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  1. Character name: Frost Deamon Global handle: @LunaChic Super group name: First Response Operations Superhero Taskforce (F.R.O.S.T) Shard: Torchbearer: Super group pass code: FROST-2389 Contributors: @BarBed Wired Here at First Response Operations Superhero Taskforce (AKA F.R.O.S.T), we have fashioned our Super Group base below the surface of Paragon Island. Much of this cavern has been left undisturbed and natural, clearing out only what we’ve needed for storage, our portals to other cities, and our med bay. We've done this due to the ancient bones that litter the cavern’s floor; we’ve brought in a team of experts to research what these massive creatures once were. There are times when the wind is quiet, and no one is around that you can hear them still breathing. When the darkness becomes too much of a strain on your sanity, head on up to the surface where a hidden Chalet awaits. Here you can sit by a cozy fire, play pool or games, sit at the bar for a cold drink or relax on the many cushion seats and chairs. Beware, though, we ask that you stay on the lighted path. The surface is wild and untamed; wildlife roams freely; we keep them well-fed, but attacks have happened. Find the hovering rock to see the floating island that hovers above; we’ve no idea what it was, who lived on it; if at all, or what use it has. How the island remains floating above is a mystery, we only know that it is there and remains fixed in place. Be care of the rope bridges as the wood is old and rotting, and it is a long way down. When visiting F.R.O.S.T, make sure to look up when the sun sets, the view never disappoints.
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