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  1. Again, the best solution would be the ability to dial the difficulty up another notch, rather than rebalance all content across the board, in order to balance around IO sets. Not everyone is interested in a more challenging game. I get that. So, why not just add another level of difficulty to notoriety for the folks that want to choose dial up to that level of play? Heck, if you want to throw the people in the other camp a bone, add a -2 notoriety level, for people that just find the game too difficult, overall. That's totally fair. A great game should be about options and the freedom to enjoy your particular form of recreation without intruding on other peoples form of recreation.
  2. Most of my characters, I pay zero (or very little) for costume designs. It depends on whether our character is a fashion fanatic that likes to have lots of different outfits to wear (mine aren't, and typically are able to make use of the free tailor tokens that you get throughout the game). Having said that, I don't really see the point of charging for cosmetic changes, at all. That's an artifact of live-game revenue source and no longer needed (IMO). I feel the same way about the player market, generally, but people get their panties in a knot if you try to make that argument. Let's see how I long it takes people to go bonkers at my suggestion that we don't need to pay for costumes, because it will somehow "destroy the game". 😃
  3. Interesting. I never played the Redside version. Blueside, he certainly has no qualms about trying to beat your character's ass, I can tell you that much. A bug (known/unknown), perhaps?
  4. LMAO! I had no idea that was the case. I do agree with you, of course. Sorry about the blatant dimensional bias. We Primal Earthers are a terribly prejudiced lot, I'm afraid. 😂
  5. I get a lot of use out of tenebrous tentacles and abyssal gaze. YMMV, of course, but I like them both.
  6. I would say yes (with the exception of Sonic Speed and Mystic Flight) except for one important fact that occurred to me; you can mule several valuable enhancements with them, which should not be allowed without some cost, IMO. So, yeah. I also vote no on this one.
  7. @Dr.Rogue You've got some great suggestions (as do others in this topic). I'm always wishing I had certain models I see in the game in the base editor. The bit that looks like the Ion Floor grate is actually two Tech Box 1 overlapping one another, I think. Then a door directly behind them.
  8. I want the chucks tho. 8(
  9. I wouldn't mind being able to make a Scrapper Bruce Lee homage.
  10. Cool costume! 👍 Does the cape have a hood?
  11. I mean, it's only been up 3 days now. 🤷‍♂️ Having said that, I agree it's a great suggestion to further improve the interface (which is certainly better than it was- IMO- prior to the most recent update).
  12. I haven't tried it, though I've toyed with the idea a few times. I imagine there are several hurdles that might prove difficult to overcome. The one that seems the most problematic to me, is the simple fact that many maps are narrow and constricted, and so you'll frequently find yourself unable to put much horizontal or vertical distance between yourself and the enemy. For this reason, I imagine outdoor/open air maps would allow you to use the build to good effect, but indoor maps would, comparatively, prove something of a nightmare. If you try it, do let me know how it goes. I'm somewhat curious, myself.
  13. Sorry! Sounds like a pain. 👀
  14. Hm... very strange. Maybe post on the discord and see if anyone can offer a solution. Otherwise, sometimes you can find people willing to build a base for you. I know others have gone that route.
  15. @Hyperstrike Well, you could try turning the resolution down while working in the base editor and see if that makes a difference.
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