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  1. Hello my fellow Heroes and Villains.... This game is really the only game that I play in my spare time. I used to be addicted to FPS, and then happened to make the jump to this amazing world and I was hooked instantly. I've created a few toons and done some experimenting with different themes, builds, etc. But only two of them have occupied the time I can spare and made it to 50+ with Tier 4 Incarnate. I kinda have limited time to invest so I have to pick and choose what to focus on a little more carefully. I was just wondering, what's your all's favorite thing to focus on aside from leveling and maxing out your toons? Badges? Taking your time and enjoying each story arc? Task Forces? I know I've gone back and replayed certain story arcs just so that I can re-read the character's interactions and take my time getting the most out of them. I also happen to be a bit of a costume whore (sorry about the language lol) so I'm ALWAYS going back and trying out different looks for my toons. Anyways, just curious from your all's perspectives, for you, what's next??
  2. Thanks for the input. But thankfully I have learned how to prioritize targets within mobs, including the Sappers or other primary threats within different types of foes. My question was is there anything specific one could include in their build to resist the endo drainage that can be the thorn in the side when it comes to fighting Malta. But if I'm reading the replies correctly, and forgive me as I may be just a simple minded gal after all, but there is no power selection that makes you immune to the endo drainage. And I must confess I never received my certificate from Gaming 101 so I might not even belong here....
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I don't think I made any grossly unwise decisions with my build, so it's re-assuring to hear that the Sappers can be troublesome for most if not combated strategically. Dragon Crush thanks for all the info. I have pretty much been doing what you and Yomo Kimyata and Helencarnate describe, as far as sniping with a 1-shot kill to take the Sapper out first before engaging the rest of the mob. Either I'll hit with blizzard if charged and ready and then follow up with general attacks, or a snipe to finish him off completely first and then follow up with Ion Judgement for good measure. But when there's lots to go through, it sort of takes patience and I get a little antsy wanting to just assault through the way I do with other mobs. Then I end up paying the price! And Yomo Kimyata I have also fallen victim to the hidden Sappers who come out and ambush out of nowhere when I had previously seen none within my field of view. So frustrating!!! Now I just kinda assume that there is always one present so as to be prepared for the worst. Haha. Call Me Awesome, thankfully the stuns aren't problematic as I have Clarion T4'd and set to just keep cycling. Thank goodness don't have to worry about that! Thanks guys!!!
  4. Wasn't sure where to post this, just wondering if there are any tips for building a Malta resistant toon. I've been playing my ice manipulation blaster which is actually a lvl 50 (just my 2nd toon so far) Vet lvl 20. She's been tough enough to pretty much go through any mobs while soloing with no problem (missions only set at +1). Then I started playing Crimson's missions which are all Malta-centric. Endo repeatedly drained completely by Sappers. Then have to run and use Insp. to toggle back up all my defenses. Is there anything I could have included in the build to specifically resist endo drainage from these brats? Or is it just a matter of taking out the Sappers first all the time? Sorry in advance if this is a dumb line of questions.
  5. Thanks for the quick and simple breakdown!
  6. God I really love this game, but more often than not when I try to go really deep into its intricacies to master a certain aspect, (such was my motivation for diving into this post) I end up feeling just plain dumb... lolol Ugh!
  7. This is her look for her journey to a life of villainy as her story evolved.... Fairchild Norilsk 50 Vet Lvl 17 Mutation Blaster Quite proud of this toon 🙂
  8. As someone who is absolutely new to all of this (I never played when it was "live" and just happened to find this amazing game by searching games online while looking to replace my FPS addiction ), it's absolutely thrilling to hear that so many of you focus on backstory and character concept to determine the journey you embark upon and the developmental path you follow. With my inexperience (and frankly, ignorance) in regards to the vast amount of variables one must take into account when attempting to "maximize" a character's performance (and with so many attributes), my only course was to build upon a backstory foundation and select power pools and abilities that seemed instinctively in line with the origin I had dreamed up. I am certain that my Emp Magic Defender is nowhere near what a veteran player would consider effectively "optimized". However, I have made it to 50 level 6 Veteran, and am capable of holding my own in a team environment (while contributing quite well with heals and buffs). At the same time because of my not so "traditional" selections during development (and more accurately, because of my not knowing any better) my toon has been able to make quite a bit of her journey soloing. My point? There are so many ways to enjoy this game and so many approaches one can take, its reassuring to know that there is no "wrong" way to go about the journey, as long as you are having an amazing time! At some point I might be able to go down the more analytical path towards absolutely maximizing every single aspect of my character's build, and I might even take steps towards mastering all of the intricacies that entails. But for now, I am having a ton of fun with my first build and am quite proud of it. Also, its worth mentioning that at no time have I encountered a veteran player who has focused any ill attitude towards me for not being fully optimized. Rather, everyone has been friendly, helpful, and eager to enhance the overall gaming experience. For that, I thank all of you! :)
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