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  1. Axis

    The Tailor? Really?

    Save your original costume to a file. Figure out what changes cost the most, save that to another costume file. Select another costume slot, load the changes....when you run out of slots, do the same thing, reloading your original costume file. Sure, it takes a little bit of time, but you're a badge whore, spending time on virtual achievements is what we do.
  2. For those of us who aren't software developers, how do we run this?
  3. 1484 badges....I still have a few day jobs to get. Missed the anniversary badges in May, so it will be a bit before I get them.
  4. Just click a power in the list *on the left* to remove it. To remove/reorganize slots, Shift+click on the slot.
  5. Running Building a Fire/Kin Corruptor, with Flame Mastery. Putting ATO's in Greater Fire Sword, it uses Brute ATOs.
  6. Have the Experienced Marksman IOs been added? Its the sniper PVP set. I don't know if they are specific to Homecoming or not. And keep up the good work 🙂
  7. War Torn is not on the checklist. Listed under Defeats. Awarded for defeating 100 Council War Walkers "War Torn You have torn the Council War Walkers into scrap metal."
  8. Fashion Victim is not on the checklist. Listed under Accolades. Awarded for spending 50,000,000 at Icon/Facemaker "Fashion Victim The road of exess leads to the palace of...fabulousness!"
  9. What category is the badge in, and is this [bailout Hero] for hero characters? The badge is under Achievement ... rouge alignment when awarded (haven't switched either) Discription: The Freedom Phalanx and Vindicators were absorbed by Mot in their efforts to free Praetor Duncan. You worked together with a team of super powered individuals and Dream Doctor to save them and Praetor Duncan, while also destroying Diabolique once and for all. It could be called Bailout Hero for heroes, but I'm not finding anything "bailout" or "bail" on the checklist.
  10. I'm not finding the "Bailout Villain" badge on the checklist. Awarded after completing the Dream Doctor mission to complete the Dilemma Diabolique trial.
  11. Worked perfectly. Me and my badge hunting buddies thank you.
  12. Awesome! I'll give it a try tonight! Thanks much!
  13. Trying to get the Honorary Bro badge. Supposed to be awarded for rescuing Dean MacArthur in the third mission of the second story arc from Mr. G. I know you need to have done Dean's arc, which I have through Ouro. Dean is nowhere to be found during the Carnival mission. I get the objectives to arm the bombs, defeat the leaders, and defeat the Shadow Simulacrum. Is this badge bugged, or did I miss something?
  14. @War Mage checking in. aka Ilvek The Warmage, Clair Esprit, Grainte Slab, Speed Burns...and about 2 dozen other 50's Glad to see so many people again.
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