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  1. I'd be fine with this if, let's say, for every 1 cool costume sets/pieces locked behind a grindwall there were 4-5 cool sets/pieces released at the same time that didn't require it. Or gave a regular set with a fancy version behind a grind... If I'm remembering correctly the glowy version of Ascension armor was this way. Or I'm crazy.
  2. What does any of this have to do with end game balance?
  3. No... Having just failed a pug LGTF because we forgot to make sure we had holds for the green mitos before starting I say Kudos to the folks that pulled it off on the real thing.
  4. Unless, of course, a future update has the Menders going to Cimerora to stop midnighter meddling post ITF... There are ways to get it to work, features don't have to be excluded because I'd hope all of homecomings groundwork will lead to great things to come.
  5. No... Just no. 99.999% of the time the character will be junk. Imagine, getting only non damaging sleeps? Or only non elemental defenses? How about one attack from each different weapon attack (oh God, the redraw)? What about only teammate buffs? So many ways for a toon to have zero attacks except the first, brawl and the origin power. Oh,hell! What if all your powers were t9 defenses with horrid crashes? Or only auto powers? Or only MM pet buffs with no pets to buff? So many 100% useless possibilities. Or only t1 attacks with the lowest damage modifier? How would powerpools work? Are they included so you might only end up with all the travel powers? And why have the restrictions? I'm not gonna bother going further if I have one attack for 40 levels and losing one slot for a junk toon is nothing if I have 999 more. Also, why hope for a god-like character when you can just make one currently? The idea of a random primary set paired with a random secondary set could be cool though. If you have two defenses, at least you have power pools to get attacks from. Imagine an FA/Bio that has PP taunt and attacks.
  6. I believe powexecname should be pow_exec_name. At least it is on all my key binds, I don't do many macros.
  7. You can set the interface color to whatever you want (blue, red, orange, white, etc.) in the options menu. Once this is done it won't change between alignments. Maybe switching too much caused it to freeze, or perhaps you ever so slightly altered it in settings on accident.
  8. I'm not sure, but if the name is already taken it might not let you transfer. I may be thinking incorrectly on this, I'll try when I get home from work if no one else has an answer.
  9. I don't like meme attacks as a form of shutting down another person's opinion. And, the opinion that the paid for sets we're a touch of power creep, or a heaping of it (TW is probably the biggest offender), and could use a bit of a nerf sits fine with me. At the same time, sets like Regen and energy melee should have steps taken to return them to some semblance of what they were before their nerfs. I also agree Dom's/controllers could use better damage output. As it is now, they are my least enjoyable to solo. If a Dom is control/damage, none of its modifiers should be less than 1.00. Since controllers are control/support I'm more inclined to buy that. Dom's is really mind boggling as a partial damage AT that it was done that way. The example of the brutes vs tanks is really on point when comparing blasters and dominators. I also found the dom pet pointless, without support to keep it alive it was just an annoyance (immobilize, the one mass control that is up reliably from fight to fight just wasn't enough damage mitigation).
  10. Aaaaand now the thread is ready to be closed.
  11. No, I mean any buffer. I'm not maxed on anything. My highest resist is around 65, not close to 90, and defenses highest is around 30. Could be my build, but I'm more roleplay than min/max. Either way, one FF and it makes me untouchable. One thermal, and I rarely see my HP below 97.5%. Any buffer, any debuffer, and it's easier for the team too. Healers leave you too reliant on their reactive support as opposed to the proactive support of the other two. Ideally, though, yes. Kin + Rad has been the best support pair since I started playing back around issue 4. And that isn't surprising. Since +damage coupled with -resist/Regen is a pair that multiplies itself. Not sure why any of this matters, either. I've never been refused a team spot on any of my alts because I was on the wrong buff type, attack type, or anything (except when I joined a speed run team that did not advertise as being a speed run team).
  12. I completely agree. As an IOed/Incarnated out willpower brute, I'm ecstatic when I see a debuffer on the team. They make it so much quicker or easier for the whole team. I don't really enjoy +4 TFs unless a debuffer is present. Debuffer + buffer and that's the dream. I'll pass on healers. I'm more of a roleplayer and play with more of the roleplayer crowd than meta player, so maybe that's why I have this perspective.
  13. Issues arise when you try to hide beacons/portals. I had that issue, too. I fixed by ensuring some part of the beacon had direct line of sight to the portal. I know things can shift a little if they'd normally be out of bounds each time the base loads (a bug, I believe). This may be why the issue resolved itself before.
  14. I was just about to post that, glad I checked yours. I'm predicting MM pet customization and controller pet AI improvents.
  15. The daleth ones (those that sound like FBZ locations) are not beacons to places in the game, but places you can choose in your base. If you only have the beacon, and no corresponding waypoint set somewhere in the base, you'll have this issue. It's been a while since I messed with these, but the waypoints are a different item and are even in a different tab if I'm remembering correctly. I was using them to get to each floor of a skyscraper I was working on so I could get above the upper invisible barrier when the ceiling is set to sky while not in base edit mode.
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