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  1. What these tests will end up showing was already discussed while the changes were in beta. A buffed (or fully built) Tanker will be pretty much the same as a buffed (or fully built) Brute. This could have been avoided by focusing more on buffing the tanker's "team anchor" role as I requested, but that didn't end up happening.
  2. Holy Light is great. However, TSpy would never give their permission and it would create more drama than it's worth to copy it. If you want Holy Light just play on TSpy, you're not limited to a single dev team nowadays.
  3. In the past I've suggested making Placate use the Focus mechanic, where it consumes 3 stacks and deals PBAoE damage(with a pseudopet) at full stacks. That way you can choose between burst DPS or burst AoE, which makes primaries with high DPS but almost no AoE (common Stalker issue) more relevant.
  4. To make Clear Mind AoE exactly the same as Dispersion Field you'd have to remove it stacking from the same caster, which is actually a useful function in the ITF (and in the GW fight in STF, though power creep made that mostly irrelevant). Also let's not try to make Force Field a lot worse in comparison, the effortless league-wide CC protection is one of the few things it has over other defense buff sets (one of which is Empathy).
  5. For all those wanting RA's to turn into Passives or Toggles, please be aware that Hamidon raids heavily rely on RA stacking before spreading to succeed. If you wanna make Empathy less clicky, buff CM and Fortitude's duration to 4 minutes so you could apply them to the whole team without casting every 15 seconds. It would also let you apply PB Fort to the whole team if you invest into it, rivaling Time's Farsight.
  6. Well Homecoming isn't really making the game harder with the veteran levels system and the Tanker buffs. That being said, let's not turn this thread into a server war please. We as players (who can enjoy all these servers) deserve more than that.
  7. From my experience playing a Tanker with doubled aggro cap on TSpy (they added it for Tankers only), I can say that it's a welcome addition and definitely not game-breaking. However, with Tankers being essentially Brutes AoE damage-wise in this server i could see it being a balance issue.
  8. It's mostly for mobs, but it can handle hard targets (and there are always lore pets if you're struggling).
  9. Due to having two damage auras (which benefit from Fury but not crits) I'd say yes.
  10. I like Hasten being a long recharge power that adds a goal to strive towards when planning your character, much like reaching the defense softcap, endurance stability, and resistance hardcap. These type of "breakpoints" add depth to the end-game, as your decisions advance your character exponentially and thus feel more impactful. Thunderspy even added more such powers that you can only perma if your build has constantly capped recharge (which is possible there, with sacrifices). What I dislike about Hasten is that it takes up an auto-execute slot. I don't like that I can't auto Rage/Domination/Accelerate Metabolism/Mind Link/etc with it. I think the correct approach would be revamping the auto-execute system by adding a couple more auto-exec functions, with the restriction that you can only automate "very long" recharge powers with them and a priority system(for example green>teal>blue) in case they conflict.
  11. I have no idea why you keep spouting this misleading nonsense. You keep ignoring stackability, achilles' heel (and the two other procs) do not stack from multiple casters while the sonic attacks stack from the same caster. In reality there's a very high chance that rad blast build using achilles' heel applies zero -res since it's such a popular proc, while Sonic can easily stack up to -80% and go even higher. You keep forgetting that Sonic DOES have a Fury of the Gladiator proc (with Dreadful Wail), and CAN get an achilles' heel if it wants (with weaken resolve, which isn't even that beneficial for reasons stated above).
  12. Auroxis

    Rad - Fallout

    You should try it on tspy, it targets defeated enemies instead. Absolute insanity.
  13. Obvious cottage rule breaking aside (and a nerf to Regeneration Aura for some reason?), you managed to make Empathy even more clicky. Where-as before you could use just Fortitude at the end-game with the occasional heal, with your suggestion you'd have to use heals as well as Fortitude instead of getting to blast. You effectively turned Empathy into a heal spam set, with cottage rule breaking and nerfs on top of it.
  14. You're elevating the importance of achilles' heel and debuff duration to really high levels, and completely ignoring stackability. -res procs (which sonic can have, in dreadful wail) do not stack from multiple casters, while Sonic Attack debuffs can stack from the same caster. In a team scenario against an AV, your Achilles' Heel procs are likely to do nothing due to how commonly they're slotted, while Sonic can stack up to about -100% res (before resists+level difference of course). Or you know, play with teammates on your team-oriented class.
  15. Nature+Time would be a pretty powerful combination, both sets are really strong and have almost no overlap, covering each other's slight weaknesses nicely.
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