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  1. released: Harmonica Ororo Nethergirl Chernoboy
  2. haha, i did them on paragon chat so you can enable an option to just log in multiple times with the same account!
  3. Knightress. name was free so now i gotta figure out what to do with her. i have too many characters lol
  4. i'm extremely indecisive hahaha. i even just changed it again, nixed the collar. the chains may return, idek
  5. still WIP for sure, but i think i'm getting somewhere 😄 i found the vanguard logo which i actually like a lot, i think it works. i like the insect wings and fairy wings so i'll probably swap often ha. not sure on colors maybe they'll just change with each outfit, chalk it up to magic lol. the insect wings can be made to look iridescent with the right purple/blue combo but that doesn't really work with the fairy wings. also some costumes for UV because i saw the pic in my photos and don't think i ever posted it here, her costume is probably my favorite i've done though.
  6. new character: Pixie! i don't know how i feel or if i wanna go in a whole different direction.. i like that the helmet mimics her ears but dunno if i'm sold on it. can anyone else look at her symbol and see a little pixie with two wings on each side (the ball being the head), or is it a major stretch to expect that to come across? lol
  7. can we get full masks that are usable with hair and the ability to mismatch shoulder pieces pls
  8. released: Nosferata Spinneret Invincibelle Yen Nanosec Hymn Monstergirl Monster-Girl
  9. She-Wolf

    Name Release

    released: Miss America Gamora Minx Carol Luna Moth Starfire Arachne Siren
  10. She-Wolf Gaia and i edited Fembot a little, yay rocket boots!
  11. Jewel - stone armor/stone melee, Mermaid - sonic res/sonic attack, Ultraviolet - radiation blast/energy manip, Magicka - illusion control, time manip Brunhild - broad sword/shield defense, Fembot - shield defense/super strength (may change?), Powerpuff - super strength/invulnerability, Crystal - broad sword/shield defense Luna Moth - kinetic melee/energy aura (also may change)
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