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  1. I'm working around the bug in the workaround for the league bug just fine! I figured I'd report one so there was a chance of fewer bug workarounds being necessary in my daily life. šŸ™‚
  2. Finally taking the time to type this all out! If someone tries to join the instanced MSR event, but they do not have the Member of Vanguard badge, they get a system message about being ineligible. Until they change zones any new invite sent to them comes back with the "considering another offer" message. I don't know the criteria, but sometimes rezoning doesn't clear it and they have to relog to be invited to any team at all. This part is only minority annoying. If a whole team is invited to an instance already in progress, but one person doesn't have the badge, the ent
  3. Cool tip, Lorraine, but there's no cutscene in MSR so it's unfortunately n/a. šŸ˜… We've actually switched to instanced raids recently and we get around the various league bugs with the following procedure. One person uses LFG queue, locks the event, and zones alone into instanced MSR. They're the Instanced Leader. One person gathers people in RWZ. (Any coop zone would work.) They're the Gathering Leader. Once a full team worth of people is ready, that team lead withdraws from Gathering Leader's league and is invited to league by the Instanced Leader. The team le
  4. In MSR especially it seems like if the pets get too lost (like teleported away by the shield) they enter a weird state of being summoned but not on your pet list. If you zone they will appear obediently by your side and pet list. If you die and rez they'll be reset and you can then resummon them.
  5. Eda

    Indom MSR

    Indom gathers nightly to kick Rikti back into the spaceship! Twice! All are welcome. Instructions are provided for newbies. Note that Mondays there is just one public raid! See The Cool Kids? Discord server for more info.
  6. I'm not sure what the on-a-league-but-not-a-team bug has to do with: when queuing the league completely shuffles, raid and team leaders can change, and half the league is outright dropped. We can check that everyone has a real team before queuing and it still happens.
  7. Slight updates to the guide to include some thoughts from here and some other Indom specific rules. Thanks all for the commentary! šŸ™‚
  8. Hi Apparition, thanks for the comments! I am 95% sure he spawns on the 4th bomb for us. We rarely have fewer than 5 teams. Have you collecting bomb and timing data through trial and error? I admit, I'm only interested in zone MSR. We don't run LFG version very often, although I did know about many of those differences. šŸ™‚
  9. Iā€™m @Eda from Indomitable. I started running nightly Mothership Raids in the Rikti War zone in June 2019, and I am recording my now vast knowledge for posterity! I have not come by all of this information in a vacuum. Many people have raided with me in the past and present and contributed to the SCIENCE of a great MSR. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jd6Og5IY-EamgRjGBGV9ij13LOdtBLzjG8PrktDKmOU/edit?usp=sharing
  10. We've seen this on masterminds during MSR a lot. Our theory is they get tp'd away by the shield and the game loses track of them but not enough to let them resummon. The MM dying or rezoning seems to clear it up.
  11. It's happened on a couple different nights that I, as league leader, move someone to team 5 and they appear on league team 7. I use the right click menu to move people. Anyone I move to team 5 goes to team 7 instead. Team 7 does not appear as an option on the right click menu. I haven't tried drag and drop. Team 7 looks completely normal in the league window. (Except of course that there should only be 6 teams on a league.) Team number 5 has been the trigger both times I've seen it. I don't recall that all other teams were full or not full in particular, although I did have 6 partial teams. Te
  12. Not that I don't love bar charts, but I played with the data viz on this. https://public.tableau.com/profile/edaindom#!/vizhome/Homecoming-4MonthsofData/CompareATs Edit: Fixed the link so you can see all three views.
  13. I use the alt and ctrl binds already. Everything's on my numpad. šŸ™‚ It does seem to be working today! I'll mention it again if it stops.
  14. Logging in today with the patch, my binds with the shift key don't trigger. On-screen keyboard in windows thinks I'm pressing the right buttons. Saving my bind file shows the binds still there. But nothing happens in game. If it matters, I'm using shift+numpad keys.
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