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  1. Many thanks I tried implementing this to the cake server In hopes of it being playable however I need to to have knowledge in coding and game files. Very glad you enjoyed it a lot of work went into this proposal.
  2. Took a bit of time, however introduced additional Animation and FX for your visualization to get a sense as what these powers would look like.
  3. Praetorian Pool Powers Part 2 for @Player2 Continuation of my Praetorian Pool Powers these are the Epic Pool Ancillaries Called Praetor Pool Powers suggestion for Eco Friendly Powerset Recycling by @Tyrannical in response to @Player2 dealing with the enemy factions of First and Night Ward Luminescence - Carnival of Light Harness the powers of light to ward off threats through radiating energy of the Carnival of Light. - Luminous Fist: A common Carnival of Light attack used by minions, deals minor energy and smashing damage and a slight chance of decreasing foes energy defense and resistance. - Luminous Strike: A common CoL attack, bring your fist down to land a powerful blow, dealing extreme energy and smashing damage, will knockdown a foe. - Radiant Burst: Unique CoL move, channel energy through you light staff in a massive burst of energy, its output overwhelm a foes senses igniting them on fire, degrading their endurance. - Blessing of Light: Unique to Resplendent Mistress, manifest light as a superior shield against negative energy damage - Shining Blast: Unique to Resplendent Mistress, deals high energy and decreases foes recovery and to hit Enragement - Apparitions Maintain the overwhelming emotional power of the pain of those detached from the physical plain - Wrathful Blast: A common Apparition attack used by minions, unleash a bolt of pure hatred, deals minor negative and lethal damage and a reduces foes damage output. - Baleful Thrash: A common Apparition attack, sweep a whip of hatred, deals moderate negative and lethal DoT - Weaken Resolve: Unique to Dispersed Impressions, manifest a strike of depression, removing an opponents means of travel, deals moderate negative DoT and -Speed - Wrathful Siphon: Unique to Apparition Lieutenants, direct anger which causes a foe to panic, causing them to dealing negative and lethal damage, their suffering will return to you as HP - Merged Spectres: Unique Apparition Move, ideally an apparition at near death would merge into a stronger spirt, but as you a player are not in an enemy group you'd extract a fragment of your soul significantly boosting an allies health and strength. Basic ally heal. (Thought it would be a unique concept) Talons - Talons of Vengeance Harness the power of prophecy, engage in combat with the ancient attributes of myth of the talons along with the vengeance enchanted upon their foes (These sets contain damage mergers as the talons manipulate multiple affinities so I combined a few so the attacks are unique and so your not stuck on using basic elemental attacks you already may have EX; Flares, Frost Bolt etc...) - Elemental Blast: (Ideally a common Talons of Vengeance attack but as they control various elements I merged them into a single blast) used by minions, release a bolt of elemental energy, deals moderate elemental damage (Fire/Ice/Energy) same as a basic blast but adjusted to deal multiple elemental damages. - Talon Blade: A common ToV attack, curses victims with negative energy, adjusted to deal moderate damage - Thunderclap: Common among stronger Talon tiers, disorient most foes over a PBAoE, additional DoT and -Perception - Bitter Blaze Blast: Another common amongst higher ToV tiers, adjusted to deal Fire and Ice damage, can still use the same animation and FX as bitter ice blast, perhaps an additional fire aura can be added, deal high damage - Shadowshock: Essential Flow Lightning from higher tired ToV but affects are added from Shadow Drain to include lightning and darkness into a single attack. Deals extreme damage, foe -End -Rec +DMG - ToHit +DMG (Energy) +DEF (Energy) Spellcasting - Animus Arcana Cast the magic spells of Night Ward through your mystic knowledge the to breath life into inanimate objects that assist and aid you in combat. -Burst of Light: Basic heal from ball of Light Animus Arcana, will summon a ball of light to