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  1. I created a character on Torchbearer just to check it out. Wow! Very cool. It must have taken a lot of work. I must admit it's not like the inside of the Tardis I remember, but I was a fan back in the 80's, so no doubt it's not even close to the same. Keep making cool stuff!
  2. I love this entire paragraph. It's totally true! I, too, make these mistakes all the time.
  3. I'm very fond of my storm/ice. In TFs I wait for everyone to choose a direction and then I clear the opposite path. I do have tough and weave plus maneuvers but even at +3 with tough and weave off (this guy is a huge end hog) I rarely encounter issues. The three rain powers + tornado + hurricane keep things so chaotic they almost don't have time to target me. I'm not saying this is the best combo, just that it's my favorite.
  4. I just started selling my Winter-Os in bulk. I went a little (ok... a LOT) nuts this winter. I spent all my considerable fortune buying and opening winter packs. Then I sold every scrap of inventory and bought winter packs. Then I pulled the enhancements out of some of my alts an bought yet more winter packs. I even took all the reward merits and brainstorm items I got from opening those packs, made sellable items, sold the items and bought yet more packs. What I didn't sell too many of was the Winter-O. Until now...
  5. I refunded him as well (with some extra). I appreciated his willingness to ask on the forums and I love the game so much I want everyone to have a great experience so we'll keep players!
  6. Two days. Very little work. Over 250,000,000. It's a get rich quick scheme that works!
  7. I was a bit bored today so, while doing other things, I started buying, crafting, converting and selling enhancements. I'd done a lot of this a year back and made a very nice fortune, but got bored. Anyway, I crafted 75 or 100. I was a bit disappointed to log in later and note that 49 still hadn't sold. But, then I noticed that I'd made a little over 93 million already on what had sold. Once you count the cost of the converters (which I had from opening so many packs), I still netted a good 75 million or so for not much work. And they are only half sold! I had forgotten what easy money this is.
  8. I remember when they added the change to leveling so that it not only buffed you extremely, but revived you if you had face planted. It's still one of my favorite add ons. And, I agree that it's a bit disappointing to hit a level right at the end of the mission, but that just reminds me of how great it is to even have that level change!
  9. I thought the Windfall power was nerfed and really doesn't do anything anymore. Is that incorrect? In testing I see no difference in inf gain.
  10. 6 slotted hover (before ED) was amazing. Faster than fly, a bit of defense thrown in but with none of the minuses of fly (I think to accuracy...). Only downside was 5 wasted slots.
  11. I've now got my staff/regen scrapper up to lvl 50 veteran lvl 6. Alpha, judgement and interface slotted. I'll concur with what others have said, it stands up well to most things, but is a little clicky, it is important to "pre-heal" as animation times make healing in combat a bit frustrating at times and you can be doing great and then suddenly drop dead. Still, while it's possible other scrapper builds are more durable, I'm fighting +3/X8 Arachnos and doing fine. It's not a cakewalk, but I survive most battles very much intact. Again, I'm not comparing one sort of scrapper to another, I'm just saying that I find regen to be fun to play.
  12. I have closer to 10B liquid. Much more than that illiquid (building up a thousand plus snow beast army isn't cheap!). I think after I made a killing last year on Winter Super Packs I had 12 or 15 billion. I might build higher for awhile if I'm trying something (like taking the rare salvage market). I just can't seem to get above about 15B. Oh, I certainly have the ability, just not the drive. As is, I can purple out multiple alts in a day with no sweat, so I have everything I need and therefore I just can't motivate myself to build up yet more.
  13. That should change soon. I had a ridiculously large inventory (like I said, I was OBSESSED!) that I've been selling off. They were selling slowly at just under 8mil and then BOOM over the past day or so they sold out. I put another thousand(ish) out there at about 10mil price and only 109 remain as of now. Frankly, I didn't realise how many WOs get used. I suppose someone could be buying them from me for speculative purposes (and, I got my money back and more so I'm fine with someone else profiting as well).
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