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  1. Nature+Time would be a pretty powerful combination, both sets are really strong and have almost no overlap, covering each other's slight weaknesses nicely.
  2. Don't forget about Knockout Blow, which using your formula gains even less of an advantage than before in comparison. Spitballing numbers as i don't have time for exact math at the moment, but a proc in KoB is worth like 0.5 damage SO's while a proc in Char is worth like 4 damage SO's.
  3. Regarding "mathematically justified", I think the low damage power use cases need to be taken into consideration. After all, abusing procs in a slow recharging high damage power isn't the same as abusing procs in a slow recharging low damage power. I think the most egregious example is a hold power like Char(Epic pool), which can be beefed up to have about the same DPA as a fully enhanced and decently procced Knockout Blow on the same Brute with Rage and Fury.
  4. @BopperI believe the reason that proposal didn't go through was because external recharge buffs like speed boost could lower your DPS.
  5. Defenders can often-times get the same amount of damage a Blaster can get out of an SO just by slotting a proc. Whether or not it "matters" is all about perspective. Also it's not just about AT's. One can argue that it shouldn't be possible to turn a slow recharging, minor damage hold power into an extreme damage power that can also hold.
  6. They aren't intended to? Sentinels are due for a buff, and proc-fu builds are due for a nerf. How about we see where Sentinels and Proc builds end up before we resort to nerfing Time? Let alone removing one of its most popular features from the game.
  7. To be fair, ANY nerf to procs would have the same effect in the grand scheme of things. But yes, it depends on the formula.
  8. From what I gathered seeing what Captain Powerhouse wrote about this topic, his direction will probably be more towards how damage procs interact with class and/or power damage multipliers.
  9. The Power Boost +Def interaction was my favorite feature for the majority of my time spent both on Live and on Homecoming. My Empath was utilizing PBU/PB for Vengeance and Fortitude for years, and naturally when Homecoming came out I used that interaction with a Time Corruptor (with Clarion). If Farsight gets its interaction removed, I could probably manage by using Barrier instead of Clarion and shifting some slots around since I don't use PB on my Corr. If Fortitude(my avatar for almost a decade) gets its interaction removed I'd probably quit HC, so if any devs are listening and want to get rid of me that's the way to do it.
  10. One thing that came to mind, the Preventive Medicine proc makes perfect sense as an inclusion in Regen.
  11. There's nothing radical about it. It's radical to think removing the most popular functionality of a power is somehow an acceptable nerf when so many other options exist. And who the hell uses Scorpion Shield with Time?
  12. You're making the classic mistake of ignoring use cases, when the very origin of the cottage rule itself comes from a use case (replacing something with a dropping a cottage on a target).
  13. Oh those don't really matter and not worth mentioning. And it doesn't boost +End, Chrono Shift's +End is not affected by buffs or enhancements. The cottage rule is pretty basic. A power shouldn't have its main functionality removed in favor of another, with the agreed-upon caveat that if the removed functionality is sufficiently replaced with something similar that it's passable. Power Boost's main functionality to the playerbase on Time is buffing Farsight. That's its primary and by far the most popular use-case scenario.
  14. Power Boost's benefits to Time outside of Farsight are minimal. A better heal and ToHit debuff, and a longer hold. The point remains that the vast majority of people who took Power Boost did it for its interaction that you're advocating to remove. One day Power Boost is fulfilling its purpose of making Farsight stronger, and the next day it doesn't.
  15. Unnecessary? Weren't people calling this an OP must-nerf power? And yes, I'd rather do something like lowering Slowed Response down to -20%, making it still a good power pick but less competitive with debuff sets. Better that than literally nullifying a power pick on many builds, making people respec, and breaking a cottage rule in the process.
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