heal you as attack is preformed - Fire Blast: A common Fires spell move, basic fire attack, added to summon a fireball animus arcana, deals moderate fire damage - Freeze Ray: Common Ice Blast move, dealing high damage among stronger Talon tiers, disorient most foes over a PBAoE, additional DoT and -Perception - Propel: Basic gravity control attack, adjusted to deal extreme smashing damage, summon a Time Stop animus arcana - Overspell: Essentially damage resistance to all elemental and smashing damage, added to summon the Ward to cast the spell on you Soulscorching - Drudges Reap the soul of your victims and burn the willingness to live by directly striking at their spirit, critically deteriorating their existence - Soul Lash: Basic attack used by Watchers, create a powerful whip of energy to lash on your foe, adjusted to deals minor negative energy damage - Soul Crush: A common move used by Patrolmen of the Drudges, swing your mace unleashing a bolt of energy, scorching their soul, adjusted to deal moderate negative and smashing damage - Soul Stream: Common attack used by Spirit Guide Drudges, create a stream of energy that attack the soul of the target, deals high energy and negative damage - Haunt: A summon unique to lamplighters, summon a pair of shades that deal moderate damage on a foe - Soul Strike: Common attack among Spirit Guides, same animation and FX as Incandescent Strike, a forceful blow that that strike at the very soul, deals superior energy and negative energy Netherguard - The Black Knights Utilize the gear and utilities of the ancient order of the dead. - Nether Arrow: Basic attack used by Black Feathers, fires an arrow of nether energy immobilizing a foe, adjusted to deal minor smashing damage and maintains minor negative DoT - Serpents Reach: A common move used by Eternal Guards, release a burst of nether energy from your staff, adjusted to deal moderate smashing damage - Mercurial Blow: Basically the same attack from Staff Fighting, used the same animation and FX from degrades a foes defense - Nether Blade: Another common attack used by the Black Knights, discharge a beam of nether energy from your sword, adjusted to deal high negative energy damage and minor fire DoT - Grant Cover: Common move among Armigers, use your shield to defend allies nearby, provides +DEF and REs to all but psionic over a PBAoE Shadowhunting - Spirit Walkers Amplify your primal predatorial instincts to become a physical beacon of the circle of life, adapting to the prowl of the night - Entangling Arrow: Common among Huntmasters, fires a netted arrow restricting a foes movements, -Fly -Rech (Foe) -Speed (Foe All) - Wilderness Will: Basically damaged resistance, adjusted to include smashing lethal, toxic, and fire - Dire Howl: Common attack used by Shadow Hounds, unleash a dreadful howl inflicting fear of a foe, deals moderate energy damage, minor negative energy damage and -Res (Foe All) - Ranking Claws: Another common attack used by Shadow Hounds, viciously tear your target apart with your claws causing lethal damage, deals Lethal Dot and Lethal damage - Leader of the Pack: Unique to Wodans, increases allies moral with a powerful howl, +DMG(Team All) +speed (Team Run), + Per(Team)
  4. That is also an option. Like I said I want to introduce this concept to be implemented in game and I think these themes are cool because they provide for a whole plethora of opportunism to be added.
  5. Many thanks, I very much well appreciate someone who has been following my posts. Your viewership is always appreciated. I enjoy making new powers, so even if they are not feasible or if there are some bumps, I think it would be cool to add them in game Nevertheless I genuinely appreciate your applause for the amount of work and effort that went into this and my various proposals and always look forward to hearing input.
  6. No problem got the main idea of it. I wanted to introduce this as main power set because it introduces a new theme to powers in general and provide a new series of opportunities especially in a superpowered game.
  7. Oh yeah absolutely, a lot of potential to link with lore these themes can apply to anything however I choose control and assault as there were a limited number of those power sets in game and I wanted to add new ones.
