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  1. Also going to go ahead and submit my other published arc this month, then, given Darmian's positive reactions to both. Arc Name: Release Candidate Arc ID: 31010 Global ID: @TakelGryph Description: WANTED: Superpowered individuals to test an advanced new AI matrix for Architect Entertainment. Excitement guaranteed!
  2. WANTED: Superpowered individuals to test an advanced new AI matrix for Architect Entertainment. Excitement guaranteed! -- I've already gotten some early feedback on the arc from @Darmian, and they seemed to enjoy it. Would appreciate some more feedback if possible, though. Bonus points to anyone who can identify all the hacker (or at least somewhat hacker-adjacent) and/or sci-fi movies and TV shows I referenced. (No, Mr. Robot isn't one of them, although in retrospect it probably should have been.)
  3. Does it count as a ripoff if you own both IPs? I think "retread" would be a more applicable term.
  4. As an Elec/Storm Corruptor, I like these.
  5. Arc Name: Wayward Son Arc ID: 30287 Global ID: @takelgryph This is a story arc I originally created back on the original servers. I made some minor tweaks for the Homecoming version. Description: When a mysterious new organization appears in Skyway City hoping to assassinate Statesman, the search for the mastermind behind the plot leads you to the discovery of a timeless scheme that threatens to bring death to more people than just Marcus Cole. (NOTE: This AE story takes place before the events of the Who Will Die? arc.)
  6. Nice, one of my badges got picked for Siren's Call.
  7. Everyone's missing the real question: is Jim Butcher still allowed to play as Harry Dresden?
  8. I mean, I get what you mean: the most meaningful distinction among the members of the Corvus genus is size. There's one quote I like, and I forget who said it (although I suspect it was either Dr. Carl Bergstrom or Dr. Kaeli Swift if only because they're the two big corvid people I follow on Twitter), but it's something like "the best way to tell crows and ravens apart is that if you look at a bird and think it's too big to be a crow, it's a crow; if you look at it and go 'holy crap that thing's huge', it's a raven".
  9. Raven, actually, but close. And yeah, the Posi head was meant to evoke the "sticking Spider-Man's head on the cover instead of a UPC" thing Marvel used to do.
  10. I got this commission a few months ago (originally requested it back in May, but I didn't get the final until mid-June) and I still really like it. Artist is @ShenzaiBird on Twitter.
  11. I'm going to join the "don't reset progress" and "new content" bandwagons myself. I want to wreck the True Rikti with the power of storms, dammit!
  12. Makes sense. I got an email a couple hours ago confirming that MRB_Setup.exe had been analyzed and had been confirmed to be an incorrect detection, and that Microsoft would be updating their AV definitions as a result. I can believe that other AV developers would follow suit.
  13. Most antivirus software does have a website where you can submit files as false positives. I've already submitted the installer, but for the record, the one for Windows Security (or Microsoft Security Essentials if you're on an older Windows version) is here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/filesubmission
  14. The financial transparency is nice to see. That said, it depresses me to be reminded that antimalware software actually gives as much weight to code signing certificates as it does, given the prevalence of fraudulently acquired certificates. I guess it makes some degree of sense for non-enterprise AV deployments, though, since there's still enough of a cost to getting hold of them that they're unlikely to be used for generic "thank you for spending $600 on an iPhone game, please open the attached notavirus.pdf.exe to view your invoice" mass emails.
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