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  1. $1,108.30 to our lawyers for their services through February 31st There is no February 31st 🙂
  2. So it stops at eleven? was this always true? I thought the number diminished over time the same as empyrean merits. My mistake.
  3. Last night I was on a team doing tip missions in Peregrine Island and advanced from Veteran level 15 to Veteran level 17. However I didn't get any incarnate threads added to my salvage.
  4. Switching the tier 1 and 2 attacks is unnecessary and will force everyone to respec all their tanks. Respeccing in this game is still unpleasant and I'd like to be able to play my characters without it being a requirement. Tanks are easy to level up and by the time I hit 50 I'm not using the early attack much anyway. Battle Axe had it's tier 1 and 2 switched long ago for valid reasons, I'm not a fan of going back. The biggest problem this game has is that incarnates are too overpowered for most of the content. Tankers need a reason for their tremendous defenses to be valuable over other archtypes, not a switch of a couple of powers.
  5. So does this mean there's no value in slotting flight enhancements in fly? It certainly reads like that unless I am missing something.
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