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  1. Sounds fun! Here's my entry: Erstwhile Bounties Inc. EBINC-12975 @MirroredMan The Ellipsis is the fastest bucket of bolts in the 'verse, and also serves as home & base of operations for Tex Erstwhile, the time traveling, bounty hunting, space cowboy.
  2. I soloed the Hollows arcs a couple of hours ago and was doing the Frost mission. Last room, there stands Frost surrounded by his buddies and a Quantum. Lesson learned about Starless Step's usefulness! It is a quirky power, though. Teleporting sometimes aggros the group and other times they'll happily stand still, completely oblivious to the fact that their pal is 100 yards away getting beat down. Lots of ins-and-outs to learn but that's part of the fun. Thanks! Sounds like I'm on the right track: 1-5: Not many options at these levels, I relied on Ebon Eye and t
  3. Appreciate the build & binds, @Redlynne. Most of the builds I've seen focus on post-50 playstyles/content so yours has been very helpful as I level up. Couple of questions for you: 1). What's the reason for taking Starless Step @ level 8? I feel like I'm missing something about this power pick. 2). Might be outside the scope of this thread but you mention the build 'evolves' at certain level ranges. Could you talk a little about what your playstyle was like at those ranges? Are you spending most of your 6-20s in Nova form, for example?
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