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  1. Welcome Home, Hero the city still needs your help. We always need Heroes of the City. American Valor Sentinel of Liberty
  2. They look fantastic good job My attempt with the free version may need to try a sub to check out this for real .
  3. Yes To your above questions just to be inclusive.
  4. woot that looks Fantastic and a fan of you both so awesome job @Darth Delicious and @Christopher Robin looing foward seeing that special request thank you both again.
  5. I love this shot well done ty for posting it
  6. Its the only male crown (tin cup) they offer but a circlet or any other style you think has my vote
  7. thats a hard TF to solo. I normally sit in the mech after everyone bails in Hess you would be suprixed how many people have never took a look at the inside of that map.
  8. Wow, Awesome Thank you to all and congrats to my fellow contestants great job. @Yellowjacket @biostem @TygerDarkstorm CR I'll send you a reply tomorrow , wow thanks again
  9. Posted this in your other thread thinking I was here. Great work CR and Thank you for running this event. Your cc inspired me to get back into the game and have lots of icon fun. So Thanks.
  10. great work CR and Thank you for running this event your cc inspired me to get back into the game and have lots of icon fun.
  11. Well I grew up jaded by the Big D so I give you Charming for your happy Ever After pleasure. The colors for week 6 are: A9 - B5 - E3 - N8 + Any "Skin" color ~ The theme is: Ever After!
  12. This is the official scrapyardigan bio and first costume the entire toon is a hot mess of movies and such with the musid from a very old song called In The Year 2525 came out in 1969 by Zager and Evans
  13. and here is my Entry all the way fromthe Depths of space and the planet Neptune I bring forth Doshi Ka
  14. Thanks, the actual ingame bio is a bit more Larry the cableguy / Ernest and hottub timemachine vs all things cyborg robot monster alien things so yes Thanks 🙂
  15. We may have crossedpaths in the mid 90's if you attended any of the big 3.
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