  8. Many thanks, I definitely appreciate recognitizing the work that went into it. I definitely just like to see this implemented because it induced a new theme and has plenty of opportunities
  9. Hello members of the forums, I have been recently playing a control based archetype and have noticed that's there is fairly few control powerset options for control and assault as opposed to melee or ranged. As someone who prefers being a melee combatant myself I never saw this as an issue, as many people (like myself) prefer to attack enemies up close or from a distance. So the shortage of option was never a concern to me. However after playing as a dominator myself, I recognize that it is a unique playstyle and I wanted to expand on the powerset choices. I though it would be cool to introduce new Control and Assault sets, to bring more selections for Controllers and Dominators. The new theme for this powerset, would deal with space and the cosmos, an idea that isn't implemented or explored in game for players. Hopefully these themes may reinvest people into Crowd Control or grant new options for those who traditionally enjoy it. So without further a due, here is my new powerset proposal. Huge thanks to @Vanden for providing the icons. You always provide a great deal of help and creative insight towards these sets. -Omnibus FYI Spatial - Will deal with manipulating and controlling space i.e. distance and how space is bent. Ex: Distorting the space time continuums, decreasing distance between an object etc... Cosmic/Astro - Will deal with manipulating and controlling phenomenons within space and universe. Ex: Stars, asteroids, comets etc.. Introducing a new theme to Control and Assault powersets... Spatial Control Spatial Control allows you to distort the space time continuum, alter the distance between targets, and bend your surrounding environment. The sheer magnitude of altering space is so great it will often repel targets from the caster upon usage. Spatial Control is available as a primary set for Controllers & Dominators. The following table shows which powers are available and at what level: Power Level Effect Gravitational Pull 1 Ranged, Minor Damage (Smash), Foe Immobilize Displace 1 Ranged, Moderate Damage (Smash), Foe Teleport (Knockup) Compression 2 Ranged, Moderate DoT(Smash), Foe Hold Disperse 6 Ranged, Moderate Damage (Smash), Foe Knockback Event Horizon 8 Targeted AoE, Minor DoT (Smash), Foe Immobilize Space Time Rift 12 Location AoE, Foe Intangibility, Hold, Slow Big Crunch 18 Targeted AoE, Foe Hold Tesseract 26 Ranged Foe teleport, Foe disorient, knockback Abyss 32 Summon Abyss Powers These are the following powers in the Spatial Control powerset Damages will be adjusted to Dominators Gravitational Pull You warp space to transfer your foe into the gravitational pull of another planet underneath them, this foreign gravitational field is so immense it immobilizes them in place and deals minor DoT. Displace You alter the distance of you opponent within space to move them upward in an instant, only for them to fall downward dealing moderate smashing damage. When use with Compression/Hold the caption DISTORT will appear above a target (as more space is being distorted), dealing an additional damage allowing for more devastating blows. Compression You crush all the space around a foe binding them, and removing their movement altogether. This attack limits your opponents space needed for them to move and deals moderate DoT. Disperse You alter space to scatter an attack many distances to berate the target in front of you. This attack deals moderate damage. When used with Compression/Hold the caption DISTORT will appear once more above a target dealing additional damage. Event Horizon You select a target of your choosing into the event horizon of a black hole, a point of no return in which light cannot escape. This horizon encompasses over a widespread area immobilizing foes of the surrounding area of the foe of choice. This attack cannot be avoided if foes are in spherical distance of the targeted enemy. Space Time Rift You open a rift on the space time continuum, this distortion of space freezes time around a spherical area of a location of you choosing, foes near the rift will experience a reduction of movement speed while enemies caught directly in it will be held temporally. Maintaining this rift is a taxing feat and will rapidly decrease the users endurance. Big Crunch You compress the space over a widespread area and implode the surrounding environment forcing all foes in a spherical area of the target of your choice to be held. Foes after the affects ware of will still experience a 5 second reduction in movement before they are normal again. Tesseract You open up a cubical wormhole, that transports enemies across space time to another distance. This spatial migration is very disorienting for an opponent and knocking them backwards stunning them for a