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  1. Definitely a question for the general fandom. Lol Yeah I just create these sets and proposals for fun because I'd like to see this game explore new concepts and ideas. I'm glad you liked it and gave it a look.
  2. Sure I'll gladly explain. Simply put I wanted this taunt to be different, as well as seismic related. As I put in the description, False Fault creates a fault nearby the foe to startle them and lead them to you. It is a debuff since despite the foe being agitated, being close to the fault still had them waver from the affects like all other seismic attacks. Secondly there are more targeted AOE attacks in game aside from fire based ones like the examples you stated. All a Targeted AOE is, is instead of working automatically, it requires a target. Such as Spinning Strike or Explodi
  3. Oh my bad the Irish, along with the Scottish and the Welsh, this Celtic alliance was the original resistance against the English colonial punks. Anyhow very glad you liked it, I absolutely wanted to incorporate a vibration based melee set in a way that seemed more sensible.
  4. "Welcome back Omnibus" Thanks Forums... Happy 4th of July to @Tyrannical. I believe your in UK time zone so I wanted to rub in your face the American Independence since we crushed the British. That is right I'm back with another powerset proposal. I'll go straight into the topic for this one. This is another melee set, the theme for this powerset is seismic. Now I know the vast majority of you may be thinking the following. Why do we need seismic melee if we have stone melee? Well "Seismic" is a potential energy that focuses on the forces responsible for channeling those natur
  5. Yes this a great opportunity, perhaps I should create a power set proposal for hero Patron powers, perhaps I will redub them as Phalanx Powers...
  6. hey @Naraka, I made edits on Permeable and on the Revenant Pet you should see the add ons I made this as a light proposal without going into many specifics originally, but I went into more detail as to how Revenant works. it will use Soul melee abilities as well as degrading a foes defense. I added your suggestion on improving the casters own abilities, Now when a Revenant is active it increase the Dot and adds minor time towards Permeable
  7. Hey @Leogunner, sorry for the absence, heard your criticism of the Permeable, great assumption that is exactly how I intended soul melees Permeable to work apologies on not being specific, as it would be unfair to phase in and out at will. There is now a lookout after 25 sec of usage of Permeable. As for Revenant it is an already an existing concept in the game, creating a pet from a defeated foe, an example of such power is the similarly related Soul Extraction from Necromancy, it would work similarly to that. You'd be able to activate it only on a foe you defeated not at will it
  8. Phenomenal job, love the icons for the set they truly encapsulate the feeling of the reaper itself. Would be very cool to see implemented in game. I know that there is a concern of the strength but it's not a problem in my opinion I enjoy new sets that deal a good amount of damage, helps flock people over to the set. Also nice usage of the to ally symbol always good to see a diverse set if symbols in a set.
  9. Hello once again. I decided to do a new powerset proposal, It's another melee set that I always had for months however I found difficulty at finding the right time to release it. However I'm going to release it anyway because I want to highlight the work of @Rylas who colored the icons for this set to display great contribution he had on the design and coloring for this set. The theme for this set is soul, (no not the movie...) I always thought it would be interesting to utilize the the Drudges enemy faction from Night Ward as a powerset, however as I made it I ultimately went a different rout
  10. I have always wanted to be able to use and incorporate the dust weapons and artillery from First Ward, I always hoped that they would be integrated which is why I didn't put it on my Praetorian Artilleries, they have very unique weapons and I'd like to see this added as well as the other weapons enlisted. @Tyrannical I think a vanguard set could be cool using their torrents they use in RWZ as a pet perhaps or the endurance draining weapons they possess
  11. Yeah absolutely that is a great alternative, I totally agree with that. My original plan was that once you gained a granted ability you wouldn't be able to obtain the same ability until the duration or the uses are worn off. I think this suggestion allows for not more than 2 granted abilities while not being do disruptive on screen. I think the 'Routine Screen Element' that is a very good addition not just to the power set but game mechanics overall. Many thanks for the suggestion.
  12. I understand the concerns about this mechanic of popups let me clarify.. I wouldn't have them popup in the tray automatically I would have the said granted powerset be introduced as a player choice similar to mystic fortune or team teleport and then be granted in the power slide tray, so that you may inset it at will into your inventory at will. Secondly, as for the variety of secondary sets I ensured that they would have either limited uses or a time limit to properly restrain the power set or even extensive recharge time although as the powers are temporary and are i
  13. I couldn't agree more I would also add that friendly NPC's should follow you like pets as well. I remember doing countless Night Ward arcs where the Npcs loose you or wonder towards an Enemy faction, I totally agree with this proposal.
  14. Nice way to add and provide new assets for this powerset
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