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  1. Petless mastermind that uses Whips. Or your AT of choice that only uses Boxing, Kick, Crosspunch, Spring Attack. See how good you can make a character that only uses the nonstandard pool attacks.
  2. Demons/EA was one of my most durable characters I have ever had, and I have several fully incarnate tankers and she still is as tough as them. I would ask if you are going for min/maxing or more for fun, or just to try new things out? I noticed you have no /Trick Arrow builds yet, and it was revamped recently so that might be something new? No /Time, Nature, Pain, Poison, Sonic, Radiation, Empathy. For pets, it looks like you have tried everything but Mercs. (not suggesting you do!) So there is nothing really new there. So here are some combination
  3. While I suspect troll, I would like to respond all the same. 1. "Most effective" (Dedicated role) firstly is largely subjective, both within the multiple powerset combinations as well as personal preference. Not all Radiation Tankers will be slotted the same. Nor would all Dark Armors, and so on. This goes for all armor sets, and its's largely give and take. Taking dark for an example, you could focus entirely on resistance values, and suffer with END use, and so on. Moreover, not everyone will enjoy the same slotting, or even have the same purpose/use/difficulty/budget in mind. An
  4. Hello you crazy Necros, I had a question. I regularly run 3 box teams of MMs - I have Robots, Demons, and Thugs. I am debating if I want to try a 3 box of Necros, but I am wondering what synergy there might be between them. Robots = Lots, and Lots, of area damage. Stuff just melts if you stack it all. Demons = Stacking resistance buffs, making for some extremely sturdy pets. Its seriously like having a whole taskforce of tankers with you. Thugs = Stacking free leadership toggles, meaning everything is beyond defense caps. I have no great experience
  5. For my Robot MM I like the Longbow pets. 1. They are thematic, so that's a big plus. 2. They have really good ST damage, which is something the Robots lack, so it compliments the playstyle nicely. Great for AVs/GMs etc. 3. They have an additional -regen debuff, that stacks with my robots debuff. Making a good thing, even better. 4. I sometimes use group fly with robots, they are all ranged so it works great. Well, it turns out group fly also works for longbow robots, as they are completely ranged as well. So longbow are just an all around win for my Robot MMs.
  6. Another surprisingly tough character I had was my Demons/Electrical MM. The resistance buffs stack, plus +absorb, heals, infinite endurance, strong status resistance built in, plus its not hard to get a hard defense either. It really was everything in one package. Then you have bodyguard on TOP of all of that. Plus since you have infinite endurance and resistance in the set, that lets you take barrier for your incarnate, making your tough pets, even tougher. The damage was fair. I wouldn't call it great, but I wouldn't call it bad either. Tanks can boast def/resistance and status resists, but
  7. The point of my post was just to point out that 2 similar posts got closed this week, which I would call it a bit of a charged topic. And, no, I wasn't playing forum police. Going "hey they just closed other topics" isn't forum policing. Reporting, calling attention from the staff and such is. Was just trying to be helpful in light of some rather emotional few day son the forums. Agreed.
  8. @Ironblade - with respect hon, a recent farmer vs anti-farmer discussion was just closed, in case you were unaware. Not trying to play forum police or anything, just saying they just shelved a recent discussion about that.
  9. I had fantastic results with a Shield/Radiation Melee Tanker. Shield is all around good, only weakpoints being a lack of a damage aura and self healing, which Radiation offers. It is also energy damage which is lovely, and has contamination on top of that. Plus its very satisfying to Pop Fusion, Shield Charge, and follow up with Atom Smasher. It has good ST and AoE damage, it just can feel a bit slow when you first start off. But once you get some LotG globals slotted, its a thing of beauty. It hits hard, its survivable/durable enough to go afk with, has built in protection from de
  10. I'm capable, you ignore other peoples comments or opinions, as if your own were superior in the matter. You make vague statements, then when someone calls you on them, you claim strawman, when its your own point that gets questioned. You say you want all activities equal, and yet claim you aren't out to penalize people who play more efficiently than others, which in a sense, 100% is affecting their gameplay, despite your protests of "I'm not after your plaything".
  11. Whelp, I foresee this thread getting locked. Just no compromise to be had, its not even a discussion but an argument now.
  12. By "nerfing farms", you are, penalizing farmers. I am not suggesting anything. "You" are the one saying all activities should be equal, regardless activity type, and by extension, other factors such as how many enemies there are, how fast you complete, etc. I mean, if you want to split hairs here, you have to click a Glowie in farms to complete. So in essence, they "are" doing missions too.
  13. orly? Sure about that? If all playstyles are rewarded equally, doesn't that mean harder missions give the same as easy missions? Hard effort vs easy effort = same reward? You exactly are saying that.
  14. Right, you are the one who wants other people penalized for your own decision, and "I'm" the jerk. And no, that is not how "most MMO's" go, that is how single player games usually go. Most games use exactly what we have - the multi-reward system. You get things per kill. You get things for completing tasks. You get things for killing bosses/rare enemies. I mean, lets do a thought experiment here. For arguments sake, lets say they did just as you prescribed and suddenly made it so kills earned you nothing, and that completing tasks is what was rewarded. Do you realize
  15. Then I am glad you aren't the one in charge, and I very much doubt I am the only one.
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