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  1. Mostly I want these powerpools because I feel that they'd be good to continue what was started with sorcery (which I think is very fun). I do agree with the fear of everyone taking them if they're broken, which is why I think it'd be good to get them in the beta sooner rather than later. Easier to test them and see how they go as it were.
  2. Before live ended there were place to add the Devices, Experimental, Strength of Will, and Utility belt power pools. The old page even has it listed as most of what the planned powers were going to be. I know it's not an easy thing to add power pools, but I was wondering if it would be possible to reuse assets to finish those pools and add them to the game? It's definitely something that I feel would add some great quality of life to the game.
  3. Something I would love to see is the expansion of Kheldian/Nictus/Warshade lore. Perhaps with some space missions involving them, really start bringing in that interstellar aspect that you see in things like the Justice League, or Green Lantern. Heroes and space have been a thing for a long time and if love to see that explored further.
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