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  1. Great! We need all the ATOs in supply we can get! With 100 you should end up with about 110 to 120 ATOs. Remember, turn those reward merits into Enhancement Converters and brain sotrms into rare salvage and sell them all for a nice profit. Oh, and beware of carpal tunnel...
  2. Well, getting a very liquid commodity to sell out would be a rare and notable achievement! Certainly worth a few billion. The problem, of course, is that smart ebil marketers know this so they are prone to put in lots of low bids on certain items so they can flip and make a nice profit.
  3. As someone with a very potent blaster I deeply appreciate tanks with taunt. Punch-voke just doesn't cut it and I'm often finding myself with AV aggro because the tank or brute can't keep it.
  4. Those are the keys to the kingdom. Anyone can just grab them and use them, but few do.
  5. I call that "pound wise and penny foolish" and I strongly endorse that thinking!
  6. There's an interesting thread in General Discussions where people are going to the Atlas kiosk and showing the number of villains killed. Now, we all know that good sales requires a lot of alts, so this is a bit harder. But most of us have one or two primaries. Here are my two. I have to admit, I thought the numbers would be a LOT higher given how many millions of clicks and buckets of influence have been involved. j
  7. I'm in as long as the number of outstanding bids stays below 20K. The problem with advertising something like this is that ebil marketers might flood the market with ultra low bids...
  8. I'm more of a market maker than a fighter, but I do a lot of knocking heads too...
  9. An early Dr. Graves mission red side. Maybe level 5ish..
  10. Had this one today. Almost spit up my drink!
  11. While pretty fun solo, I'm finding Assassin's strike useless in teams. The wind up is so long, and so easily interrupted, as to be next to pointless. Am I missing something? Or is this just not something that works well in teams?
  12. Arbiter Sands. Ms Liberty Task Force. "I go to Grandville for some decent coffee and this is what happens?" Classic!
  13. Sorry, I'm sure I've contributed to this. As other posters have mentioned, I'm not selling at exactly 8m or 10m, but a bit below. If you are at 8m you won't sell yours until every one of mine of that type is sold as my offer price is lower (albeit not much).
  14. Here are the sales numbers for the first three days. Unsurprisingly, sales were strongest on the weekend and have slacked off markedly since then. There was a large brute run Sunday. About 2/3rds of my inventory is now sold. My cash levels are at about 8.25 billion, so I'm almost back to even (and that's after dumping 34K+ converters (including merits changes to converters) plus the rare salvage on the market at 5 inf. # Sold by Day Day 1 (Sat-Sun) Day 2 (Sun-Mon) Day 3 (Mon-Tue) Brute 13 87 90 Stalker 61 81 81 Corruptor 54 61 68 Kheldian 42 66 68 Tanker 45 62 66 Mastermind 34 49 55 Controller 27 46 54 Defender 23 42 53 Scrapper 18 34 50 Blaster 24 26 46 Dominator 20 33 46 Sentinel 20 37 38 SoA 14 31 37 Total 395 655 752
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