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  1. Wait what is this about the relationship between res and damage and why?
  2. Well, if you're gonna say that about incarnate, you can say that about literally any aspect of the game. It was meant to be the next step post 50 to make your character grander, like epics or even accolades, depending on when you decide to get those. That's confirmed. It's important to have a supple community insight as to the nature of the end game for something like this so you don't get derailed in some tangent discussion. And to succumb to that for a second, I'm also going to full disagree about HOs. I don't know one person who is willingly spending millions or billions on HOs; I know many who spend hours Hamidon raiding for the experience...but no one aware of it's patch sinking cents into it. Which makes sense, because that would be really stupid. It's literally pointless as compared to using inexpensive IOs. If you have information refuting that I'd actually love to know, you can message me. I digress. I could be sold on this. I'm swaying on the fence, because I think IOs are already almighty; the IOs were never meant to be THIS easily accessible. So I think adding things like global +12 res is silly, and if it went that direction I'm opposed. But I also miss when I was noob on live, aspiring to have the long list of set bonuses veterans had and feeling pushed to grind as well as just kill things to have fun. If the legendary grade were completely unique things like perhaps a new accolade attack power or "chance for max recharge for 30 sec, chance for max damage for 15" and it was minor chances for a max stat that was locked in, I think that could be awesome and more balanced. I also think, since for this entirely we are assuming all other IOs are relatively easy to attain, that you must have at least ONE very rare set (yes set not just a proc PvPers, proc based PvP is stupid and I want to do things to discourage it) to slot in legendary, though can be dropped without one and sold if desired. I want to push this, and I think the nature of the buffs that are come up with here will make or break it for the community; more than even the conceptual system that will end up governing it. I'm 51/49.
  3. Fallout Shelter, Meltdown are displaying debuff resistances in their Detailed Info that does not appear on combat attributes, such as to hit resistance and recharge resistance. These buffs are not actually granted. I Edit: Meltdown offers the recovery debuff res AFTER the main effects expire. Should be a glitch.
  4. The tag isn't present, preventing IOs like Cloud Senses from being slotted.
  5. This is so weird. I'm going to start off by saying we have pretty much collectively decided travel is something to be taken for granted now; not a privilege to eventually be earned but a certain feature. That was reinforced by the decrease in level to acquire travel powers, Khelds having no level requirement, ninja run and prestige accessories being free, etc. Travel is just not the novelty it once was, so the mods request comes easy to understand. All things considered, it's practically just the next step. That being said, I still disagree. Fly was and still should be thematically determined by you. You want magic based fly, you get fly and toss on an aura. You want tech based fly, you learn the skill (get the power) and strap on a jetpack back piece. In homecoming, that's readily accessible! They even imported the mystic flight to help add thematic value for magic users (which I have mixed feelings on undermining ordinary flight considering the above but whatever it's cool.) The temp power flight power was just a tool you threw on to get places obligatorily. It was never meant to be a substitute for the true flight you attain as part of the committment to your character, there are no shortcuts. It was clunky for a reason. There was never a need for theme oriented temp travels as such supremely undermines existing options and the customization centrism we all love, ninja and beast runs were the only exceptions (likely because they couldn't be fitted under any pools) and frankly could've just been power spectrum'ed super speed reskins, and if we are going to start putting resources in the p2w vendor that are actually integral to our character designs in some regard then that name really just got a lot less fun. Contemplatively against this one guys.
  6. This is true, but as Number Six said we should always be focusing on the quality and benefit of suggestions rather than the purported tensions of the code. We should be focusing on simply devising ideas, and leave the Homecoming team to decide if it is possible or not; not ruling things out midway.
  7. This isn't totally directed at you, but it needs to be said. Masterminds aren't really supposed to do damage and I'm gonna disagree to oppose the dangerously magnifying storm of "more damage" suggestions lately. It's really bad. The pets do the damage and the caster buffs/debuffs. Also the attacks aren't even weak. With just basic enhancement maxing, you can approach or exceed the strength of some of the t2 pets higher end powers. You may even rival some of the t3 pets attacks depending on powerset. You just aren't a blaster.
  8. And bruising will not come back as long as people want tanks to hit hard. Well, unless people decide they want to have their cake and eat it too.
  9. Wait, what? How? Genuinely confused as to why that's the derivative alternative here.
  10. It's because they follow the same application as the ordinary Pet IOs. Someone had an interesting suggestion slightly different that I will draw from though, about altering the nature of Supremacy. I'm against that, but I would like to see the superior MoS and CotM offer the +res and +def of every existing proc at the moment (so about +35 res +15 def) and have the old buff auras replaced with damage procs. Or vice versa. If vice versa, I think your idea would be quite beneficial, with the ATOs being damage procs slottable into any ability.
  11. Then the point of making level based content is...? You have to forgive me, but this sounds silly. I also don't understand your content qualm to begin with; did you think most of us didn't already do every single mission years ago? Homecoming is, like, a time capsule and many of us are here to relive the game itself. Not a lot of people care about whether or not the arcs that they haven't done are going to give rewards, they might literally do them for no rewards to begin with. But speaking contexturally, I also completely fail to understand your concern. Everyone knows how to get XP or Merits or anything, it's uber easy, why do you want more rewards for low content? That's not how it works. You get the opportunity to do them if you haven't and that's kind of it right? What am I missing here?
  12. @Jaegernault @Haijinx I'm aware, and I mentioned Manhattan because Martian Manhunter is definitely not some transcendent character.
  13. Is that a code thing or just an expectation? Because they don't really have to be analogous to each other in reality.
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