try savage and then use rad as well. Thoughts? I would also love to see your builds if willing to share. Thanks tons in advance.
  13. For general play, solo and team. Would love to see your favorites.
  14. Yes. I’ve had it partially running, but it looks like it’s back in the works. I’ll check this out and see if it helps, thanks tons.
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