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  1. Yes! Finally slotting dark and fluffy with -tohit. That's the stuff! After I started walking through +4x8 on my Necro/dark, I ended up going acc heal x2, -to hit x2, procs x2 in fluffy and ended up settling there. Also started removing the +def pet procs (not all) since I was capping the hit chance on mobs
  2. This is correct. In +4x8 missions (with only Fearsome Stare and Darkest Night) PvE has around 5-9% chance to hit me and 10-50% 5-20% chance to hit my minions. This is BEFORE maneuvers and dark fluffy-face, and only accounting for the enhancement procs on the minions (10% defense or so). Keep in mind that it is not possible to get under 5% due to game mechanics. This means that stacking 30% defense will do almost nothing for your survivability if you have strong -tohit like Dark Miasma does. I also only 3 slot Darkest Night, and 4 slot Fearsome Stare... so I have no idea why anyone would run an
  3. Oh yeah, 25 is pretty high, but not too high. Will definitely cover your bases. But that's readily reached using shadow fall, maneuvers, and bonuses and without the need for weave. Your minions will be much high def than you due to the pet procs
  4. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents as a Necro/Dark main. I play pvp and solo +4x8 without the need for fighting pool powers or sorcery armor. The dark -tohit is EXTREMELY strong, especially when slotted for it and musculature alpha. But to answer your question, definitely high resistance and here's why: With the -tohit all mobs and players (unless they spam yellows) are going to have a 5-15% chance of hitting you (depending on how you slot and play) even if you don't slot ANY defense. 5% is also the minimum allowed hit chance, it CANNOT get lower chance than that. Additional defen
  5. Sry!! I'm not sure how that happened hahaha. I mean.... DARK MIASMA, RIGHT?!
  6. Haha TOTALLY busted! I loved gw2 necro until the gw2 game loop kinda burned me out.
  7. This has definitely gotten a whole lot better with recent minions behavior changes! It used to be very taxiing to manage zombie runners, but I don't think they'll chase a target more than 100m from the MM any more. You just have to resist the temptation to follow them, or they'll keep chasing 😂
  8. Here's a short video showing this on +4/8 cim mobs. Seeing a build is fine and dandy, but I like to see them in "person". I tried to avoid Judgment and Lore pets as those drastically increase damage.
  9. Just posted a build for Necro/Dark then saw this! Very strong tankermind, clears very fast also:
  10. Whoa! I just realized there's a /buildsavefile command now. That's dope! Thanks for that hint. I've attached the build but I think the notes and breakdown will likely be more helpful. NexrosBuild
  11. I'd be happy to, but I'm not really MIDS user and I have no idea how to export it lol. So here's some screens and notes. Notes: 1. ANYTHING less than lvl 50 or attuned is a proc. 2. I don't proc toggles like Darkest Night (except for Oppressive Gloom, proc that out!). I find that they don't really trigger enough to be meaningful for my playstyle. 3. Mark of Supremacy goes in Zombies because (a) they need the accuracy and damage, (b) the don't need recharge. 4. Soulbound Allegiance in Grave Knights (except Rech/Acc for the -res proc) because THEY DO ALL YOUR DAMA
  12. Wow, I thought groups invis was better, though I never really play troller. It might make more sense to buff Group Invis simply because the distance between Fade and Group Invis seems odd... So something like: Controller numbers (my change in bold) Power Defense Rechare/Duration Grant Invise 2.5% 3 sec / 2 mins Group Invise 5-9% 4 minutes / 2 mins Fade 9% 3.5 minutes / 1 min That would make a lot more sense to me. That being
  13. I suppose stealth would reduce aggro distance... but it is always possible to cancel a buff. I hadn't thought of that though. Still, as a stealthy MM, it's super annoying.
  14. I've been working on a themed build and I realized all the fast recharge buff ally abilities have been changed over time to being much less spamy and aoe. Why isn't this the case with Grant Invisibility in the Stealth pool? Just curious, was this just forgotten about or is it intentionally still a 4s CD single target skill for a reason?
  15. Excellent break-down of Dark!! My main is Necro/Dark and people are always surprised to see me solo +4/8 content faster than brutes can. Those Scrapper Grave Knights are no joke! I'll be using this post as my go-to for explaining Dark from now on lol.
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