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  1. Could it be possible to make the Spectrum set available underneath jackets & pants. Currently the feet and hands don't allow it.
  2. Is it not possible to put Spectrum gloves and feet underneath a robe or pants? Can't find it anywhere.
  3. I just wish you could change it's colors.
  4. I use the 12 button Razor Naga with not that common of a misfire; usually my misfires are my fault b/c I alt so much. I'm 6'4' so it is a little small but doesn't bother me. Everyone is a little different. I could see the less button one being better but then you couldn't really place a whole row of powers on your side buttons although you could prob place the meaningful ones.
  5. Are the binds by acct or by character? Seems I did this back in the day but can't remember
  6. Basically I was just experimenting at the beginning and filled the entry room with walls so it’s inaccessible and closed in. My teammate was finally able to move the portal and set the plot but we are still having problems deleting those walls and resetting the room. We could just ignore it now as inaccessible and doesn’t matter much but would be nice to clear.
  7. Like a line command or something. Was just beginning to fool around with it and messed it up so I can't even access the teleport in point
  8. Mine was doing the same then it started reloading the whole game client even though I had patched it the other day.
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