brief period of time. Abyss You tear through the fabric of spacetime to depths of existence, to summon a gap in reality that unleashes a plethora of spatial based attacks for your assistance. Spatial Assault Spatial Assault allows you to disrupt the space time continuum to alter the movement of attacks and creating shifts in the fabric of reality often disorienting your foes. Spatial Assault is available as a secondary set for Controllers & Dominators. The following table shows which powers are available and at what level: Power Level Effect Expansive Blast 1 Ranged, Minor Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: Knockback Momentum Strike 2 Melee, High Damage(Smash/Energy), Foe: Disorient Ripple Effect 4 Ranged (Cone) Minor Damage(Lethal/Smash), Foe: High Knockback Distortion Wave 10 Ranged, Moderate Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: Knockback -Perception, DoT proc Power Boost 16 Self +Special +DMG Higgs Field 20 Point Blank Area of Effect Melee, Moderate Damage(Smash/Energy), Foe Knockdown Intense Pressure 28 Melee, Extreme Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: Disorient Instance 35 Sniper, Superior Damage(Energy/Lethal), Foe: Knockback Lightspeed 38 Close, High Damage(Energy/Lethal), Foe: Knockback Powers These are the following powers in the Spatial Assault powerset Expansive Blast You extend the movement of your attack through spacetime, creating a repulsing blast that repels a target backwards. Deals minor damage and has a chance for a slight knockback. Momentum Strike You manipulate space to reduce friction and attack you opponent at accelerated speeds, often disorienting a foe and dealing high damage. Ripple Effect You create a ripple in the fabric of spacetime pushing back enemies away from the caster. Deals minor damage and will knockback a foe. Distortion Wave You distort the space time continuum and berate you opponent with a full wave of morphed space that overwhelms a foe surrounding environment, this disruption is so tense it may do damage in the future on the same target if still in a similar area of the attack Power Boost Typical power boost attack, generic special Higgs Field You generate a miniature field of warped space around you in which mass has grown exponentially. This sphere of space increase in mass prevents all foes surrounding the from getting up. Deals moderate damage, and knocks down enemies. Reference to Higgs mechanism in which all matter is given mass my this hypothetical structure/field, anything that has mass must be within or go through this field. Intense Pressure You focus all the pressure of your surrounding environment reshaping the space time continuum, to bombard your target with the force of sheer pressure. The intensity of this attack is so immense it may migrate to another opponent. Deals Extreme Damage, high chance for disorient. Instance You expel a long distance attack that travels at Planck time, dealing superior damage. This attack can potentially disorient foes and knock them back. The sheer speed of this attack is such that the caster loses no momentum upon activation. This attack is instant. Lightspeed You perform a strike that is so fast it moves at the speed of light, teleporting the caster into their opponent. Deals high damage and will knock back a foe. Cosmic Control Cosmic Control allows you to manipulate universal anomalies to restrict you foes movement and control celestial bodies. Controlling the cosmos itself cataclysmic feat and will often deal energy damage from your mastery of outer space. Power Level Effect Orbital Grasp 1 Ranged, Minor Damage (Energy), Foe Immobilize Vacuum 1 Ranged, Moderate Damage (Negative), Foe Knockup Galactic Bind 2 Ranged, Moderate DoT(Energy/Negative), Foe Hold Blazar 6 Ranged, Moderate Damage (Energy/Fire), Foe Knockback Asteroid Field 8 Targeted AoE, Minor DoT (Smash), Foe Snare Stellar Core 12 Location AoE, Moderate DoT (Fire/Energy) Foe Slow, Disorient Nebula 18 Targeted AoE, Foe Hold, -Perception Quantum Tunnel 26 Ranged foe teleport, Foe confuse, knockback Exosolar One 32 Summon Bright Nova Powers These are the following powers in the Cosmic Control powerset. Orbital Grasp You summon a vortex into the orbit of another planet underneath your opponent that's gravity is much larger than Earths, this immense pull of the target immobilizes them. Vacuum You open a funnel in space generating a miniature black hole knocking them downward. Deals Moderate Damage, when used with hold the strength will amplify under the caption COLLISION. Galactic Bind You encircle your opponent with a miniature galaxy bound at their center, the strength of the active galactic nucleus constricts the foes movement holding them in place dealing a moderate DoT. Blazar You jet forward a gleaming blast of scorching energy from the core of a galaxy, this attacks deals moderate damage and a slight chance for knockback. Deals moderate damage however when