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  1. Havent decided which costume/color combination i like on this guy yet
  2. Here is a quick mockup for an Earth Mage type.
  3. I like this guy's costume, but his backstory is what draws me to him. Readers Digest version: His wife and son were killed and enslaved by a demon. He kills the demon, taking his crown and ruling over his plane of hell. Turns it into an idyllic world for his wife and son to live in. The demon lords on adjacent planes dont take kindly to his methods, and have declared war on him. Now he must kill evil people and take their souls so that he can conscript them into service protecting his realm from invading demons, so that his family can continue to live peacefully. Very darkity
  4. Pretty fond of the guy I made tonight. AR/Regen sentinel.
  5. I feel like you have used the dice tactic before 😄 Thanks for the info
  6. So im returning to the game after a few months away and im trying to decide which character to pick back up again. I have cut the choices down to 6, but im not sure which I want to go with. Was hoping some folks with experience with these powerset combos, or with something similar, could maybe give me their opinions on which ones they think are the best/most fun/most effective/etc..etc.. So Battle Beetle is an Electric/Electric Sentinel focused on endurance draining. Illuminus is an illusion/Rad controller that I mostly built because hes supposed to be great at soloing bosse
  7. Ya know when the super powerful hero walks(or hovers) into a room and just effortlessly blows all the bad guys away? Like if you pissed off Jean Grey, or Storm.. they arent gonna run around punching folks, or even seem to be putting much effort into the whooping they are dishing out, but a hurricane of destruction is going to rain down around them. Thats kind of the feel im going for. What combo do you think might best exemplify this "vibe"? (Im assuming controller but if you think a different archetype could do it better, im open to suggestions)
  8. Currently I have him named Voltgeist, and he is using the costume on the top left. I am not sure that I like the name Voltgeist though..because people constantly ask me if I am ghost themed, or why I didnt name him Voltergeist. (Its a play on the term Volksgeist.. a philosophical term for the spirit of the people, or the spirit of the nation). I am just not sure what I want to do with him..but he is really fun to play and I want to turn him into a character that I play often. So I need to come up with a theme I like. So here are my 4 possible costumes that im looking at right
  9. I dont suppose you would be willing to share your Elec/Elec sentinel build? I have just recently started one and im trying to figure out the best way to build him.
  10. Any class and combo.. what do you feel is the best set to go with storm summoning? Things to consider: 1) Theme. Sure you may have a lot of mechanical synergy with assault rifle.. but a storm summoner that shoots people with an assault rifle? Just not very strong thematically. 2) Knockback. Its a thing with SS. You can slot them with KBtoKD, or maybe pair with a set that can hold things still. Or perhaps you just kill everything fast enough that it doesnt matter how far and wide they are being flung. Perhaps you feel that the best combo doesnt care ab
  11. Im considering my first mastermind. Right now im leaning towards Demon/Dark, and have been told that its a great combo, but I am also very interested in a Beast/Nature MM. I have a druid character concept that would look great with the powerset. Im curious though about whether or not id like the set. Im looking to use it in a duo with a damage dealer.. most likely a stalker or scrapper. Possibly a blaster. We are hoping to duo most of the content in the game. Could I get some feedback on this combo from people who know a lot more about MMs than me? What do you thin
  12. Hmmm... ok that is some good information. So im leaning towards Demons/Dark. Only reservation I have is that I already have a /dark controller that I plan on leveling, and I while that isnt a deal breaker but ideally id like to play a different combo. I think ill make one and try him out for a while to see what I think.
  13. Hey everyone, So my friend and I duo in COH exclusively. It has become our goal to find a couple of characters that we can use to get through the majority of the game's content in a duo. We both have over a dozen characters in the 22-32 lvl range, and are still struggling to find that perfect duo that gives us everything we want, and also allows us to complete challenging content. Tonight I decided it was time to stop avoiding masterminds. I am primarily a controller/defender fan. I love using debuffs and buffs to control the battlefield, or just using control to con
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