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  1. Hello. I'm the operator of the City of Darkness global channel, which is a global chat channel community for World of Darkness-related players. It's an OOC channel primarily used for allowing everyone who operates under the umbrella of WOD (old/new/v20/v5) to keep in contact, discuss character ideas, and reconnect with others that they may have played with within the previous community on Live. I also operate some IC chat channels, such as The Cobweb (Malkavian Madness Network), Amici Noctis (Lasombra), and SchrekNet (Nosferatu). I have many VTM characters, most of which are either Sabbat or Anarch aligned, and most are single character SGs strictly so that I could build a base around a specific SG environment. Some Camarilla themed, such as one that serves as an Elysium, a Nosferatu underground sewer haven, the Tremere Chantry of the Rogue Isles. I also play some characters that are WTA and WTO themed, and plan on building bases fitting these settings also. Basically, since there's no upkeep cost anymore, I wanted to create lots of settings for various uses, and make them all public so that anyone could use them. The City of Darkness is an public chat channel, so if you have any interest in joining in order to find others of like minded RP, please feel free to do so! I do plan on making a forum thread in the RP forum in order to catalog players, characters and settings (bases), so that our WOD universe here in COX can expand and be utilised by anyone interested.
  2. On Live (Virtue) my main character was known as Justice Maiden, though in my mind, she was always called either Invicta or Olympia. Her new home since the dawning of Homecoming is Everlasting and she's now officially known as Invicta; I was so happy to have been able to finally grab that name for her. Her origins are magical, but in a modern sense could also be considered mutant, as she was imbued, while still in her mother's womb, with gifts from the goddesses Athena, Artemis, Hebe and Nemesis. The costume on the left is mostly her original costume, from way back... the first Valentine's day event (2006, I think?), which was originally the only way to unlock the toga and victory laurel hairstyle as a costume piece. She wore this costume almost exclusively, except for when in uniform on patrol with the rest of the American Legion supergroup. I can't actually remember which shoulder pads, gloves or boots she wore with the toga, but I know later that year the Good versus Evil edition came out and I had her in Justice shoulder pads, gloves, and boots, but then during I10, upgraded to the Vanguard boots. The costume on the right was my updated battle armoured take. I wanted it to still be recognisable and reflective of the original, but more utilitarian.
  3. This First Ward road texture as a surface. I followed them for quite a while and there appears to be seamed sections of straight, split, intersection and curved roadways with repeating textures. I could see seams in several areas. These buildings from Praetoria These circling seagulls found throughout the game This masonry surface texture from Praetoria These local business signs from Paragon, Praetoria and the Rogue Isles.
  4. I play 16 WoD-themed characters, of which I think 11 are vampires! I also admin the City of Darkness global channel, which was created with the intention of linking the greater WoD community within CoX together. It's slow going trying to build it up. I keep going back and forth on whether I should make a thread to correspond with this global channel in the Roleplaying forum, but I am truthfully not sure how it would be received. As far as just general vampires, I feel like I see heaps, but usually in Pocket D (after sunset).
  5. WHEN: Sunday, September 8th, 2019 10PM EDT / 7PM PDT / 2AM UTC WHERE: One Statesman Plaza, Kallisti Wharf THEME: No theme to this contest! In the tradition of The American Legion Presents: Costume Contests in Atlas Park! from the days of Virtue Server, the American Legion SG is proud to announce a modified return to our costume contests. Though we cannot promise the consistent frequency of our Virtue weekly contests, we can promise prizes, fun and nostalgia! Come join us Sunday at One Statesman Plaza in Kallisti Wharf. We cannot wait to see you there!
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