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  1. Hope. At least maybe some increased functionality of some sub content such as Day Jobs etc. Costume Sets are always a plus.
  2. Okay, I've asked around, and I may have to ask, did you try disconnecting - if you are having issues with your VPN's latency detection causing a slowdown. Reconnecting with change the servers it detects which should resolve this issue. I also could suggest trying to manually set your Firewall to allow the launcher and the game - or resetting it (Block and then Allow). Not sure if these will help but it's worth a shot. I'd like to credit @Seismic Storm and @JayLepus for the in-game replies.
  3. Welcome Home! Been years for me too. I'm taking every day at a time. Add me up @The Game Changer if you ever want to do badge hunts, TFs, Story Arcs and the such. Never have to feel alone here!
  4. Yeah I'm that old-school type, even though it's easier, I like to put the effort in to have something for storage, travel, and a little flair. (I like design based content, always did) I'm the type to run the arcs and the TFs for those who need the badges/ accolades or overall feeling of achievement. I'm not shy for AE or Incarnates, however, the journey and time spent with other players is a learning experience and an overall reward. Yeah, just look me up, A.R.C.A.D.E. is my little home project on Excelsior, I'd take on your Coalition offer for sure!
  5. Hello there friend, first of all, welcome home! Second most, I hear ya. In a similar boat. Just came back after a while myself, re-learned the old, and getting to understand the new content. I am always down to helping folks out and you sound like a decent fit it you'd be interested in the team-up idea. My global is @The Game Changer I have a Supergroup I am trying to establish. We're called - A.R.C.A.D.E. and we're located on Excelsior. (Which by the way is an excellent teaming and Soloing friendly server) Add me up and feel free to chat me up for what's o
  6. That's mighty kind of ya. @The Game Changer is me. I'm sure I'll see some of you fine folks around. Wish me luck on building my SG up too. I am doing it all by myself and it's as overwhelming as it was back then. I don't even have a decent base design! (Just not enough time in the day) 🤪
  7. Disgraceful... I'll come by later and take em' back to my SG's base.
  8. Understood, I just get a little cranky as of how many times I've been down that rabbit hole. 😅
  9. I'll make something clear, I'm NOT looking for a SG but coalitions are welcome. I'm just simply looking for some folks to help out and to help me in return. Recruiting for my own SG is hard and getting folks to jump on Discord or reply to the Recruitment post I made. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/30399-arcade-is-recruiting-discord-friendly/?tab=comments#comment-384843 I'm not looking for popularity or favors, all I seek is just to spend my time helping others again and re-build a superpowered family.
  10. So, been running around on Excelsior, trying not to PL my way back into the game despite not having near as much time to play like I used to. I am soloing most of the times and running a Supergroup by myself (I'm the only member). I am mostly okay with that. (I am representing my fellow Guardianites) Yet, I wouldn't mind some help with getting a tight ship running again. I miss having a consistent team and I'm not talking lvl 50+ Trials and DFBs or AE Farms, all the time - it get's stale. I am struggling finding some decent folks to add to my globals to enjoy the content with. I'm
  11. I want to add: I'm personally active from 6am EST. I am however changing schedules to 5pm EST or later. Essentially I'm on at odd times. I am easy to contact through the Discord (link) server, my user name Evol Deluxe (link) and my in-game global @The Game Changer. Have an awesome day and be the best version of you that you can! Take care everyone!
  12. "The next chapter in our community supporting gaming" What's A.R.C.A.D.E. Alternate Reality Crisis Alliance for Dimensional Exploration About this Group: All levels, builds, ideas, Veterans, Newbies welcome! We want to establish ourselves as a supportive and positive for the community that we are all proud of and will continue to shine our torches for! From Mission Arcs to Architect Entertainment (AE) all the way to Endgame, we want to offer a relaxed atmosphere and freedom of playstyle for all! We do utilize Mids Reborn! We a
  13. Game Changer/Ashockalypse from the Millenium Legion SG still alive, collecting torches and taking names? O.o
  14. Name of SG: A.R.C.A.D.E. SG Officers: @The Game Changer -formerly- @Ashockalypse (Me) SG Outline: We're a class all our own, we're HUGE comic book nerds and fantasy writers, City of Heroes has had a HUGE role in encouraging us both to go for what we love and that is to create and share our stories and ideas among those of similar ilk! We're a casual but fun-loving grind of a group, we have been since original beta. I was the leader of the Millennium Legion which hailed from the Guardian Server - SHOUTOUT TO MY FELLOW GUARDIANITES! Now we're
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