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  1. Is there a way to create a macro that will target glowies? If not every glowie, a majority of the generic ones? Trying to find something that would help with stealthing missions on large maps, such as the map I played last night where I had to rescue 3 citizens on a huge outdoor map.
  2. Redlynne, I really appreciate your well thought out build and explanations of how best to operate. I'm newly back to the game as of a few weeks and ready to move onto toon number 2. Gravity was the troller I always wanted back on Live but could never seem to finish. Your build has me ready to tackle it again. Question: It seems this is a relatively affordable build to produce. I'm not great with Mids or the numbers part of the game, so I rely on the experts, but do you actively avoid heavy Purple usage or is this just the most optimized way to go? Would upgrading to Purple sets anywhere improve things in any way?
  3. This is all very helpful. I appreciate the feedback. I'm going to re-roll as a Scrapper. I know he will ultimately be fine as a Brute, but I enjoyed playing him up this far and it went fairly fast. I'll just do it again and get the most out of the character that I'm really enjoying. Thanks again everyone.
  4. Hey all. I come with a fairly simple question. Is there a general rule of thumb as to when you should choose Brute or Scrapper for a particular build? I ask having just rolled a WM/Shield Brute and climbing the ladder into the low 20's, but I have been told multiple times I should have rolled this combo as a Scrapper because the damage output would be better. Should I just re-roll? I thought I remember from my days on Live that Scrappers didn't crit on their Shield Charge which is what made the set better on Brutes, especially the classic Elec/Shield. Am I misremembering? Was it just the tier 9 Elec/ move that didn't crit? In general, when I'm considering a new character, how do I answer the question of Scrapper or Brute?
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