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  1. I want to add: I'm personally active from 6am EST. I am however changing schedules to 5pm EST or later. Essentially I'm on at odd times. I am easy to contact through the Discord (link) server, my user name Evol Deluxe (link) and my in-game global @The Game Changer. Have an awesome day and be the best version of you that you can! Take care everyone!
  2. "We honor the past, we guard the present and we forge the future!" Forging a Legacy together: No Experience Requirement (Newbie Friendly)! All playstyles welcome/encouraged (no judgement here). Work as a team (even when going solo throughout Paragon and all it's nooks and crannies) Discord Server Participation is appreciated but not required Promote kindness to other Heroes (and Villains)! Respect for our fellow Supergroups out there as it is hard enough to manage one! We do utilize Mids Reborn for all your build planning need
  3. Game Changer/Ashockalypse from the Millenium Legion SG still alive, collecting torches and taking names? O.o
  4. I check all my posts daily so either you can reply to me here or via one of the links provided. Take care and thank you!
  5. Hello everyone! Let me start off by saying this, from all the forums and group posts I've read, it's apparent that there are people out there that want to be involved in an active group that plays all the missions, puts effort back into leveling and achieves those badges and accolades. PI Mission Farming, DFB, DIB, and AE are fine for whoever wants to play that way. There are those however that want a more team oriented pace. There are not too many groups that seem to want to do that. I do however run one Supergroup that does and I do not prejudice on how a person should play.
  6. Name of SG: The Legacy Guard SG Officers: @The Game Changer -formerly- @Ashockalypse (Me) and my better half @Psinite. SG Outline: We're a class all our own, we're HUGE comic book nerds and fantasy writers, City of Heroes has had a HUGE role in encouraging us both to go for what we love and that is to create and share our stories and ideas among those of similar ilk! We're a casual but fun-loving grind of a group, we have been since original beta. I was the leader of the Millennium Legion which hailed from the Guardian Server - SHOUTOUT TO MY FELLOW GUARDIANITES! Now we
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