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  1. @icesphereBonfire has only the one slot and it has a sudden acceleration: Knockback to Knockdown slotted. Come to think of it, however, a few recharges in there would make it be up more often.
  2. Because I've been dealing in Super Packs for the last 6+ months, I have a lot of odd stuff lying around. One of them is hundreds of Candy Canes. I went to the Elf and bought all the badges and temps powers. Now what? It looks like my only real option is Buying, crafting and selling Winter's Gift, which should give a smallish profit. I could get a respec recipe for 500 canes, but that seems like a bad deal since they cost 10X what Winter's gift costs while selling for about the same plus I have 53 sitting in Character Items (not to mention all the free ones I got). Any better ideas? Maybe just throw the canes on the market and take what I get? Do they get any more valuable during the winter event?
  3. I think inspirations don't get the love they deserve and Team Inspirations doubly so. I trade a LOT of Super Packs so I find myself in possession of crazy numbers of Team inspirations (sitting in Character Items in Email where they don't take up space and I can grab them any time!). As such, I've played around with them a lot more than most people and I've found a few great uses for them: 1) In an ITF, pop a large team break-free (or whatever it's called) right after Rommy is killed and before he re-awakens. No one has to break LOS and no one gets stunned. You do need three, one for each of his respawns. 2) In Hami raids. I get on one of the damage teams and hit 10+ large team damage inspirations right was we go for Hami. I have never failed a raid where I did this and more than once we zerged Hami even though going in they didn't think we'd be able to. 3) If a TF is going south I'll grab a bunch of whatever it is we need most (Usually either damage or defense). This has turned around many an AV fight that was going badly. I'm sure there are a ton more good uses, and I'd love to hear them. My only regret is that teams almost never notice that they've been buffed from out of nowhere and it helped turn the tide for us.
  4. The Power Build up in Power Mastery effects Dam, acc, healing, defense, endurance, confuse, terrorize, hold, immobilize, stun, sleep. Your point (albeit about Power Boost) is well taken that those are not necessarily a huge help.
  5. @SeigmoraigDoesn't the power build up in Power Mastery buff much more than just dam/acc? If I recall it buffs almost all aspects of your buffs and debuffs from your powers (-def, +/-recharge, etc). I'm not sure if that buff works on tornado, thunderstorm and the rain powers (someone out there must have tested it...) but if it does then moving to aim is giving up a lot more than just a little damage.
  6. Makes sense. Not everyone’s cup of tea. Wasn’t sure if there was a different reason.
  7. @SeigmoraigNo hurricane? Im curious as to why you would take such a nice to-hit debuff?
  8. Gale is one of the powers (like bonfire) that really stunk before KB->KD, but now is pretty potent and a lot of fun.
  9. On run #6 did the entire run before the Lore pets recharged once. Almost certainly my best run ever! Pretty good proof these procs have made a positive difference.
  10. So, I finished running 4 farm runs to PL my new rad/regen Brute (because, why not?). Overall, it was a positive experience. Not game changing, but positive. Time: My runs were a good 10% to 20% faster, and faster is exactly what I'm aiming for. Unfortunately, I don't time my runs, so I have little hard data on the exact benefit. I tend to time my runs in units I call "lore pets". Basically, it's how many times can I summon my lore pets in a run. This is a horrible metric for many reasons, but it's what I've got and it gives a rough estimate of speed. Normally, on my most usual run I can summon my Lore pets twice, with the second having about 2/3rds time used during the run (meaning it had about 1/3rd time left after the run), so I call it 1 2/3rds. In comparison, with my fire/spines brute is was about 2 1/3rd. With my Kheldian (my second favorite farmer) it's about 2 2/3rds. With this run it was about 1 1/2 (or even a bit less), so very noticeably better. Survivability: I was a bit worried about this at first as I faceplanted 5 times during the first 2 runs. Now, I don't see faceplanting as an issue other than that it slows the farm down. Even with those face plants, I was making excellent time. It's not unheard of for me to faceplant 5 times in two runs, (remember, this is life on the edge. If I wanted safety I'd farm with the Kheldian or Brute) but it's not typical either. I didn't faceplant a single time on the last two runs though, so I think I just needed to adapt to the build changes. Other items of note: I made a LOT more use of Fire Breath. Because it has the -res I made a point of using it. I seemed to use Barrier a lot more than usual. As I noted in my guide, generally I'd rarely use it, but I used it fair amount here. I put the Build up Proc in Blaze and then favored it, but never noticed it go off. Maybe it doesn't show in the "Damage Bonus" in "Combat Attributes"? Also, I could have just missed it, I was kind of busy killing bad guys. The -res in Inferno seemed to be helpful as bosses were easier to take down, especially after first being hit with the BOOM of inferno. Next up: I'll probably do a few more runs with this build, but then focus on respecing powers to maximize recharge and damage set bonuses. For instance, I need to see if I can squeeze in 3 more LotG. The key to this build is bringing up those big 5 powers (from my guide) as often as possible.
  11. I beg to disagree...never in the history of CoH has there EVER been a successful purse snatching. Many, many attempts, but no successes.
  12. I recently posted my Pyropocolypse guide, detailing my fire/fire/fire blaster playstyle that is insanely fun and effective. After posting my most recent build @Krazie Ivanhad some suggestions to even further ratchet up my "damage above all" approach. As I'm constantly tinkering with this build to make it better, I'm always looking for new ideas and avenues. I immediately went out and started altering one of my builds (you know each toon can have three separate builds, right?) to try out this new idea. So, I figured I'd document this journey. I see this as having at least two major phases. Phase one is where I stay close to the existing build and see what can be gained by exchanging some of the enhancements that both are offering set bonuses that don't improve damage or recharge AND that are affected by Enhancement Diversification (ED) and so are less effective. Phase two is where I choose new powers with an eye towards all of them enhancing, through themselves or their set bonuses, only damage or recharge. (note: I'm including anything that debuffs defense or resistance as +damage since it helps my damage output). I tend to be an extremely iterative guy, so instead of trying to make the perfect build straight off I tend to change a bit, try it out to see what really is different, change some more, rinse repeat. I find all too often what looks good on paper (or in Mid's) has drawbacks in real life (or CoH). Plus, this way I understand better how the new changes work. Here's the build I'm trying out today. I'll report back. I'm always tinkering and have almost infinite inf, so any thoughts on interesting changes would be welcome.
  13. @Krazie IvanTell me more about this "22% ToHit". I'm embarrassed to say I don't know of any proc,set bonus or other enhancement that gives that..
  14. @Krazie IvanThanks! I'm always tinkering and looking for new directions to explore and you've given me a new angle to try! I've already started respecing one of my toons builds to work on this. It should be an interesting exploration. I will probably start a new series of posts about what I learn from this. Your observations are very appreciated!
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