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  1. Hello, @tavmminqat and thanks for your interest. However, I can't invite your lvl 39 character because: 1) It violates the bounded play rules in our founding principles 2) It wouldn't be fair to the other SG members, who have all complied with the lvl 38 build paradigm. 3) If I did allow it, it would open the door for others to break the rule (what about a lvl 40, then? It's just one lvl higher than 39- and so on). Eventually, this would derail the particular play environment that we're trying to foster here. I'm happy to invite any other cha
  2. You guys are amazing! I can't wait to go to Pocket D and check out this new zone! Thanks for all your hard work!
  3. Crushing uppercut has always consistently bounced mobs off the ceiling in corridors and such. Having them stick in the ceiling regularly would certainly be new (and humorous), though. I'm on the fence about this development. Kinda cool, but kinda OP'ed, too, m'kay. Better nerf this overstronk buff, pleeze. 😁😛
  4. @Paraclete I want to second what Snarky says here. I've got an old rebuilt HP Desktop. It's a rugged old tater that's pretty useless for most modern games, but it runs CoH like nobodies business. If you get yourself a reliable, off-the-shelf desktop, you should really be fine. No super-advanced graphics cards required here. 👍 Also, in terms of remaking your old characters and getting them back up to their former levels, HC has made it very efficient and user friendly to level characters, compared to most MMO's. You can get double xp boosters for free and many people on the se
  5. Not really familiar with Energy Armor, tbh, but I do love my Sentinels. Most Sents I've played seem to be pretty energy efficient, particularly if you slot them with procs/globals like Panacea, Numinas Convalescence, Performance Shifter, etc. My current fave is my Fire/Regen, though that's perhaps an unfair example, as regen has so many powerful tools to tackle endurance issues. I really can cycle my attacks, over and over again, and almost never run out of endurance, though. I know people like to bag on Sentinels, but I couldn't be happier with mine.
  6. You guys win the prize for giving me the thing I wanted, that I never knew I wanted, until you gave it to me: Love this! 😁👍
  7. @RMS33 They're one of the cooler looking mobs and, I agree, it would be neat if they could get an upgrade. 😎👍
  8. Well, as I've said before, at his point, the only practical thing to do- given the size of the dev team and the time constraints involved- is to buff all the lagging combat ATs up to (relative) parity with one another, then add another difficulty level to notoriety settings and put in new high-level content. Nerfing everything down to be in line with the more sensible Sentinel performance levels would be a huge, time intensive undertaking and make the bulk of the game community howl with outrage.
  9. I agree that the original Legacy of Kain is possibly one of the greatest stories every communicated through voice acting and- yes- that voice acting was top notch. But, we are sort of comparing apples and oranges here. The vibe of each game is very different and I thought the voice acting for the galaxy city tutorial was fine for the genre it's trying to emulate. The cheesy cut-scenes aren't really any better than the voice acting, IME, to be honest. 😁
  10. It's how I get my LRT badges now. I used to just search the wiki, figure out where the location is on the map, then go there and get the badge. Now I run around town and beat up bad guys until I get the tip. Way more fun. 😁
  11. Choose the name that you think most fitting; I trust you to make the right choice. The samples of your writing that I've perused have been top-notch! Likewise, just use your own instincts when writing up missions. I think creativity is best left to fly free, without putting too many restrictions on the author's ideas and imagination. Honestly, I'm just happy to have someone on the team that knows how to do this and enjoys doing it. My schtick is more roleplaying and base-building. Mission crafting is the one part of the game that I've been too intimidated to try to figure out
  12. They don't. All the other combat oriented AT's have damage and defense that are very overpowered when compared to the threat level of enemies that you face in the game. This makes the reasonably balanced Sentinel seem "bad", by comparison. Having said that, I would like their range to be extended slightly (perhaps to 70 or 80 ft- 60' just "feels" wrong for a purely ranged AT, IMO) and their special At mechanic is, well... just not very fun/interesting. Those last two things are opinions on personal enjoyment/QOL experience, rather than balance, though.
  13. One Leadership power will buff everyone that's in range. More toons with leadership will amplify the effect. So, more = better, but having more is not in any way (IMO, at least) necessary. I typically always slot mine with two endurance reductions (sometimes only one). Other people don't bother. It may depend on how endurance efficient your toon is, overall. I tend to run AT's that have a lot of toggles, so slotting for ER is very helpful to me. YMMV and whatnot.
  14. Savage is cool. Stone seems like a strange choice to pair with it, but whatever floats your boat. 👍
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