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  1. I'd prefer the set moving away from click heals to some degree, getting more from the actual regeneration abilities. I'm fine with it being a click-heavy set, but it can still be a click-heavy set with a better constant basis. Apart from that, putting -recharge resistance into a passive or toggle is likely a good idea. Not a lot, I want to respect that weakness in the set to some dregree, but some. Apart from that, a little more resistance (even if only against limited damage types!) and maybe absorption. Absorption would be a thing to try after some other tweaks, but it by all means fits the set. I'm not necessarily talking about changing IH to the sentinel IR, the details would take more refining than that, but I DO think it's something worth experimenting with. On the other hand, sometime down the line I'd like to see a dedicated defense set that uses the absorption mechanic strongly. Maybe something like an energy shield? I think the mechanic has potential and I'd like to see it used a little more.
  2. Even if someone intends to do perma stuff eventually, it doesn't make it better while leveling. Ideally, a power set should be rewarding to play at any level. It will of course be absolutely absurd for people who IO slot, but some people either don't want to figure out how to IO slot or only start doing it when they get to 50. If perma-ing a power is an essential part of the powerset viability, that's not a good sign. My understanding is that part of the issue of animation times is that they weren't considered as part of balance by the original makers, not when the game was first being designed in any case. That was part of why Dual Pistols had issues in Live. Regen has it better than some, the cast times are pretty good (other than instant healing?) but it does still have an impact on how the set flows. I have had times where I was a little worried I wouldn't get all my clicks off before the enemies just splatted me. I suspect that this is a mix of engine limitation and that Regen isn't supposed to be based on click heals; it has a mix of Auto and Toggle powers that implies to me it's supposed to be a set with solid clicks, not one that relies on clicks. Obviously, if this IS true then there's problems with the set design.
  3. Regen has good points, especially for a Solo player, and in low-end play it can be a lot of fun: I have a Savage/regen brute and the synergy is hilarious. The end management is great if you're still getting a feeling for the game, and the clicks are respectably powerful. However, Regen has an issue where if you get something that messes you up, you get messed up VERY badly. This is slightly similar to Invuln and SR, but far stronger: Invuln may have a weakness to Psychic damage, but Psychic damage is relatively rare and they're not usually high-damage attacks (with a few painful exceptions, I'm sure.) Reflexes is strange because it's entirely luck-based, but it has enough -def resistance that it really takes an enemy with stacked accuracy (or a lot of luck) that the averages mostly lie in your favor. Regen, however, has the weakness of 'too high of incoming DPS,' which is unique because there's no band of the game, no specific faction or level range, where it's more or less prevalent. Arachnos blood widow? Pain. Didn't see the one boss in a council spawn? Pain. Got too many control effects on you? Pain. Bad spawn luck and two bosses are standing back-to-back? That council lieutenant turned into a Warwolf? Patrol wandered into your fight? Regen is strange, and unique, in how it runs because you can either 100% take on a given enemy setup indefinitely, or you can't. If you can, you don't even think about your clicks and your green bar is full the entire fight. If you can't, you activate all your healing powers as fast as possible. I kinda like that, but I acknowledge that I like it because I have strange tastes, not because it's good. I don't see Regen working in high-end play: if I were to actually try to be a main tank for a team, I'd likely spend a lot of time on the floor.
  4. In my experience, Regen could get -regen resistance and still be adequately flawed. I've taken field medic to improve my healing ability on my brute, and while my click heals are amazing I need them more than I need them on other sets. That is not when fighting enemies with -regen, that's just normally, and that's my point: Giving Regen resistance to -regen wouldn't make it an amazing set off the bat. It would still suffer from a lack of defense and resistance, and still makes target prioritizing important so enemies with massive damage output can be taken out before they trash you. Honestly Regen could likely benefit from more changes, but I think some baseline -regen resistance would be a good idea in endgame play to keep a single enemy from neutering a tanker or brute. Keep in mind that Regen doesn't give any resistance to -defense, -resistance, or in fact any debuff resistance at all. Willpower I think could stay as is, it has other options that are incredibly effective even without the regeneration, but given that Regen is a one-trick pony it's likely worth ensuring that it can do said trick reliably.
