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  1. Hey @Carnifax thats awesome, i may have to check if its possible to re-use your patterns to extend the grok parser inside telegraf 🙂 Are you somehow visualizing your data?
  2. Thank you @LaconicLemur for reporting it, i will update the start post soon and will add your steps to it 🙂
  3. As a primary /TA player i realy dislike this changes, while i appreciate the approach trying to buff it. TA used to be great in kiting enemies using slows/hold/stuns in combination of fast movements. With this changes we have to re-slot Gymnastics/ESD in order to push our toons back to old stats, while loosing either movement speed or recharge/tohit buffs. Maybe some $players might benefit from oil slick arrow, but there is very limited use of this for a blaster in lvl40+ content of the game, while movement speed remains IMPORTANT as TA. I hope the d
  4. @Eclipse.Wow pretty cool 🙂 Oh that hostname thing wasnt intendet, now you know that i'm a HG2G fan 😶 I was about to create a github repository that could hold our stuff, what do you think? Regards
  5. Ah yes that was the thing that came into my mind after i posted it 🙂 For Telegraf it helps sometimes to look into the plugin dirs on github, inside there is always a readme with examples. https://github.com/influxdata/telegraf/tree/master/plugins/processors/converter https://github.com/influxdata/telegraf/tree/master/plugins/processors/regex Regards
  6. Hi @Eclipse.nice work! 🙂 I may be able to help on this, but it was a tough one even for me 😄 > select experience,influence from city_of_heroes limit 10 name: city_of_heroes time experience influence ---- ---------- --------- 1591520769000000000 6579 4604 1591520770000000000 13158 15788 1591520771000000000 6579 4604 1591520780000000000 6579 4604 1591520783000000000 13158 15788 1591520789000000000 13158 15788 1591520793000000000 39472 49339 1591520798000000000 13158 15788 1591520801000000000 6579 46
  7. Updated Dashboard with a little more infos 🙂 (See Attachments) City of Heroes-1590408810722.json
  8. Hi everyone, i got bored one day, so i thought i should look into CoX logging, since there where some changes somewhere in the last patches. It went realy well and i got most of the interesting parts parsed from the logs, but i also ran into multiple problems. 1) Duplicates: It will happen when you use AOE-Powers and Hit alot of enemies. - You hit targets at the "same time" with the "same name" and the "same amount of damage" 2) Confusing: Some power log entries are just wrong in spelling and i dont know yet, if thats end-drain or some sort of damage
  9. Hi @xeaon, thanks for the work and the nice tool 🙂 But it's not working for me, dont understand why.
  10. And what about Sonic (Sonic Dispersion) then? Or Traps (Force Field Generator)? Thats not an argument 🙂
  11. After playing this new set a bit, it feels like there are too many click powers (feels hectic). How about converting "Faraday Cage" into a toggle ?
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