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  1. It'd be great for all the Merc MMs, and DP / AR players out there, just constantly spewing spent brass in combat.
  2. grounds = groudns in the text.
  3. I really do want to know, but don't bother yourself over it. If it's something you get around to, maybe ping me with the numbers? In the meantime, I'm strongly considering your trio as well.
  4. What’s the clear time on the Terminator map look like for the robotics MM group?
  5. Went to bid 19,000,000 and accidentally tagged the 3 as I hit enter. Sad day. Just wanted to toss this out as a PSA for anyone getting into market stuff.
  6. I'm working on a respec for my Dual Pistols / Martial Combat blaster. I tend to use Burst of Speed into Dragon's Tail and / or Hail of Bullets pretty frequently, if that's relevant. I'm fairly tied to the Teleport pool on this one as it's part of the core concept, same with Super Speed. I'd like to do mainly TF's with him, though solo stuff is a nice way to relax as well so I won't be pushing any +4/x8's there. I'm curious what people think - should I be chasing Defense, Resistance, or trying to find a balance point in between. And if so, what does that balance point lo
  7. @Auroxis Have you had a chance to dive into the Sorcery pool changes, and if so, how's that going to affect your build? This thing looks amazing, can't wait to try it out.
  8. I haven't used MIds' in about a year. Before updating it, when running through a build it had a respec type interface or a level-up interface, which I loved. Now after updating, it only functions like a respec, in that it will allow me to continue taking powers without forcing slot placement. Is there an option I'm missing somewhere to bring that back? Edit: Bopper was kind enough to answer this in Discord - that's just the way it is now. Any mod that sees this can feel free to remove the post.
  9. The Arctic silver will work too. Higher grade will work a little better but it’s not that important. By case screw do you mean one of the bottom panel screws?
  10. The iFixit guide on those is really good. Just me mindful of what screws come from where, and use a decent thermal paste like master gel or some such and you’ll be just fine.
  11. I'm actually an Apple Certified Mac Technician by day, alt-ridden Hero by night! I stripped this thing down, cleaned and re-pasted everything, and popped an SSD in it with a clean install of Catalina before I posted. I've even gone so far as to put my MBP next to it and copied the video settings exactly, same issue. At this point all I can think of is that although the MBP is running integrated graphics, it's having a hell of an easier time pushing that 13" display compared to the 1440 27" display on this iMac. If I think about it I'll snag a thunderbolt cable and toss this thing into Target D
  12. Hey folks. Just salvaged a late 2012 iMac from work, 3.2 i5, 16gb system memory, 2gb GTX 680mx, running Catalina - CoH loads just fine, but anything really reflective is just rendered as a base color with no actual reflectivity. I also have the game loaded on a mid-2012 MacBook Pro, 16gb memory, integrated intel graphics, running Mojave - that has no issues with the game, everything looks amazing there. Any ideas as to what could be causing the discrepancy? I've got the iMac settings dialed in higher than the MacBook, so I don't think it's an issue there. Screensho
  13. Just wanted to toss out that this totally inspired me to roll one of my own. He's low-level (for now) but I'm having a great time and really look forward to levelling this one!
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