  5. I've mostly seen this is in ranged mobs, leading me to believe it's a moment of 'wait, I have a gun, I should be trying to shoot this guy at a distance, not punch him in the face.' In any case I don't mind this, there are times where the guy moves into a different mob and it becomes awkward to finish him but they're few and at most call for a little thought to solve. . This is the annoying one. The worst thing is that when the flee cycle finishes, they're still 'in combat' with you as far as they're concerned. So they come back to get beat on again. If they ran off to join a different spawn group, that'd be one thing? But they always, 100% of the time, come back to try and fight you sooner or later. It's just stupid.
  6. I'd like to see consistency on 'show objective' triggers in general. I have previously cleared a map, only found one of three glowies, and then had to sweep every single side-room and nook trying to find the spots, listening for the humming that I'm pretty sure was louder on live? I get that part of the appeal is exploration, but the point where exploration wears out its welcome is much sooner than the point where the radar turns on.
  7. I'd like to request thrown knives and/or axes for the darts set. I think making the multi-throwing AoE and status while the single-throwing single-target (maybe with chain attacks) is a good idea. Maybe multi-throwing can have some kind of mark mechanic with attacks that consume marks for extra damage? There's a sorta-kinda mark set in beam rifle, but it doesn't consume the marks. Dunno, I kind of like mark mechanics and hope to see more of them in general.
  8. ...might be that I just use that one power a lot, since I solo a lot. Oops. Well, point stands. Not as strong, but it stands: some powers are reliant on Knockback, and if it was removed across the board they'd drop in usefulness and likely need to be re-done. And at that point, I think a toggle would be easier to implement. Heck, it wouldn't even make the KD to KB IO obsolete: you could still put that on abilities you just want to never knockback even if you're in knockback mode (AoE abilities in energy blast, maybe).
  9. I think this would likely be the toughest solution to implement, but also maybe the best one as some powers really bank on KB to work. The example of Energy Manip stands; a number of Energy Manip melee attacks bank on KB as part of control, specifically knock BACK instead of just down. This makes the set difficult but rewarding to use well, and I'd like to see that maintained. A universal KB to KD change would damage it, but some kind of toggle might work.
  10. It wouldn't work for every power: Energy manipulation has a lot of powers where the entire point is using knockback from the melee attacks to give you breathing room. However, I do agree that knockback is alarmingly common and often aggravating; even as someone who thinks people get too wound up over it I agree that there needs to be some kind of wide-angle solution considered. If not KB to KD, then maybe KB to KU? That still gives air time, moves the mobs a little but not a lot, and (most importantly) is still somewhat hilarious.
  11. I've seen this across every character I've played except the Controller and the Dominator, and those are the exception only because I've stapled the enemy's feet to the floor. It's the worst with ghosts or other flying enemies, because they move FAST. I have no idea what triggers it, it's not always the last enemy in a group, it's not always an enemy that's mostly dead, it's not even a certain type of enemy (ranged enemies might try to get some distance, but while that's annoying it's not the 'flee' behavior we're looking at). I've seen it from both minions and lieutenants, and I suspect I'd see it from bosses too if I gave them a chance. So... no, I don't know what causes it. It's less notable on single-target characters, because I'm pretty sure it only happens if the enemy has been damaged some? But if there is a specific trigger, I don't know about it.
  12. I wish I had found this topic a long time ago! While a lot of these powersets would likely need mechanic tweaking before implementation, I do like to see an array of what's possible using stuff already in the game. I think my favorite is Utility Grenade, followed shortly by throwing blades. Though, I think more earth sets are most likely to get into the game.
  13. I don't buy this, if only because it's been stated the dev team balanced around SOs, not IOs. According to the guide to issues, IOs weren't even a thing yet when Masterminds were first made. I guess some changes since then might have been in line with this, save that it has been stated many times that the original team was balancing around SOs.
  14. I love these proposed changes and do hope they're considered seriously. Not all may actually work in actuality, but I do think each one should be individually examined for viability. My favorite is the proposed stance mechanic. It should work even if the other changes aren't implemented, and it gives Masterminds some much needed flexibility in combat (and less downtime between combats). Even if Tankermind is still the endgame best option, having some playstyle flexibility while leveling or soloing would make Masterminds more enjoyable.
  15. Funnily enough, I also have a /poison snake-girl mastermind with the same issue. Odd coincidence.
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