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  1. Welcome to Everlasting! When you get your character made, feel free to msg me for an invite. We'd love to have you! 😁👍
  2. For the most part, I target like RikOz does. I do sometimes make targeting macros for specific things like Sappers, Cimmeroran Surgeons, or whatever. Bosses and the like, I typically just click on them or if it's a particularly hectic fight I'll jump/teleport near them and start spamming AOE attacks (or fire them from a distance if I'm playing ranged).
  3. Okay. But as long as you can build a Tank (pre-incarnate, no less) with numbers like the one you posted, no Tank will ever need (or want) the T-9. I mostly agree. I think the logical thing to do would be to ner... ah, wait. You don't want to talk about that. Nevermind. 🤷‍♂️ I could get behind the idea of a minor to moderate reduction to the crash aspects of the T-9's (which, I agree, are too excessive). I don't think removing them altogether (or even halving them) is a good choice. Beyond that, I can't see much that would be acco
  4. Couple of other things that are probably not intuitive/obvious... This Scry Glass is also a dimensional teleporter. Just click on the center of the galaxy (circled in red): The Garage contains the .38 Specials Recon Truck (equipped with surveillance gear and a holographic device that disguises it as an ordinary box truck). You can click on the console that is meant to open the garage doors. This simulates taking an underground tunnel with the truck, that has exits in both Boomtown and Steel Canyon: Just a reference view, from the other direction, fac
  5. So, oddly, the portal room is actually just north of the command center, so it's fairly easy to get to from where you enter the underground part of the base. It probably doesn't "feel" like that's true, given the sprawling layout of the base, but here's a map reference to give you an idea (the red "X" is where you step off the lift from above): I do often disguise base crafting stations, or put them together with other objects to lend them a more interesting look. This might be part of your difficulty. Most everything you might need access to should be in
  6. While it isn't too late (technically) to do so, swapping completed rooms with the base builder is, frankly, quite a pain and (IMO) not really worth the trouble. Putting a single security/Prisoner transport teleporter in the the Security room is (again, IMO) a much more elegant and simple solution. I suppose, if I'm to be honest, I'm not too troubled by the problem, itself. I tend not too think too hard about such things in comic-book genre games. I do try to keep things at least somewhat believable, but in a game about people who can fly, throw tanks, and shoot lasers out of t
  7. @Steampunkette On, no- your logic is sound. 🙂👍 I also grappled with the choice of whether or not to put weapons racks in the security station outside the detention area. In real prisons, you typically only arm guards in perimeter towers (those running the cell blocks are not often armed, for fear of prisoners wresting away the guns). I finally decided that 1) A lot of prisoners are going to be super villains, and will have built in weapons anyway, so I might as well stick them in there. Also- it just spruced the place up a bit and made it look more ah... security-like to me.
  8. Whaaaat? All this time, and I could've fixed that? Well, heck- thanks for the info. 🙏
  9. Totally agree with this. Another thing that annoys me that is along the same lines: Having to set /bind TAB "target_enemy_near" EVERY gd time I create a new character, when that should be the baseline that we start at.
  10. Hm. I could see it as a Tanker set, though it feels a bit more like a scrapper set to me.
  11. I'm always amused by pretentious movie critics griping about the flimsy plot and character development in Godzilla movies. Like Kaiju flicks have ever been about anything except the awesomeness of giant monsters running amok, beating each other up, and destroying cities. What a bunch of idiots. 😆 I haven't got to see either of the new Gojira movies yet, which maketh me sad. 🙁
  12. I mean, player derived nicknames and acronyms always crop up in games. It's not like the common parlance that evolves in the game is the law of god, or anything. People really do get their panties in a bunch about phrasing, sometimes. Tis just a game, after all, folks. 😛🤷‍♂️
  13. You have a great point. This is also an important consideration when choosing an AT (and how you build them). It's also one of the reasons that I really enjoy certain sets. Willpower, for example, gets very broad mez protection, so it's a great choice if you find yourself frustrated by geting mez'd (I confess that I do. Then again, who doesn't? Maybe blasters, since they can still hit back via their T1/T2 powers). I must confess (and yes, this is a bit off-topic, I suppose) that I've always thought choosing a particular powerset as your Primary should give you some mez protect
  14. @Shadeknight Thanks for hosting the event. I did get a new member out of it (and, hopefully, a little more exposure), so that was good! 👍
  15. A bit off topic but... there's pve stuff to do in the pvp zones? 🤔 Also, rush to 50 IS the current meta- at least on Everlasting. Do a search at any time and 3/4ths or more of the characters are lvl 50. Teams typically hand the star to the highest level toon in the team, which is very often a lvl 50. That's neither bad nor good, in itself, just a statement of fact (although I do admit I'm looking to enjoy mid-level play, personally).
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