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  1. It's the fur shoulders for boleros in the primary chest option tab for the female model. There is this, none, and an imperial dynasty shoulder option for robes I seem to recall. I believe it has been ported to tights, tops with skin, and one or two others as well.
  2. I don't understand the point of this post. Is it to merely point out the fact that sexual innuendo exists? If so, better just get your giggles out of it and move on. Changing this is an uphill battle that even Sisyphus wouldn't bother with.
  3. An external, automation program sounds sketchy to me. You may want to verify that doesn't violate ToS before recommending/using that. I mean AFK farming these things feels sketchy to me, but at least the mechanics of the game itself lets you do this.
  4. FYI, your argument was to leave it the "F alone" and to support your argument you used popularity stats. Had you instead said "Regen IS popular" as a counter to the OPs statement that it wasn't then you would be in the right currently. So, if the stats were to argue it is actually popular I would like to see your argument why it doesn't need to be looked into. Me, I remember Regen with toggle instant heal. It was an amazing set back then AND popular. As it stands now, without toggle IH, a character struggles to survive the Beta strike. MoG is a joke compared to the already laughable T9 defenses out there. Both of these make Regen an underwhelming choice. The popularity comes from characters like Wolverine and Deadpool, but ever since IH was detoggled it hasn't had the oomf you'd expect as shown by those two popular chacters. I'd like to see IH a toggle again, even if it isn't the godly rate of early CoH. Stalker Regen, after getting one to 50, I don't think needs to be touched. With hide I feel it's easy to get enough to mitigate the lack of insane Regen with none IO defense. And since it is toggle light I didn't have much end issues. Still, though, if I want a Regen character I'm usually going to go with willpower as Regen stands right now. Without insane Regen, the set just doesn't provide enough survivability to go with.
  5. I recently made a psionic blaster and wanted to use the alternate animation for Psionic Dart. When using the alternate Psionic dart I get rooted for about 2+ seconds. I switched back to the original animation and am only rooted for 1 second (like it says in psionic dart's power details). I'm jut making this post to see if anyone else is having this issue on blasters or other archetypes and let the devs know. I haven't tested any of the other alternate animations for other powers since I was okay with their original designs for my character or haven't gotten high enough in level to test them yet.
  6. I don't recall any enhancements that ever increased AoE radius or cone arc angle. I've been playing since I3, so I doubt I ever missed those unless they were in beta and never an actual part of the game.
  7. Have you done the ouroboros initiation arcs (not the incarnate one)? You won't have access to the pillar until you've done one of those if I recall correctly.
  8. Not sure if this has been addressed or not but I've reinstalled Mids (v2.6.0.7) and extracted the latest release (not bleeding edge) into the install folder but I'm not seeing Experimentation nor any of the new enhancements inside the program itself. I check the data folder/pngs and everything seems to have transferred correctly and into the right places but all the powers/enhancements are still what was originally packed with Is there some other setting inside the program itself that may be preventing the new information from showing up? Edit: Nevermind, I think I see the problem. Some files are .JSON instead of .MHD. I noticed in the bleeding edge these are .MHD and will try that instead.
  9. So, this just started happening, but when I was in the designer the pop up for what set bonuses are with each set isn't showing. Not sure what's going on, recently updated and it was working fine last night. I went through the settings, but couldn't find anything to fix this. I was hoping to do end reduction maxing on a Dom to know which sets to get but it's a real pain having to slot each set, and then lock the power I'm looking at to see what the bonuses are.
  10. Field medics end is 19.5/s (like a toggle), I believe it's supposed to be 19.5.
  11. Soooo... I have a question for you guys. I was making an ice themed magic character tonight and though I'd pick Cryowitch (taken... not too surprsing). Since I didn't want to bother someone (even if they were just name camping) I decided to try some other cryo themed names. Cryowicca (not available) Cryo Witch (not available) Cryocascade (not available) Cryofrost (not available) Cryodragon (not available) Cryowyvern (not available) I then started to wonder if someone had just gone through taking ALL the Cryo names so I tried some really oddball stuff Cryo the Frozen Pea (not available) Cryoturkeysauce (not available) Now, something MUST be up right? Then I tried a bunch of names starting with Cry-... even Cry Past the Turnkey (not available) THEN I tried a bunch of names starting with Cr- (Cr Hippophobia wasn't available) Then I tried names with C- and started getting available ones again. Is it just me, or are ALL names that start with 'Cr' not allowed? Is this a bug, or can someone confirm a reason why this is the case.
  12. Please expand on how you compute percentages. If you multiply them together weekday XP on Ever and 'Table would be 300% of normal. Addition gives 250%. Weekday AE on Ever and 'Table would be (multiplied) 150% of normal, or (additive) 200%, or 125% (using additive for increases and multiplication for decreases). Which option is correct? It works as follows: XP * 1.5 (this would be 50% increase), and XP * 3.5 (this would be 250% increase) TBH, I'm in favor of just turning off the XP bonuses entirely now that double XP weekend is over... People are going to play CoH when they can play it regardless of XP boosts.
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