used with hold the strength will amplify under the caption COLLISION. Asteroid Field You transform the battlefield into an area filled with asteroids, these asteroid bombard multiple targets restricting their movement and mobility. Stellar Core Your mastery of the cosmos allows you to open a rift into the inner core of the sun, the heat from the sun is so immense it stuns your foes while severely limiting their mobility and ability to attack. This attack can be used on an area of your choosing Nebula You unleash a nebula onto an opponent of your choice, the nuclear fusion generated from within these stellar clouds of dust holds a foe in place as it spreads outward over a widespread area affecting other nearby targets, negating their perception. Quantum Tunneling You open a portal of a luminous galactic nucleus, this nucleus containing a supermassive black hole sucks in so much energy it instantly migrates your opponent to its location. The effect of this traveling ways in heavy on your foe, and will suffer from confusion whist in a state of panic. Slight chance for knockback. Exosolar One Your understanding of the cosmos allows you to transport an extraterrestrial from another planet to fight by your side. This being is capable of utilizing cosmos with a variety of energy based attacks. Astro Assault Astro Assault allows you to expel a variety of universal phenomenon's to project onto you opponents bombarding them with the objects from the night sky. Barraging you enemies celestial bodies of deep space a phenomenal feat and its cosmic impact will often degrade the defense of an opponent from the sheer magnitude of the attack. Power Level Effect Meteor 1 Ranged, Minor Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: Knockback Orion Arm 2 Melee, High Damage(Smash/Energy), Foe: Disorient Luminous Ignition 4 Ranged Minor Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: High Knockback Galactic Cyclone 10 Ranged, Moderate Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: Knockback Heliopause 16 Toggle: Self +Special Foe Repel, Knockdown Supernova 20 Point Blank Area of Effect Melee, High Damage(Fire/Energy) Collapsing Star 28 Melee, Extreme Damage(Energy/Smash), Foe: Disorient Halley's Comet 35 Sniper, Superior Damage(Energy/Lethal), Foe: Knockback Big Bang 38 Close, Superior Damage(Energy/Smash), +DMG, DEF (All) Foe: Knockback, -Perception over PBAoE Powers Meteor You summon a meteor from deep space to launch at your opponent knocking them down. Deals Minor Damage. Orion Arm You propel your arm forward harnessed by galactic energy for a single fatal swing disorienting a foe. Deals High Damage. Luminous Ignition You generate a miniature sun in the palms of your hands and cast it down outward to your opponent, knocking them backwards. Deals Minor Damage. Galactic Cyclone You circulate the air of your surrounding to create a miniature galaxy in which rapidly rushes forward in a swift strike, repelling foes caught in its path. Deals Moderate Damage. Heliopause You surround your self with the force of outer space, which stops all other external forces from gaining close contact with you. This attack when toggled repels foes when close to the caster. Supernova You show unleash an attack of a exploding star, this rapid expansion of stellar energy combust violently and easily scatters energy over a widespread area. Collapsing Star This move shows great mastery over the cosmos, as you lunge into the air and preform an attacks that compresses the energy of a supernova and concentrates it into a single blow affecting a single target. Will disorient a foe from the sheer impact. Deals Extreme Damage Halley's Comet A focused blast of immense strength and speed for collected over traveling lightyears at a time. This is a sniper attack and is best fired from a distance as it can be interrupted. Deals Superior Damage Big Bang A truly phenomenal feat, you bring forth the very spark of creation. You discharge the unbridled spark of existence across the battlefield, the massive radiance of this move forces all foes to loose their perception over a point blank area, as well as knockback foes and severely degrade their defensive and offensive capabilities. The energy brought forth from this attack is is so uncontained you will gain a boost in you combat attributes from the rapid influx of energy. NEW FX & Animation for Visualization Icon Power Name Animation FX Gravitational Pull Crush Crush Displace Levitate Teleport Compression Siphon Power Target: Afterburner Disperse Force Bolt Speed Boost Event Horizon Time Crawl Caster: Time Crawl Foe: Temporal Mending w/out Self FX Space Time Rift Distortion Field Target: Time Stop Surrounding Targets: Slow Movement Big Crunch Slowed Response Caster: Time Crawl Target: Time's Juncture w/out Self FX Tesseract Translocation Base Select (Item) Abyss Rune of Protection Summon: Singularity (Black) Expansive Blast Aging Touch Aging Touch Momentum