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  1. The AoE changes could have been done on a more consistent basis. For example, just buff all arcs, radius, and target caps by 20-50% regardless of their current values. That way it's easier to nerf/buff powersets on all classes without these specific conditions to consider, and the tooltips become less confusing to the player (like the 10 radius one on foot stomp). I feel like a lot of the "if" scenarios are made with powerset balance intentions in mind when the balancing of certain sets like TW and SS is inevitable on a global scale. Some AoE attacks remained at 10 max targets Some AoE attacks were buffed from 5 to 10 max targets Bruising was removed Melt Armor and Weaken Resolve have a slightly higher resistance debuff modifier ToHit debuffs from power pools are higher Brute damage cap lowered from 775% to 700%
  2. Aren't you a bit concerned that the tanker-specific powerset balance changes could limit your design space when adjusting the powersets as a whole later on? For example, what if you wanted to buff the AoE on War Mace but on Tanker it's already a top performer? What if you wanted to nerf radius/arc on Titan Weapons but the Tanker AoE buffs would make them even better? If for instance you wanted to buff Shadow Maul's arc, you'd also have to consider the Tanker's inherent, same goes for every melee AoE you'll ever adjust.
  3. There are already some powerset balance changes, as the arc/radius/target cap buffs do not apply to all sets equally: And the removal of Bruising hurts some sets more than others.
  4. While also giving the Brute a Fury head-start and an attacking foe to maintain it. Regardless this is far from the only scenario where Tanker reaches 90% or more of the Brute's DPS. That'd be fine in a vacuum, but there's also AoE and resilience to consider where the Tanker has a big advantage.
  5. In that case I was correct in saying a bit more damage buffs would put the Tanker even closer to the Brute for DPS(and an even bigger AoE advantage), since you weren't at the Tanker's cap for the majority of the time. But the Brute's cap is also harder to reach than the Tanker's, because even with maxed Hybrid Core, Musculature and double Rage you only hit the Tanker's cap when the gauss proc was active. The Tanker ceiling is not "much" lower either due to the modifiers, in a scenario where both classes are capped the numbers wouldn't change much from your test results.
  6. I'm not quite sure which values you're referring to (including enhancements+musculature? Gauss proc?) but if you were constantly at that sweet spot where the Tanker is just about capped and the Brute isn't, your times should be closer to 97% than 93%. Feel free to refer to the table I posted on page 2.
  7. It can also go even higher in the Tankers favor with a bit of outside damage buffs and less Fury, and it's far from the only scenario where Tankers reach similar levels of DPS while retaining their AoE/Resilience advantages.
  8. 90% was just the goal to reach "at cap", not stated to be the goal for regular gameplay. Keep in mind the Tanker didn't need to build up to 70% Fury, is more resilient, and has superior AoE.
  9. I didn't know about the Spines target cap, only one person tested farm comparisons and apparently he used a FA/Spines-Spines/FA comparison. I'm now inclined to run some FA/Rad-Rad/FA comparisons but I won't have playing time in the coming week.
  10. "Overflow aggro" is the exact thing the Tanker AoE buffs will mitigate. And it doesn't happen that often.
  11. The constant 70% or above number only applies when you're the main tank in a combat scenario without CC and little downtime. Why should the other scenarios of being a secondary/tertiary tank, or having lots of cc on your team, or having downtime between fights be disregarded when you're balancing a class? This is a beta server, nothing is live yet.
  12. Let me reiterate, I'm not saying that just because double Rage puts Tankers on even DPS grounds with a similar Brute that the Tanker's damage should be lowered. I'm saying that it should be lowered because of the AoE and Resilience advantages, combined with the multiple buff scenarios that let Tankers reach identical levels of damage, including: Double rage, Against All Odds, Soul Drain, Gauss Proc+IO sets+Incarnates, Fulcrum Shift, Leadership stacking, Overgrowth, and more. It's just Tanker AoE that's overtuned, and reducing the melee damage modifier plus bringing back Bruising in some form takes care of it without harming DPS.
  13. I'm saying it's too common a scenario, not that it shouldn't happen. I've been very vocal about how I'd like Tankers to change so that couldn't be further from the truth.
  14. Foot Stomp can hit up to six more targets (60% more) and has a 6.67% bigger radius. Damage Aura has a 60% bigger radius. Cross Punch has a 100% wider arc. And if you wanna be fancy, Spring Attack's damage cap is low so it doesn't benefit much from Fury.
  15. The Gloom build was about 5% ahead before the -res changes, but both chains used Weaken Resolve. So the only difference is Melt Armor, which will do less -res but suffer less from diminishing returns.
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