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  1. It isn't an issue of the damage per se, rather I was questioning the design. The bar has a 100 max top end. But I've never been able to achieve that. It is an odd design choice to cap at 85.
  2. 1) Stop trying to move the goal posts. Either debate in good faith or just stop. YOU specifically said xxx/Dark for a defender are attack powers. These are the powers that allow the defender to do damage if they want to solo. According to you, these attacks were "almost always slotted 5 or 6 damage". Well, yes. ALMOST always. However, there were defenders that opted to slot for the -to hit and relied on the team to do the damage. These were attacks slotted for the secondary. 2) I never said these builds were routine. I have stated, multiple times, that
  3. I use regen as an example because I'm intimately familiar with how ED affected it. YOUR comment, "Nobody slotted secondary effects before ED." is ridiculous. Many of us played since launch. We were max level and bored. Maybe not on your server, maybe not that you saw, but there were plenty of people slotting for secondary effects. Until ED. Simply because YOU think it is ridiculous because you never witnessed it (or never realized it), doesn't mean it didn't happen. The original forums had a section for us deviants specifically to discuss builds with secondary slotting and how to us
  4. I admit, I'm lazy. I did not perform a thorough search of the forums so I apologize if this is covered somewhere, but the terms I did search did not give me what I was looking for. I've been playing my brute for several weeks now, he's my main since returning. My question: Is it possible to get the fury bar past 85%? No matter how many mobs I have on me, no matter how often I'm hitting the mobs, 85 seems to be the max. If it is possible to exceed that point, how?
  5. I, too, played pre-ED. I was that regen scrapper. No Moment of Glory, 6 slots of healing in every power that would take it, and even after I4 and Fast Healing being made clicky, I could still tank most AVs and not die. I can't do that now; even with a 50 regen and all the healing I could get. The difference is, because of ED, it is pointless to put the extra slots in healing powers. So those slots end up in my offense. Most mobs die before I actually need to rely on the regen in combat. From many perspectives, this makes me "more powerful." From the other perspective, ni
  6. But you don't have to go elsewhere. This is what I don't get. You go to the vendor, type /ah see what the vendor is offering, and post for a little higher. Even posting at the same price costs you influence due to the AH cut. I suppose if you've been playing since Homecoming launched and you're sitting on billions of influence it isn't a big deal to you. Also, I come from the WoW market where greed is key. I mean, I know that common salvage is on AH for 100 influence vice the 250 of the vendor, but I understand that because of the vast amounts of it. Selling to the vendor gives you seed
  7. Been back to COH for a little under a month as I write this. Something I've noticed and do not yet understand, is the penchant for people to post on the Marketplace for less than the sale price to the vendor. Often below 50%. The number of times I've seen the vendor offer 10k only to see the same recipe on the AH for 2k forces me to wonder why? If purples go for 10 to 20mil why are yellows and oranges going for below vendor prices? Apologies if this is a retread topic, my search-fu is weak and I write this without the benefit of coffee.
  8. I really have to disagree with you on this. Mainly it comes down to how you define "powerful". I suppose, at this exact point in time, if you level a character to 50 and can take full advantage of the Incarnate system, maybe you can be all that you could be pre-ED, but I doubt it. Pure regen scrappers who just couldn't die because they 6-slotted heals in every power that would take them can not achieve the same level of healing as they had pre-ED. Tankers can't reach defense cap without set bonuses. Scrappers can't hit the same damage numbers they had pre-ED without gulping down
  9. As many others mentioned, the largest impacts were the fear from Burn, the limitation on how many mobs would take damage from burn, and the aggro cap. The fear was annoying and birthed the wave of Fire/Ice tanks. Drop Ice Patch, drop Burn, mobs can't run away if they're falling over themselves. The aggro cap was hobbling to all tanks, but it really hurt Fire tanks because Burn was, and frankly still is, the primary damage dealing power of the Fire tank. When Fire tanks could no longer grab an entire map, you started to see more Scrankers. With Burn capped at 5 targets, an
  10. kubwulf

    Better Burst?

    Which blaster primary currently has the highest up-front damage before slotting? In a head-to-head comparison, which set will do the most damage on the initial hit? I know some powers like Fire have lingering dots that even out the overall damage of the class, but I'm looking for the set that has the highest up-front, I hit you and you're down, damage. Thoughts? Metrics? Addons to compare?
  11. Even back in the day, there were only the core travel powers of Flight, Super Speed, Super Jump, and Teleport. It always amazed me that actual comic characters often had other modes of transportation. If COH were to implement some form of vehicular travel, what would you like to see? Cars, motorcycles, gliders, rope swings... Sky's the limit folks, what's the dream mode of travel that doesn't currently exist in COH that you would like to have?
  12. Having rediscovered COH after years of playing WoW, I fear I am spoiled by the vast amount of addons WoW offered and the customization that came with them. I am having trouble tracking all the things I want to track because I am used to everything being closer to center. I had health and mana bars on either side of my character in WoW, and power trays below my character's feet that allowed me to see most everything I needed to. Yeah, I know, what N00B is bitching about moving his eyes a couple inches to look up in the corner, right? And this is a valid response. My rebuttal is that I'
  13. Hi! New poster here. Oi. Having played when COH first came out, I'm aware that people, like me, are just rediscovering the game. What I have seen in my brief forays into the forums, is that people will ask for a build, someone will post a MIDS or something similar, with no explanation. "Here ya go. Here's a build." As someone returning, some of the powers are new and different to me. Especially incarnates. If I were to ask for a build and copied it exactly, would I really learn anything? Would I know the why of a power or enhancement selection? I think there is a ver
  14. This is a really good example. Way back in the day (pre-Issue 6 and ED), I played a scrapper that was Spines/Regen. I didn't take the cookie cutter build with Hasten and perma-Moment of Glory. I slotted all my secondaries before my attacks whenever possible and as long as I survived the alpha strike, I would live through the encounter. I used to tank AVs for funsies. According to OP, this fun "I-can't-die-neener-neener" scrapper wasn't "dedicated" because I didn't focus on my primary set. The thing is, when other scrappers were dying to +2s, I was still standing and giving them time to r
  15. That's a bit defeatist, don't you think? Sure, pre-made builds can be an icebreaker, but what the OP is claiming is that people come in, use that icebreaker, and then do not understand how or why it works. They get bored. They are sub-optimal with the build. They are unable to maximize the potential of the build because they don't understand the mechanics behind it. It isn't being passive aggressive to express frustration and upset at people looking for the easy way while lacking the understanding to utilize the easy way. Blaster Defiance is a good example. When it first hit,
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