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  1. Personally I wish there was a way to see enemy stats as they are debuffed. I tend to prefer buffs over debuffs simply because I have no way to gauge how effective or good I am doing, or what all stacks or doesn't. It all just seems like guesswork to me. If we cant see enemy values some debuff icons would be nice, just so we can see what stuck and what didn't or got resisted. Another thing is the whole mag mechanic seems needlessly complicated to me, with it being "all or none" in some instances. If you want to be a debuffer, then you more or less have to build for it. While with bu
  2. UPDATE Hello again forums. I am pleased to say that I have completed my tests with 3 boxing/power farming 3 Demon MMs., with surprising and mixed results. For secondary's, I kept the same one's as my Robots - Electric, Time, and Kinetics. There may have been other/better pairings, but I wanted something to use as a comparison and I knew how well those 3 would perform together. But here are the results! The Pro's - Surprisingly, the demons were tougher than the robots were. It might be an oversight, but unlike the robots, the different demon MMs
  3. I still think the game more or less already offers a variety of difficulty for different activities. I mean what's the difference between - A) - +4 difficulty has been rebalanced entirely around IOs. B) - +3 and +4 difficulty has been removed, +2 is now the max difficulty. I think people may be loosing sight of the forest for all the trees here. I mean, not every AT/Power combination/build will be able to play on the hardest difficulty, and nor do I think they were meant to. Personally I tend to consider 2/8 as "the end" for the majority of builds out there, and go
  4. @Crysis - oh, i wasn't trying to compare brutes to MMs and such hon. More or less was a "oh this is neat," and its something new and fresh. Personally i hate tanker and brute farming. its just so boring. But with this its actually entertaining and exciting, doesn't feel like farming at all.
  5. @TheSpiritFox - hehe, thank you. I love masterminds, but always felt kinda bummed when grinding incarnates and stuff. Came on this by accident, so, figured out a way to take advantage of their increased target capacity! Anyway, I found your points on thugs interesting. I recently did a test with 3 demon MMs that didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, working on a post for the results of that now. Do you think thugs would perform decently in such a playstyle? They were the next set I was curious about, I don't see any of the other pet sets really viable sadly.
  6. My impressions - 1. I would suggest considering Mace Mastery for Time, because power boost does indeed affect both Farsight for more Defense, and Chrono Shift for its regen value (i believe, not 100% sure on that one.) I know you are at cap now, but taking Mace would save both on defense, as well as extra slots on the mostly unimpressive levi mastery powers. But if you want to stay true to theme then by all means keep the shark powers. 2. Even if you go in first, and aggro first, you aren't likely to keep it very long from any dedicated threat. I would think tankers, br
  7. Horse is OP. Nerf pony, buff Puppy. But in all seriousness @seihyup kim, "best" is largely subjective. By best do you mean the fastest, the strongest, or a farmer you can do other things with, or one that you can afk farm on, or one that is fun to play? Some examples - Brutes can be cheap to get going, and are generally regarded as the strongest. Fire brutes are pretty cheap to softcap resistances for, which is why they are most peoples beginner farmer. Some can afk farm. some can not. Far as if they are fun, well, that's subjective. Tankers have
  8. Hello forums! After a few discussions with people in-game and here on the forums, I wanted to post how I farm with Masterminds, as it seems to be something not many people do or who are aware of. Before we get to the details though, a few things of note - 1. I am by no means an expert in CoH mechanics. There are others far more knowledgeable than myself, who might in fact be able to point out ways to improve this even further. 2. There are possibly better setups or options, this is just listing what has worked well for me. 3. Unless stated otherwise, everythin
  9. Here is a link to a post with a ton of different varied builds, courtesy of Infinitum. Hope it helps! Infinitum Tanker (and other types too!) Build Collection - Tanker - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com)
  10. Right, but lets say -regen, just how much can you debuff -regen from multiple sources? Between powers/procs/incarnates etc etc, just now low can -regen go for example? That is what I meant. Still good info for @malleable1 though!
  11. @malleable1 - im sorry but that would take wiser heads than mine. I do know that you get full benifits of toggles, up to the soft/hard caps. But as far as debuffs go, im not sure. I know all the buffs stack to a point, so dbuffs should follow the same way. I perfer buffing to debuffing though personally, because i can see values for myself and see any holes and such. But thats just me.
  12. Mhm, typo, my bads. Still, main point was its a late bloomer, and doesn't sidekick down very well, that's a turnoff to some people so its worth mentioning.
  13. Hello @malleable1, I run a box team of MM's too, so hopefully I can help. First off, far as pets go, Robots are the best AOE, followed by Demons, and then Thugs. But the Thugs and Demons have much stronger single target damage than the Robots, plus the Robots are late bloomers. But this isn't necessarily an ill thing either, as 80% of your damage will be from your assault robot, and it will be your level, instead of at a lower level like Thugs would be. I run /Electrical as a main, /time and /kin as a support. One thing to keep in mind when boxing is "ease of play", whi
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