Strike Bone Smasher Strident Echo Ripple Effect Wall of Force Wall of Force Distortion Wave Future Pain Echo Chamber Power Boost Chronos Chronos Higgs Field Disruption Aura Mass Levitation Intense Pressure Energy Transfer Target: Sound Cannon Jump Effect: Echo Chamber Instance N/A Sound FX: Sniper Blast Lightspeed Burst of Speed Time Shift Orbital Grasp Crush Levitate Vacuum Dehydrate Dehydrate Galactic Bind Time Crawl Time Crawl Blazar Power Burst Power Burst (Orange) Asteroid Field Meteor Snow Storm w/ Rock FX Stellar Core Dimension Shift Dimension Shift (Yellow) Nebula Steamy Mist Steamy Mist (Light Purple, Faded Green) Quantum Tunneling Time Shift Time Shift Exosolar One Time Crawl Rikiti Portal Summon: White Dwarf Meteor Meteor Meteor Orion Arm Sweeping Cross Time Crawl Luminous Ignition Repulsion Bomb Repulsion Bomb (Yellow) (Peacebringer Brightness FX) Galactic Cyclone Psionic Tornado Psionic Tornado: Movement Tornado Heliopause Personal Force Field Personal Force Field Supernova Chrono Shift Chrono Shift & Pulsar Collapsing Star Incandescent Strike Incandescent Strike Halley's Comet Moonbeam Moonbeam Big Bang Thunder Clap Dawn Strike - Finally NEW Additional Animation and FX soon for Visualization Epilogue Thank you those who enjoyed viewing my proposal. This is an idea I want to see implemented in the came because of the lack of universal themes in this superpowered MMO. I would like to see more themes like this whether it is in a different set, however I choose control and assault as they were the ones I'd like to see get added onto the most and provides for a whole new range of themes and qualities we can add to powersets in the game. Some of these concept draw from quantum mechanics and scientific studies about deep space, so I hope if you caught some of the references. Nevertheless Hope you enjoyed exploring the cosmos.
  10. Oh yeah I'm saying I'll add them as well, just wanted to see how the main enemy factions pool sets would play out. I'll definitely get around to adding them on my current thread.
  11. Absolutely, they would hypothetically be unlockable as you progress through Praetoria, I was also thinking about adding the carnival, drudges, apparitions and talons from the First and Night Wards as well, but decided to stick to mainland Praetorian zones
  12. Whoops yeah not specific like blast, control or manipulation. Many thanks for looking into this though.
  13. I think that is a very unique cool idea, gag animations similar to the infected in mercy island, Infection Control or Contamination perhaps, just some name I can picture for a set like that. I think it is an excellent opportunity.
  14. Hello @Tyrannical, this is my idea for Eco Friendly powersets for Praetorians. This is an expanded suggestion from @Vanden on Force Powers being better as APP on page 9, I decided that it would be a unique idea for those who start in Praetoria to have access to Praetorian based Pool Powers. These will focus on enemy factions from the main zones of Praetoria. Enforcement - PPD (Preatorian) You are able to project pure force to overwhelm your foes. Enforcement provides powers crowd control for the purpose of easing the populace and putting down insurrection among the clean streets of Praetoria, with many powers knocking down your foes or reducing their movement. Attacking a foe with single target Enforcement powers while they are affected by Force Cage will create a powerful disorient effect on them that may also disorient nearby foes. - Force Blast: A less common PPD power, which works as a heavier blast attack with knockback. - Force Maul: A less common melee power, dealing higher damage and knockdown. - Force Cage: A few PPD have this power, fitting into the ranged sleep power seen in some blast sets. - Impact Bomb: Unique to Investigators, this is perfect for a ranged AoE with knockdown and chance to disorient. - Force Burst: A Suppressor-only ranged attack with knockback, adjusted to have higher damage and short range. Mind Mastery (Awakening) - Seers You gain access to Praetor Tilman's Seer network to unleash uncontrollable psychic energy to manipulate others and overwhelm ones psyche to beyond normal their normal capacity. - Psychic Blast: A common Awakened power, deals moderate psionic damage and can slightly reduce a targets speed. - Psionic Thrash: A common Awakened power, dealing higher damage over a conical area, reduces movement speed and prohibits flying. - Psionic Wounds: A few Awakened have this power, target is meant to believe they are suffering real wounds due to the casters hallucinations, however those wounds become real at the end of the procedure. - Subdue: Common Seer and Awakened power, using your own hyperactive mind you confine your foes neurological network from taking any action in moving from their location. - Psionic Torment: A few awakened have this power, you create painful visions from the mind of your target, caster is