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  1. But spinning like a top with Spinning Strike or leaping in the air with Crushing Uppercut from Street Justice is ok.
  2. How about a sorting method where we pick the badge and it checks our toons to see who does/doesn't have it?
  3. Been a while since I actually used it, so I double checked on a few different builds. All lvl 50 with set IO builds. Fire/Fire Blaster - works. Ill/Kin Controller - works. Fire/Spines Brute - fails. "Invalid Import Data, Blame Sai! Error: Redirects.Inherents.Fury_Proc" So I tried with another brute. EM/EA Brute - fails. Same error message. Let's check other toons, see if we can find a pattern. Stone/SJ Tanker - fail - Blame Sai, Gauntlet_Proc Dark/Rad Controller - works. Plant/Pain Controller - sorta fails, but works. - Blame Sai. Error: Crafted_Malaises_Illusions_F, then everything shows up, except the some of IOs in the inherent powers. Psi/Shield Scrapper - fails, but works - Crafted_Apocalypse_D Peacebringer - fails - Peacebringer_Defensive.Luminous_Aura.Energy_Flight Sonic/Martial Blaster - fails, but works. Crafted_Endurance_Discount (which is odd, other builds have had this...Also, duplicates Reach for the limit, giving one of them at lvl 1, pushing Ki Push to lvl 2 which is another error. Greys out most IOs in the default slots, but not in Scream - lvl 1 power, or Ki Push, which it has as lvl 2) EM/Regen Stalker - fails, but works. Crafted_Endurance_Discount - doesn't have the IOs in some inherent powers. Mind/Psi Dominator - works Ill/Rad Controller - fails, but works. Crafted_Unbreakable_Guard_A - Another Strange one. That would be in Flash. In my Ill/Kin, it's in Blind, but doesn't error out. Demons/Cold Mastermind - fails, but works - Crafted_Panacea_A - Again, used in other builds without error. Psi/WP Sentinel - Fails. Multiple Superior_Sentinels_Ward, Epic.Sentinel_Psionic_Mastery.Mind_Probe Fire/Dark Corruptor - Works SR/Mace Tanker - Fails, Gauntlet_Proc Thugs/Thermal Mastermind - fails, but works - Crafted_Recharge (seriously?? EVERY build has that, why would it fail on this one?) Arachnos Widow - holy shit what a fail. Error: C:\COH\Axis\Builds\build.txt is an invalid file name. Gives an unhandled exception error, closes the program. ....I have more 50s, but I think that's enough. Checking a couple ATs that I don't have at 50... Arachnos Soldier - Error: C:\COH\Axis\Builds\build.txt is an invalid file name. Gives an unhandled exception error, closes the program. Warshade - fails. Warshade_Offensive.Umbral_Blast.Dark_Nova_Bolt Rad/Rad Sentinel - fails, but works - Error: Pool.Speed.Hasten (last power taken) Ok, so opening a /buildsave file mostly fails, depending on the build. But it works enough to get most builds a good starting point. Hopefully someone can take a look at this and see if it's fixable.
  4. Yes, there is. Go to FIle -> Open -> (your COH directory) -> (your account name) -> Builds -> build.txt (or something like that)
  5. Any plans for searching for specific badges? I would like a way to see which of my characters has a badge, say Really Hard Way..
  6. Ok, here's what I found. Character #1, logging enabled, works fine. Character #2, logging was disabled. Enabled logging. Applied. Ran binds. Read log file...here is where the problem is. Sees Character #1. If Character #2 logs out, back in, runs the bind files, all good. Character #3, logging was disabled. Enabled logging. Applied. Ran binds. Read log file...and...Sees Character #2. So, if logging was not enabled when the character logged in, they will need to enable logging, apply, exit to character select screen, log back in.
  7. I thought it was. When I deleted the log file, it worked, so I'm not sure now. But it is working. I'll play with it some more, see what happens.
  8. When switching characters, it only reads the first character in the log file. Deleting the log file will let you add more characters.
  9. The generated bind files fail if there is a space in your path name. Generate them to something like c:\binds and it works fine. Nice job. Much apprecitated
  10. Might have just been easier to bump everyone up.
  11. Sister Corruption, Voltor , and Patty-Sue Ivanova each have 1525, then there are 12 more people with over 1500.
  12. Axis

    Ski Slope Badges

    I would almost do another build on my PB just to see that.
  13. Axis

    Ski Slope Badges

    Easy to get gold with Super Speed & Combat Jumping. Just do small jump turns to correct your course without losing speed. I have trouble slowing down enough to get bronze.
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