allowed to summon seers from their targets psyche. - Summon Seers: Summon a seer from the seer network to fight by your side Nano Assembly - Clockwork (Praetorian) You have altered your body to gain cyber mechanical enhancement through the prestige of Clockworks from Neuron and Anti Matter. - Plasma Blast: A common Clockwork power, deals moderate energy damage and can slightly reduce a targets regeneration and offers slight knockdown. - Plasma Spray: A common Clockwork power, dealing moderate damage over a conical area, reduces movement speed and regeneration. - Fast Repair: Standard Regeneration heal move, heals caster and restores lost hit points an increased rate. - Particle Stunner: Unique to Builders, capable of dazing the most resilient of targets - Anti Matter Beam: Common Clockwork boss attack, unique to Dismantlers and Lifter, release a blast of anti matter from their core to emit a destructive blast onto an opponent. Renegade - Destroyers You gear up to leave a rampage on all those who pose a threat to your way especially to those in a position of authority. Renegade allows the caster to engage in street like gang war combat that often involves combustion leaving scorching trail. - Molotov Cocktail: A common Blast Master attack, blows up a target over a widespread area leaving a burning trail upon impact. - Overhead Slam: A common Crusher attack, dealing high damage knocking down a foe. - Rocket Launcher: Unique to Rocket Girl, launches an M30 grenade from you barrel knocking foes back, could add reduce movement speed or perception - Field Resistance: Basic resistance, Common among most Destroyers, it is only natural that your consistent exposure to blast and detonations would leave you resilient to most forms of damage. - Hurl: Basic Super Strength attack, upgraded to deal high damage and work at both close and far distances, still deals knockback. Psychokinesis - Syndicates You choose to involve your self on the dark underground and pickup various telekinetic assets and combat skills to enhance your physical state, allowing greater fortitude, as well as to project surrounding matter from the environment your mind. - Chain Gun: A unique Syndicate attack, sprays a massive bolts of lead into a target dealing high lethal damage over time. Grants accuracy. - Sweeping Strike: Attack from Dual Blades used by Sword Masters, dealing extreme damage in a conical area providing a minus regen. - Kinetic Drain: Essentially Siphon Power but used on Foe to harness their strength to enhance your own - Kinetic Shackles: Basically Crush from Gravity Control, used by the Telekineticist, renders a target immobilized. - Crane Kick: Attack from Martial Arts, deals high smashing damage and knocks down does. Evolution - Ghouls You take experimental medications to increase your strength and release your primal fury at the risk of you losing your humanity. - Jab: A common Ghoul attack, deals minor damage and a slight chance of Disorienting a foe. - Flurry of Fist: A common ghoul attack that deals moderate DoT in a conical area providing a minus regen. - Amplification: Basic resistance to Lethal and Smashing through your genetic enhancements. -Manslaying Swipe: Attack from Savage Melee, just same animation and FX as Shred deals high damage renders foe in a state of fear. - Death and Glory: Self Suicide attack unique to Ghouls, available for players when they reach low HP, releases a detonation dealing high damage and heals allies nearby. Opposition - The Resistance You utilize the gadgets of those who seek to overturn tyranny and fight for the cause of liberation. - Power Punch: A common Energy Melee attack, deals moderate smashing damage and a slight chance of Disorienting a foe. - Heavy Burst: A common Resistance attack made from customized rifles that shoot energy projectiles in a conical area dealing moderate damage lowering a foes defense. - Targeting Drone: Basic Resistance move, this laser drone provides improvement to your change to hit and perception at a phenomenal rate. - Unreliable Stealth (That is the actual name?): Basic Stealth move, provides self stealth for a limited time and adds defense. - Overcharged Shot: Unique to Resistance Officers, deals high energy and lethal damage and lowers foes regeneration rate.
  15. Absolutely, I have already begun looking into options for new pool and epic pool powers as @Tyrannical has mentioned. Possible ideas I have been looking into were based on popular media but unique in its own right. Botanical remedies, charms and possible affects and enhancements through alchemy. Abnormality (Enhancements through alchemy to provide great strength and support beyond normal capacity Azothry (Expands normal alchemy doesn't require philosopher's Stone (Based of Alkahestry) Automechanics machinery used to enhance physical qualities and an extension of the users body. (Inspired by automail
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